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Blogging and tweeting has given me endless opportunity to write publicly. Often I use inspirational quotes in my tweets, but I always try to credit the original author. So if you see a tweet without credit, the words will be my own.

After 3 years of tweeting, I guess it's inevitable that I would find my own quotes appearing elsewhere online. It's actually very flattering, but not surprising as I have such a wonderful bunch of Twitter followers. Thank you :)

I was recently looking at statistics of the most retweeted quotes, and thought I would post this list of my personal favorites.

Act as if your affirmations are already working. They do if you do!

Affirmations help increase negative self-talk awareness!

Affirming is nothing more than sending your subconscious mind new thinking directives.

Alter your perspective! Repeat throughout the day: Life is what you make it.

Always be optimistic. That way you will recognize a 'good thing' when you see it!

Attitudes and beliefs eventually sculpt the face.

Brainwashing yourself with positive affirmations is one of the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

Break out of your CAN'T box. 9 times out of 10 it 's really a WON'T with the wrong label on it!

Create your reality... don't react to it!

Do not confuse urgency and importance.

Don't be a goal-setter. Be a GOAL-GETTER!

Don't 'feel the fear'. Instead feel the adrenaline you get from pressing on!

Don't sweat the small stuff UNLESS you're drowning in small stuff! Many little niggles can add up to one big headache.

Don't think of affirmations as 'lying' to yourself. Think of them as telling the truth... in advance :)

Every day do something to make someone's cheeks hurt :D

Everyone is different! That's the beauty of life. Instead of hiding your differences why not make the best of them!

Fake it until you make your mind thinks it's real :)

Focus is nothing more than getting your thoughts to fly in formation.

If at first you don't succeed, bring your target a little closer!

If the world could be seen through the eyes of the small, we never would question that LOVE conquers all.

If you are affirming within your own comfort zone, don't expect to leave it.

If you don't believe you can do it, you will never find the motivation necessary to start.

If you don't sow seeds, you'll harvest weeds.

If you hope for success but anticipate failure, which do you think you will get? Focus on what you want!

If you only do what you think you can do, how do you expect to get where you aren't!

If you really want to do something, why do you keep making excuses NOT to?

Just because someone rains on your parade doesn't mean you have to get wet feet.

Make someone else's day and you will make your own!

Make your dream your most habitual thought!

Many experts claim that work expands to fill the time available. So to get more done, just bring your deadlines forward :)

Most lack of willpower is nothing more than an abundance of Won't-Power.

Most people create their personal reality by default. If you don't change your thinking, nothing changes!

Never go looking for problems. Look for solutions. That way if a problem arises you'll have it covered!

Nothing kills motivation faster than a well-crafted excuse.

Replace auto-reaction with auto-suggestion. We don't have to be the puppets of our past programming!

Self-esteem is an inside job.

Show the 'ego' who's boss... do something every day that makes it complain.

Spend time every day visualizing another detail of your perfect future.

Stop the habit of wishful thinking, and start the practice of habitual doing!

The most important thing about having written goals is to give you something to read while drinking that first cup of coffee ;)

The only thing standing between you and your dream are your beliefs.

The problem with comfort zones is that they always come with boundaries.

The problem with 'willpower' is that most people think it means I WILL, instead of I AM.

There is nothing more empowering than when you finally realize you can start reinventing your life right now!

Those who think affirmations are a waste of time, don't understand what an affirmation is. We affirm our lives with every thought we have.

Tomorrow is a new day... but why wait!

Trying to improve your life? Don't hesitate. Act NOW and thank yourself later.

What do you complain about? Does affirming this negative really solve the problem?

What most people need is animation. Motivation comes easy when you're actually doing things.

When you're feeling good, make sure you notify your face!

Why is it people can find the time to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ... but can't find time to work on their goals?

Willpower is the power to take action while the mind searches for excuses.

Winners work on goals. Losers work on excuses.

You cannot become who you want to be, by remaining who you are.

Your thoughts cause your feelings. So if you're feeling bad, try thinking different thoughts!



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