Causes for Lack of Motivation


This list represents a starting point for determining what might be the cause for any lack of motivation you may encounter. These are followed by links to suitable affirmation pages which should help.

Of course, the Motivation Affirmations page will cover many of these in more general terms.

Boredom – see Enthusiasm

Can’t maintain momentum – see Planning and Progress

Chaotic environment – see Home and Work

Complacency – see Values and Goals

Don’t know where to start – see Planning

Drug abuse/alcoholism – see Habits

Easily distracted – see Focus

Fear (general) – see Courage and Fearless and Releasing and Change

Fear of failure – see Confidence

Fear of rejection – see Perspective and Releasing

Fear of ridicule – see Self-Esteem and Releasing

Forgetfulness – see Memory

Goals too vague

Goals too small

Goals negate Values

Health problems – see Healing and Health & Well-Being and Healthy Body

Impatience – see Patience

Inability to visualize – see Visualization

Interfering Habits

Interruptions – see Time Management and Priorities

Lack of ability – see Learning and Self-Improvement and Potential

Lack of ambition – see Goals and Purpose

Lack of Belief

Lack of Commitment

Lack of Creativity

Lack of direction – see Progress

Lack of Courage

Lack of Energy

Lack of Enthusiasm

Lack of Focus

Lack of Goals

Lack of imagination – see Creativity

Lack of incentive or reward – see Progress

Lack of inspiration or ideas – see Inspiration

Lack of intelligence – see Learning

Lack of Knowledge

Lack of money (fear of wealth) – see Wealth and Money

Lack of Purpose

Lack of Self-Awareness

Lack of Self-discipline

Lack of Self-esteem

Lack of support – see Friendship and Family

Lack of time (too busy) – see Time Management and Priorities

Lack of willpower – see Self-Discipline and Determination

Laziness – see Motivation and Energy

Mental fatigue/stress – see Energy

Negative thinking/pessimism – see Positive Thinking and Optimism

Over-analytical – see Perspective

Over-emotional – see Emotions and Releasing

Overwhelmed (too much information) – see Focus

Perfectionism – see Perspective

Procrastination – see Priorities

Reactive instead of Proactive

Resistance to Change

Self-consciousness – see Self-awareness and Image (coming soon)

Too many Goals – see Priorities and Goals

Uncertainty/hesitation – see Confidence and Commitment



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