LEARNING Affirmations

LEARNING Affirmations

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All my essays receive the highest marks.

Any information I need to recall comes effortlessly to mind.

Day by day, I can learn to do anything I need to know.

Every day brings me new challenges and experiences.

Every day I am mastering new skills.

Every day I am realizing new abilities and talents.

Every day I feed my mind with new ideas and understanding.

Every day I improve my ability to retain information.

Every day I learn something new and amazing.

Every day I review all that I have learned in school.

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Everything I learn is being stored systematically in my subconscious mind.

Everything I read brings me new and wonderful insights.

Exam answers come to me quickly and easily.

I absorb knowledge and understanding easily.

I absorb knowledge like a sponge.

I always ace all my tests.

I always arrive at lectures on time.

I always finish my homework before doing anything else.

I always complete my assignments on time.

I always get excellent grades on my exams.

I always get to classes on time.

I am a competent speed learner.

I am a great student because learning is really important to me.

I am a non-stop learning machine.

I am a quick study.

I am able to learn new things easily.

I am able to recall all information with ease and clarity.

I am always keen to expand my mind.

I am always prepared to accept new information.

I am an A student because I am totally focused on learning.

I am an A+ student.

I am an enthusiastic student.

I am bright and clever at school.

I am capable of learning anything.

I am completely at ease learning new tasks.

I am cool and confident in exams.

I am equally adept in all subjects.

I am exceptionally intelligent.

I am fascinated by new thoughts and ideas.

I am fully committed to reading, studying, and learning.

I am getting smarter every day.

I am grateful for my mind’s unlimited ability to learn new things.

I am increasingly interested in a wide variety of subjects.

I am learning at all times.

I am learning how to …

I am overjoyed with the prospect of being a university student.

I am progressing through my course with ease.

I am so happy to be attending university/college.

I am super confident when taking exams.

I am thrilled with the opportunity to be a university student.

I am totally centered and focused during tests and exams.

I am totally focused on my studies.

I am totally motivated to study every day.

I am very confident when taking exams.

I am very excited to be working towards a degree.

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I am very organized when studying, and cover material quickly and with great retention.

I am well prepared for my exams.

I am well prepared for my orals.

I am willing and eager to learn new things.

I answer essay questions with ease.

I apply new learning effortlessly.

I apply what I learn to what I am doing.

I appreciate all experiences in my life for the lessons they provide.

I ask intelligent questions.

I complete all my assignments on time.

I completely relax when I take exams.

I eagerly read books that help increase my understanding.

I easily absorb all I see and hear in class.

I easily excel in my chosen field of study.

I easily focus during lectures.

I easily focus when taking exams.

I easily meet all academic deadlines.

I easily recall what I have learned.

I easily relax when taking exams.

I enjoy lab work and keep thorough, up-to-date notes.

I enjoy learning from others.

I enjoy learning what others have to teach me.

I enjoy revision and make it a weekly habit.

I enjoy working on projects with others.

I ensure that I get plenty of rest so I remain alert and active in lectures.

I keep my lecture notes up to date.

I faithfully attend every lecture throughout the academic year.

I faithfully complete my homework every day.

I feed my mind premium fuel.

I feel confident and assured while sitting exams.

I feel totally at ease during examinations.

I find problem sheets stimulating.

I find studying and learning to be very rewarding.

I fuel my learning with abundant curiosity.

I fully appreciate the advice my tutor gives me.

I get all my homework done on time.

I get excellent marks on all my assignments.

I get top grades in all my subjects.

I give lecturers my undivided attention.

I give myself plenty of time to revise.

I graduate with flying colors.

I have a fantastic tutor.

I have a great memory for facts and figures.

I have all the textbooks I need to ace my studies.

I have excellent recall in all subjects.

I have excellent teachers and love attending their classes.

I have found the perfect balance between academic study and social life.

I have great professors and love attending their lectures.

I have the ability to learn all that I need to know.

I have the ability to master whatever I put my mind to.

I have the curiosity of a young child.

I have the necessary intelligence to ace this test.

I have total concentration when sitting exams.

I have total concentration when taking tests.

I know how to apply the facts I have learned.

I know how to apply what I have learned.

I know I can easily learn to do those things I need to do.

I know that I can learn to do anything I set my mind on.

I know that I can master anything with practice.

I learn new material very quickly.

I learn something from each and every person I meet.

I learn things rapidly and thoroughly.

I listen to my tutor and take his advice seriously.

I love learning new subjects.

I love learning new things.

I love reading and easily keep informed about my chosen subjects!

I love stretching my mind.

I love studying!

I love doing research!

I love the mental stimulation that university provides.

I love using the many facilities that university offers.

I make a conscious effort to learn something new every day.

I make sure my brain gets all the nutrition it needs to perform at peak efficiency.

I make sure my brain gets all the rest it needs to perform optimally.

I make the most of my education.

I make the most of my time at college/university.

I master all tests with ease.

I mentally retain all that I read.

The more I learn, the more I succeed.

I pass all my exams with great ease.

I pay full attention in all my classes.

I put into practice what I have learned today.

I read quickly and easily with great comprehension.

I read with speed, comprehension and recall.

I readily ask questions if I’m having trouble understanding something.

I readily learn whatever I put my mind to.

I receive very high marks on all my exams.

I remember all that I have learned today.

I remember facts easily.

I remember with clarity all that I read.

I review my assignments regularly.

I schedule time daily to review and revise.

I soak up new knowledge like a sponge.

I solve problems easily.

I speak up and offer my opinions in class.

I take responsibility for my own success at university/college.

I take full advantage of the resource centre.

I take full advantage of our library’s online databases.

I take total advantage of the learning opportunities my university/college offers.

I thoroughly understand everything I need to know to ace this test.

I understand all the material I have learned in school, and feel at ease applying it.

I use the resource centre as a quiet, motivating place to study.

I work to improve my learning skills at every opportunity.

I write persuasive and articulate essays.

My ability to recall information during exams is amazing.

My brainpower increases with each mental challenge I take on.

My desire and motivation to achieve excellent grades increases daily.

My education is extremely important to me, and I give it 100% effort at all times.

My education is really important to me.

My great curiosity helps me to learn things easily.

My knowledge is increasing every day.

My learning skills improve daily.

My learning skills improve every day.

My love of reading supports improved understanding of my coursework.

My mental abilities increase daily.

My mind is clear and focused when studying.

My mind is sharp and I learn very quickly.

My professors are very impressed with my dedication and focus.

My profs make learning easy and fun.

My studies always come before my social life.

My teachers really like me because I work hard and pay attention in class.

Regular practice greatly improves my performance.

Revision is a breeze for me.

Studying comes easily to me.

Term papers are a breeze for me.

Tests are a breeze for me.

The more I listen the more I learn.

The more I practice, the more I improve.

There is always something for me to learn in every situation.

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