PERSPECTIVE Affirmations

PERSPECTIVE Affirmations

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All my life experiences are positive and enriching.

Each day I choose to see things from the most optimistic perspective.

Every day I practice seeing the positive side of things.

Evidence of goodness appears before me every day.

I accept all realities as being equally valid and true.

I accept only positive, compassionate points of view.

I accept that all realities must be accepted in an infinite universe.

I accept the ways of man – both good and bad – as one perfect truth.

I accept the world the way it is, and leave it be.

I allow the world its own evolution.

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I always appreciate the scenery on life’s detours.

I always concentrate on the positive in others.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt.

I always keep a sense of humor about the situations in my life.

I always look for the best in people.

I always see the positive side of things.

I always seek the optimistic viewpoint.

I always seek the serene truth of all situations.

I always strive to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I am able to laugh at the human predicament when required.

I am always sensitive to the viewpoints of others.

I am easily able to see the big picture.

I am open to new ways of perceiving myself and the world.

I am sensitive to the reality of multiple points of view.

I appreciate the differences I find in the people I meet.

I appreciate the differences in people.

I appreciate the grand schemes of life.

I believe all people deserve peace and prosperity.

I believe all people should have abundance in their lives.

I can easily see other people’s points of view.

I choose to look for the good in life, and find this good in abundance.

I evaluate everything I hear from an objective standpoint.

I expand my perspective and my capacity for understanding every day.

I feel the positive vibrations in everything around me.

I fully appreciate that everyone has a unique perspective and that all are equally valid.

I have a positive outlook on life.

I keep a sense of humor about the dramas in my life.

I know that all people are equal, regardless of their background or accomplishments.

I know that all realities must be allowed within infinity.

I know that the best perspective to have is one that allows for all realities in life.

I like all kinds of weather and am always prepared to enjoy whatever comes.

I look for the positive in every place I visit.

I love and appreciate nature, and accept all weather with grace.

I maintain a clear perspective in everything I think and do.

I maintain an objective viewpoint in all situations.

I maintain an open perspective on life.

I never allow circumstances to distort my optimism.

I nourish a compassionate world perspective at all times.

I perceive the world around me in the most positive way possible.

I practice looking at the world from different viewpoints.

I put everything I see into proper perspective.

I put my fears into proper perspective and then continue with confidence.

I recognize the value in every person I meet.

I remain myself and allow everyone else to remain themselves.

I remember to laugh at myself when I take things too seriously.

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I remember to look at the world with compassion and understanding.

I respond to life’s drama with positive optimism.

I see both the forest and the trees.

I see my worries for what they are - a small spec on a small planet in a small galaxy in an immense universe.

I see only the positive in all situations.

I see reality from a multitude of perspectives.

I see something good in everyone I meet.

I see the bigger picture at all times.

I see the gift in every life experience.

I see the good in other people.

I see the greatness in others and encourage them to express it in their life.

I see the infinite good in all things.

I see the world and all its inhabitants for the potential that lies within.

I suspend all judgment, as I know all things are equally sacred.

I take all life’s ups and downs in stride.

I take my goals seriously, but take my life lightly.

I take time to observe life from the perspective and wisdom of my inner being.

I understand and appreciate all the differences I see in the world.

I view all situations from numerous angles, in order to better understand the truth.

My mind appreciates the grand diversity of life.

My mind is always open to new possibilities.

My optimistic outlook ensures that my life is full of wonder and joy.

My positive perspective protects me from the stresses of life.

No matter what comes up in my life, I know that ‘This too, will pass’.

No matter what happens in my life, I am assured that I will endure and grow.

There are many different ways to see things, and I strive to appreciate them all.

Today I choose to see only the positive in my life.

Today I look at the world with fresh eyes.

Today I see the world with compassionate eyes.

Today I welcome all the variety the world has to offer.

When drama surrounds me, I relax and think of the bigger picture.

When the stresses of life confront me, I relax and put everything into proper perspective.

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