WORK Affirmations

WORK Affirmations

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All my meetings go smoothly today.

All my work projects are ahead of schedule.

All of my appointments are enjoyable and successful.

Being professional is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Every day I accomplish more things in less time.

Every day I learn new work skills.

I accept and use constructive criticism to my advantage.

I always approach my work by thinking of ways I can improve.

I always arrive at my appointments with time to spare.

I always deliver beyond the expected.

I always deliver more than is expected of me.

I always do more than asked and give more than expected of me.

I always give more in value than I receive in payment.

I am a conscientious and productive employee.

I am a honest and reliable employee.

I am a master at what I do.

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I am a productive asset to my employers.

I am a versatile worker.

I am always a top performer!

I am always looking for ways to increase my productivity.

I am always on time for every meeting.

I am always open and honest with my clients.

I am always open and honest with my customers.

I am always prepared to dig in and do what is needed.

I am always punctual.

I am always thorough in my work.

I am an expert at responding to my buyer’s needs.

I am an expert at what I do.

I am an expert at what I do because I see my work through my customer’s eyes.

I am an expert in my field.

I am eager and happy to give more than I am paid for.

I am eager to give more than I am paid for.

I am efficient and creative in my work.

I am effortlessly working my way up the corporate ladder.

I am expert at what I do.

I am extremely proficient at…

I am extremely proud of the work I do.

I am grateful for my work and find joy in doing even the smallest of tasks.

I am great at customer relations.

I am inspired about the work I do.

I am knowledgeable about the products I sell.

I am one of the top people in my chosen profession.

I am one of the top people in my field.

I am passionate about the products my company offers.

I am passionate about the services my company offers.

I am passionate about the work I do.

I am passionate about what I do for a living.

I am principled in all my business dealings.

I am productive in all that I do.

I am proficient at multi-tasking.

I am recognized and appreciated for the work I do.

I am recognized as an expert in my field.

I am regularly promoted at work.

I am respected and appreciated by my colleagues.

I am so excited because I am doing work that I am passionate about.

I am super confident in the occupation I have chosen.

I am totally confident in my professional expertise.

I am very proud of the work I do.

I am well prepared for every meeting I attend.

I am well respected in my field.

I am well rewarded at work.

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I am well-liked and respected at work.

I apply myself at work to do the best possible job.

I approach my work in a relaxed, peaceful state of mind.

I approach my work with calm and inner peace.

I approach my work with relaxed passion.

I ask pertinent questions.

I ask questions that quickly reveal my customers' needs.

I become more excited about my work every day.

I believe in the work I am doing.

I believe in what I sell.

I build great relationships with my customers.

I choose my own projects and working hours.

I choose the pace at which I work.

I close new business every month.

I complete all work with total ease and perfect confidence.

I complete tasks quickly and competently.

I confidently ask for, and receive, the salary I desire.

I continually strive to improve my performance.

I continually strive to improve the way I work.

I cooperate fully with my co-workers.

I create and maintain an inspiring work environment at home.

I easily complete tasks on time.

I easily eliminate distractions at work.

I easily meet all deadlines.

I enjoy contributing to society in a positive, productive way.

I enjoy the challenges my work provides.

I feel alive and energized at work.

I feel relaxed and focused at work.

I find my work deeply satisfying in every way.

I function well in all aspects of my job.

I get along great with my fellow workers.

I get along well with my peers.

I get along well with the people I work with.

I get chores out of the way quickly and effortlessly.

I give 100% effort at all times.

I give inspiring presentations

I give valuable service to humanity, and I am greatly rewarded for this service.

I greatly appreciate the fantastic job that I have.

I greatly appreciate the people with whom I work.

I handle questions easily.

I have a fantastic boss.

I have a great eye for detail.

I have a great work ethic which my employers genuinely appreciate.

I have the experience and knowledge required to do an excellent job.

I have the newest technology which makes my work totally enjoyable.

I have total confidence in my ability to generate wealth doing something I enjoy.

I keep my office inspiring by keeping it clutter free.

I keep my office tidy and organized, and my mind follows suit.

I know how to make even the most mundane tasks enjoyable.

I know my job better than anyone.

I know that my input is vital to the success of the company I work for.

I know that my opinions are important.

I know that work gets done more easily and enjoyably when I am relaxed and optimistic.

I leave my work at work.

I look for the best in my fellow workers, and always find it.

I look forward to coming home from work.

I look forward to going to work every day.

I look forward to starting work each day.

I love multi-tasking.

I love my work so much that if feels like I’m on holidays.

I love my work and it shows in all that I do.

I love my work. Through it I am fulfilling my life purpose.

I love my job!

I love the work that I do.

I love using my talents and skills at work.

I make myself indispensable at work.

I only take breaks at work when appropriate.

I passionately believe in what I sell.

I perform my work with energy and enthusiasm.

I put my customers at ease.

I really enjoy working with others.

I receive many bonuses at work.

I receive praise from co-workers and superiors.

I regularly compliment others at work.

I sail through work today.

I see the purpose in each task I perform.

I sell solutions that my customers need and want.

I share my good ideas with my supervisors.

I show great initiative in all that I do.

I show others that I appreciate their work.

I stay in touch with all of my customers.

I strive to deliver more than I am paid to do.

I take great pride in each task I perform.

I take great pride in my work.

I treat my co-workers as I wish to be treated.

I trust my intuition to show me the joy in my work.

I understand what people want, and through my work give them that plus more.

I willingly accept that there is more to life than work.

I work as hard as I play.

I work quickly and thoroughly.

I work to improve my skills and knowledge every day.

I work well alone.

I work with positive enthusiasm and joy.

I work with relaxed passion.

My work inspires all those who work with me.

My boss appreciates everything I do.

My clientele increases daily.

My clients respond favourably to what I have to say.

My company’s mission matters to me.

My co-workers and I get along famously.

My customers always come first.

My customers are always referring more business to me.

My customers constantly refer more business to me.

My enthusiasm at work is appreciated by everyone .

My excellent performance at work is rewarded accordingly.

My impeccable work ethics inspire others.

My integrity is reflected in the quality of my work.

My job gives me great satisfaction.

My office is clean and tidy, so my mind is free to think and create.

My office is well organized and free from distractions.

My work lets me monopolize on my special skills and talents.

My job is challenging and deeply fulfilling.

My positive attitude towards life makes me a fantastic co-worker.

My positive attitude towards life makes me a fantastic team member.

My projects are completed in a professional and timely manner.

My supervisor appreciates everything I do.

My work brings happiness into the lives of others.

My work brings me deep satisfaction.

My work brings me immense joy.

My work colleagues value and respect me.

My work inspires and fulfils me in every way.

My work is a creative joy.

My work is always inspirational.

My work is challenging and mind-expanding.

My work is creative and unique, and inspires everyone who sees it.

My work is deeply satisfying and rewarding

My work is exciting and inspirational.

My work is fulfilling, nourishing, and uplifting.

My work is never dull.

My work is very rewarding.

My work makes a positive contribution to the world.

My work offers me great creative freedom.

My work space is clean and organized.

My work surroundings are inspiring.

My working hours suit me perfectly.

My workplace is inspiring and motivating.

No matter where I go, I am always working in abundance.

The more I do what I enjoy, the more successful I am.

When I am working, I feel vibrantly alive.

With a carefree mind, I can do every task with more energy and efficiency.

Working hard on my goals is immensely satisfying.

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