MEMORY Affirmations

MEMORY Affirmations

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Any information I need to recall comes effortlessly to mind.

Every day I improve my ability to retain information.

Everything I learn is being stored systematically in my subconscious mind.

I always remember birthdays and find the perfect way to send happy wishes.

I am able to recall all information with ease and clarity.

I am able to recall past details with vivid clarity.

I am able to recall the experiences of my dreams.

I am able to remember all knowledge stored in my subconscious mind.

I am extremely grateful for my brilliant memory.

I am the master of my memory.

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I completely trust my memory to provide all the information I require.

I create clever acronyms that make remembering easy and fun.

I easily recall my dreams.

I easily recall the images and events of my past.

I easily remember anything that is important to me.

I easily remember names and faces.

I easily remember the information I read.

I easily remember the names of people I meet.

I effortlessly remember facts and details.

I effortlessly remember what I read.

I enjoy exercising my memory.

I find it incredibly easy to remember people’s names.

I have a fantastic memory.

I have a great memory for details.

I have a great memory for faces.

I have a great memory for facts and figures.

I have a great memory for names.

I have a great memory for numbers.

I have a photographic memory.

I have an excellent memory with clear and easy recall.

I have an excellent memory.

I have an incredible memory.

I have excellent powers of recall.

I have perfect access to all past experiences and knowledge.

I have total recall of my dreams.

I know that the more I pay attention, the better I remember.

I listen to classical music while studying, and this helps to improve my recall.

I mentally retain all that I read.

I readily remember people, places, and events from my past.

I recall things with great ease.

I remember all that I learn.

I remember everything that important to me.

I remember facts easily.

I remember more and more every day.

I remember my dreams in clear detail.

I remember people’s names and use them whenever I am speaking with them.

I remember the things I see.

I remember things easily and effortlessly.

I remember to remember, so I never forget.

I remember to write down important information that I will need later.

I remember to write important facts down.

I remember what I read very easily.

I retain and recall all that I read.

I retrieve information from memory with ease.

I trust my memory to provide me with any details I need to recall.

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I use all my senses to help me recall information more readily.

I use mnemonic devices to help me remember things with ease.

My ability to recall information improves daily.

My memory improves daily.

My memory is excellent.

My memory is sharp.

My memory serves me very well.

My memory gets better and better every day.

My mind readily retrieves any information I require.

My powers of recall are amazing.

Remembering and using peoples' names makes me feel good and others feel great.

The more I exercise my brain, the better my memory becomes.

The more I exercise my memory, the better it gets.

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