PRIORITIES Affirmations

PRIORITIES Affirmations

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There are two very useful tools for prioritizing tasks. One is the Action Priority Matrix. This tool divides jobs up according to their importance and urgency. This method has been around for many years and is an effective way to sort through daily to-do lists.

Another useful tool is called an Impact versus Effort Matrix. This tool, although similar to the action priority matrix, focuses on results. It is based on the 80-20 rule which states that 20% of what we do will return 80% of the value. This method works well when creating an action plan for your life goals.

Both these tools, when used together, will ensure that your most important tasks are always at the top of your to-do list.

All my daily tasks are scheduled according to their importance.

All my goals are prioritized.

At this moment, I am working on my number one priority.

Each day I know what needs to be done and in what order.

Every day I determine what needs to be done and in what order. Then I do it!

Every day I ensure that I work on my top priorities.

Every day I spend time working on those things that are most important to me.

Every day I undertake only those tasks that achieve the results I want.

Every morning I plan the most important activities in my day.

Every morning I review which activities need to be done first, and work on these today.

Everything I do has a positive influence on my future.

High priority tasks take precedence over anything others that comes up in my life.

I allot plenty of time each day to work on priority tasks.

I always do the important and urgent tasks first.

I always do the most important task first.

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I always finish the most important tasks first.

I always Eat My Frog first!

I always know exactly where my priorities lie.

I always know what I should be working on in the present moment.

I always know where and how to direct my energies.

I always set priorities for my goals.

I always start with the most important tasks.

I am always aware of which tasks are most important.

I am forever aware of all the priorities in my life.

I am fully aware of those things that are most important to me.

I am in control of my time and what I spend that time on.

I am keenly aware of the things I want and need to accomplish every day.

I am now taking the most appropriate steps towards fulfilling my ultimate purpose.

I choose to do those things which bring me the greatest satisfaction.

I choose what to do and when to do it.

I complete urgent tasks quickly, and then get on to my most important work.

I concentrate all my energies on my priorities.

I delineate my priorities and ensure that I stick to them.

I do essential tasks before all else.

I do first things first.

I do the most important tasks first.

I do the most productive things first.

I easily concentrate on my most important goals.

I easily focus on my main priorities.

I easily resist the temptation to work on low priority tasks.

I effortlessly delegate tasks and responsibilities.

I ensure that the most important tasks are completed first.

I examine all today’s activities and quickly prioritize those to be done, and eliminate the rest.

I find time in my day for everything that is important to me.

I focus my attention on my number one priority for today.

I focus on what is essential to reaching my goals.

I handle first things first.

I have identified my priorities and focus on them at all times.

I honor my priorities in life by making them the focus of my activities.

I keep my path to myself, disclosing only the vaguest details to my closest friends.

I know exactly what work is essential and what can be left for another time.

I know exactly which tasks I need to work on today.

I know what is most important to be doing in this precise moment.

I know what is most important to me and attend to these things before all else.

I know what my priorities in life are.

I know what needs to be done and in what order.

I know which actions to take first.

I know which things are most important to me and make sure I work on these things every day.

I make my dreams my highest priority in life.

I make my life my highest priority.

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I make sure that the most important tasks are done first.

I never waste time on tasks that I can delegate to others.

I plan my week so that I am always working on the essential things first.

I prioritize and organize my tasks for each day.

I put first things first.

I rearrange priorities so that my ultimate goals are achieved.

I remain focused on my priorities throughout the day.

I reserve my energy for the important things in my life.

I simplify my life today by concentrating on my priorities.

I take time to enjoy my life.

My first priority always comes first.

My key main priorities are written down and I look at them daily.

My main priorities in life are burned into my brain.

My most important goals take precedence over all else.

My priorities are always at the forefront of my mind.

My priorities in life always come first.

My to-do list is always prioritized.

Planning is a daily priority because it ensures that my day is as productive as possible.

Right now I am doing exactly what I should be doing.

Right now I am engaged in the most important activity towards reaching my goal.

Right now I am working on my number one priority.

Those tasks that are most important in my life are always done first.

Today I work on my number one priority all day.

When I find myself in the ‘zone’, I put all else on hold in order to remain there.

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