INSPIRATION Affirmations

INSPIRATION Affirmations

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What is inspiration? We call it intuition, inner wisdom, inner guidance, insight, instinct, sixth sense, gut feelings, or hunches. We use these words to describe how it is we know things, without knowing how or why we know them. Yet this marvelous inner wisdom seems to come from deep within our being. It feels like it belongs to us, although it appears to have a mind of its own. It comes to our awareness when our conscious mind steps aside and lets the subconscious mind take over … when we are ‘mindful’ and mind empty at the same time.

Inspiration is much like a hungry butterfly. It flits into our consciousness unexpectedly; its flight erratic and brief. The only way our conscious mind can capture it is to try to follow its path, and quickly glimpse a closer look when it momentarily comes to rest. But often the very act of consciously looking, seems to scare it away. It takes much practice and patience to capture inspiring thoughts.

As I trust and let go, my intuition guides me to wondrous experiences.

Being inspired is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Divine guidance is always with me.

Divine wisdom guides me in all that I do.

Every day I read something insightful and inspiring.

Every day my inner voice becomes louder and clearer.

Every day my intuition serves me better.

Every flash of intuition reminds me that my inner resources are all-knowing and all-powerful.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more inspired.

I accept my inner voice with reverence and respect.

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I act on all inspirational impulses.

I act on all inspirations as soon as I receive them.

I act on all inspirations as they are received.

I act on intuitive impulses quickly and confidently.

I allow my inner wisdom to give me guidance and direction.

I always act upon what my intuition tells me.

I always follow where my heart and intuition leads.

I always let my heart and intuition guide me.

I always listen to my inner voice.

I always receive excellent guidance from my intuition.

I always trust my gut feelings.

I am always relaxed, calm, and ready to listen to my inner voice.

I am always successful in all endeavors when guided by the Universal Creative Force.

I am divinely guided through every day of my life.

I am easily able to access the power of my intuitive mind.

I am forever grateful for my wonderful imagination.

I am guided by my intuition in all things.

I am in constant tune with my intuition.

I am inspired by the wisdom of my subconscious mind.

I am learning to trust my instincts.

I am more inspired and empowered every day.

I am my own best counsel.

I am open to receiving divine guidance.

I am ready to act on all inspiration that comes to me.

I appreciate my intuition and the wonderful insights it offers.

I ask that the work I do provide me with its own inspiration and energy.

I call upon the infinite intelligence to guide me.

I can always count on my hunches.

I can easily distinguish between intuition and wishful thinking.

I capture all my inspirations with a digital recorder.

I choose to let inspiration find me as often as possible.

I combine inspired thought with intelligent action.

I confidently follow my instincts in all things.

I confidently trust and follow my intuition.

I count on the direction of my sixth sense in all that I do.

I dare to follow my inner voice.

I do whatever my quiet inner voice tells me to do.

I easily allow my true feelings to guide me.

I easily tune into my inner wisdom whenever I need guidance or direction.

I exercise my imagination at every opportunity.

I find great inspiration comes to me on a daily basis.

I follow the advise of my intuitive voice.

I follow the calm guidance of my inner being.

I follow where my energy and inspiration leads me.

I have a highly developed sixth sense.

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I have a mentor who inspires me.

I have absolute faith in all my gut instincts.

I have complete trust in my intuition.

I have free access to the intuitive powers of my mind.

I have infinite appreciation for the power of my imagination.

I have inspiring mentors.

I have perfect trust in my intuition.

I have profound faith in my intuition.

I have the greatest confidence in my intuitive insights.

I have total faith in all my intuitive feelings.

I have total trust in my inner wisdom.

I help others to feel positive about themselves.

I implicitly trust my intuition.

I inspire and empower others to greatness.

I intuitively know what I need to do in each moment of my life.

I know that inspiration does not appear though thinking but through doing.

I let my intuitive voice guide all my actions.

I listen carefully when my inner voice speaks to me.

I listen intently to the whispers of my soul.

I listen to and act upon the guidance my intuition gives me.

I listen to inspiring, motivational audio tapes whenever I can.

I listen to inspiring, uplifting music regularly.

I listen to my inner wisdom before all else.

I love being an inspiration to others.

I love listening to music that is inspiring and motivating.

I love the inspiration I receive while day-dreaming.

I put total trust in my feelings and instincts.

I read inspirational books whenever I can.

I read positive, insightful articles every day.

I read positive, inspiring books every day.

I record all my inspirations as they occur.

I regularly connect with my inner self.

I spend my money on things that inspire and empower me.

I take note of every inspiration that my intuition provides.

I think and act with my heart and soul.

I totally trust my intuition.

I trust and honor my intuitive voice.

I trust my hunches at all times.

I trust my inner voice to lead me in the right direction.

I trust my inner being to lead me on the right path.

I trust my inner being to lead me to every opportunity for financial abundance.

I trust my intuition to direct me towards my dream.

I trust my intuitive feelings and act on them immediately.

I trust my soul to show me the way.

I trust that my intuition and the universe know what is best for me.

I trust that my intuition will give me all the answers I need.

I trust the suggestions of my intuitive mind.

I trust the wisdom of my inner teacher.

I welcome the wisdom of my innate intuition.

Inspiration arrives when I am fully focused in the moment.

Inspiration arrives when I am in the moment and fully focused on what I am doing.

My amazing intuition leads me to the best opportunities for me.

My dreams inspires me.

My hunches are always spot on.

My inner being expresses itself through intuition and inspiration.

My inner knowing is more powerful than belief.

My inner sage guides me perfectly.

My inner strength supports me in all that I do.

My inner vision is always clear and focused.

My inner wisdom guides me in all things.

My inner wisdom guides me towards healthy decisions.

My inner wisdom is always available.

My inspiration comes from the insights and wisdoms of my inner being.

My inspirational signals are clear and strong.

My intuition always directs me towards my highest good.

My intuition always leads my on the right path.

My intuition and I communicate through doodling.

My intuition grows stronger each day.

My intuition helps me find the best solution.

My intuition is constantly accurate.

My intuition is heightened when I focus on what I am doing.

My intuition knows exactly what my body requires.

My intuition leads me to the most lucrative opportunities.

My intuition mind is as important as my thinking mind.

My intuition shows me how to turn possibility into reality.

My intuitive abilities grow stronger every day.

My intuitive ability grows more reliable each day.

My intuitive instincts always lead to success.

My intuitive mind serves me well.

My intuitive voice guides me well.

My mind and the universal mind are one. Therefore, my intuition is perfect.

My mind is full of inspirational thoughts.

My outstanding ideas are now creating new wealth for me and others around me.

My sixth sense is highly developed.

The more I trust and let go, the more inspiration I receive.

The universe constantly guides me in all that I do.

There are two voice in my head - ego and spirit - and I only listen to the latter.

Today I bless my being with limitless inspiration.

Today I make a conscious effort to tune into my inner voice.

Today I trust my instincts and follow where they lead.

Whenever I ask for guidance, my inner wisdom answers.

Whenever I feel stuck, I work on another task until inspiration returns.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more insight into my life.

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