CREATIVITY Affirmations

CREATIVITY Affirmations

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An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me.

Being creative is one of my great joys in life.

Being creative is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Being creative makes me feel so alive.

Being positive improves my creativity.

Brilliant ideas come to me all the time.

Creative energy flows through me at all times.

Creative ideas come to me regularly.

Creative inspiration follows me wherever I go.

Creativity flows through every cell in my body.

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Divine inspiration blesses every day of my life.

Doing repetitive tasks frees my mind to consider creative solutions to problems.

Every creative thought I express provides me with great joy.

Every day I become more creative and inventive.

Every day I let my imagination soar to new heights.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more inventive.

Everything I create is inventive and unique.

Fresh new ideas come to me daily.

Great ideas come to me easily.

Great new ideas come to me every day.

I allow my creative energy to flow freely at all times.

I always follow where inspiration leads.

I always have lots of unique ideas for solving problems.

I am a brilliant and successful artist.

I am a creative problem solver.

I am a creative genius.

I am a fount of ingenuity.

I am a magnet for innovative ideas.

I am a naturally artistic individual.

I am a powerful and resourceful creator.

I am a visionary.

I am a wellspring of creativity.

I am always developing great new ways of doing things.

I am always thinking of new, original ways to do things.

I am an innovative thinker.

I am an innovator. My ideas are inspiring.

I am an unlimited creative being.

I am clever and creative in all that I do.

I am confident and skilled in my creative work.

I am continually developing new, innovative ideas.
am a creative problem solver.

I am creative and have the willpower to make use of my talents.

I am creatively expressing my highest potential.

I am easily able to come up with fresh, new ideas.

I am efficient and imaginative in my work.

I am endowed with great creativity and intelligence.

I am ever receptive to the inspiration the universe sends me.

I am forever grateful for my imaginative mind.

I am full of infinite, creative energy.

I am grateful for the creative ideas that come to me.

I am grateful for the energy that feeds my imagination.

I am imaginative and creative in all that I do.

I am immensely grateful for my creative abilities.

I am incredibly creative and imaginative.

I am incredibly creative and inspired.

I am inventive and resourceful.

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I am one with the creative flow of life.

I am very resourceful and inventive.

I approach all problems in an inspired and resourceful way.

I can always count on my imagination for inspiring ideas.

I can get into a creative state of mind whenever I want.

I come up with new ideas easily.

I create new masterpieces every day.

I easily connect with the infinite creativity of the universe.

I easily find novel solutions to problems.

I easily tap into the Creative Force whenever I need to.

I easily tap the imaginative resources of my mind.

I employ lateral thinking in all that I do.

I employ my power in inventive and helpful ways.

I exercise innovative thinking at all times.

I exercise my creative genius every day.

I exercise my imagination at every opportunity.

I expand my understanding of things and this feeds my imagination.

I express my creativity whenever possible.

I express my unique creativity in all that I do.

I feel creative and inspired at work.

I find creative solutions to problems every day.

I find inventive solutions for each problem I am present with.

I find original solutions for all difficulties in my life.

I find original solutions to problems.

I follow my creative inclinations.

I give thanks for the creative inspiration I receive daily.

I have a fantastic imagination.

I have a fertile imagination.

I have a great imagination.

I have abundant creative talent.

I have an adventurous, imaginative mind.

I have an endless supply of creativity.

I have infinite creative potential.

I have instant access to unlimited ingenuity.

I increase my creativity by being clearly focused in the present.

I increase my inventiveness in all that I do.

I invent inspiring new things.

I love exercising my artistic side.

I love exercising original thinking.

I love expressing myself creatively.

I love having an outlet for my artistic abilities.

I love inventing exciting new ways of doing things.

I love inventing original new products.

I love inventing things.

I love losing myself in the zone of creative thought.

I love playing with new ideas.

I love the feeling that being creative brings.

I love the freedom that creative thinking gives me.

I love thinking outside the box.

I love using my artistic talents at work.

I make everything I do an opportunity to express my creativity.

I make my living by creating inspiring and imaginative art.

I make work a creative joy.

I nurture my innovative spirit by sharing my ideas with supportive people.

I possess an abundance of creative energy.

I possess an endless supply of artistic energy.

I receive an infinite supply of inspiration.

I regularly create ideas that are innovative and valuable.

I regularly find original solutions to problems.

I see and respond to trends well ahead of the pack.

I see new, inventive possibilities all around me.

I seize every moment of inspiration as it comes.

I take full advantage of down-time to exercise my imagination.

I take full advantage of every inspired thought that I have.

I tap into the creative energy around me with great ease.

I treat each new problem I encounter as an opportunity to exercise my creative talents.

I use my artistic talents whenever possible.

I use my innate artistic talents in all that I do.

I use my natural creativity every day.

I welcome a constant flow of creativity into my life.

I welcome all opportunities to exercise original thought.

I welcome all opportunities to use creative thinking.

I welcome every opportunity to think differently.

Imaginative ideas flow effortlessly from my mind and inspire my life.

Ingenious ideas come easily to me.

Ingenious solutions come to me daily.

Innovative ideas come to me on a daily basis.

Innovative thinking comes easily to me.

Inspired thinking is a habit I nurture every day.

Inspiring ideas come to me on a regular basis.

Inventive new ideas come to me every day.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited creativity.

My calm, focused mind is a well-spring for artistic ideas.

My creations are appreciated by all.

My creations are innovative and inspiring.

My creative problem solving helps me in my work.

My creativity always leads me to a better understanding of myself.

My creativity flows simply and effortlessly.

My ideas are imaginative and useful.

My ideas are innovative and helpful.

My ideas are refreshing and novel.

My imagination is always giving me new, inspiring ideas.

My inventiveness inspire others.

My imagination is limitless.

My mind is a fertile plain of creative energy.

My mind is a magnet for inspiring solutions.

My mind is bursting with wealth-generating ideas.

My natural creativity shines through in all that I do.

My natural inventiveness shows in all that I do.

My thoughts are imaginative and influential.

My work is always original and inventive.

New innovations excite and inspire me.

New inspired ideas come to me on a daily basis.

New original ideas come to me freely and easily.

Original ideas come to me all the time.

Original thinking is a talent I nurture every day.

Original thinking is one of my strongest talents.

People are always telling me how incredibly creative I am.

People look to me for creative solutions to problems.

Positive thinking ignites my artistic impulses.

Splendid ideas come to me every day.

The creative power of The Force lies within me.

The creativity of the universe expresses itself through me.

Today I bless my being with unlimited creativity.

Today I create magic.

Today I let my creativity soar.

Today I let my imagination run wild.

Today I realize what a creative person I am.

With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater creativity into my life.

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