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All my thoughts are backed by positive, empowering beliefs.

All my thoughts are positive and empowering.

All of my thoughts are positive and constructive.

All my thoughts are positive, healthy and abundant.

Because I am a positive person, I attract positive and empowering people into my life.

Because I focus on the positive, I know my life is unfolding as I desire.

Because my thought habits improve every day, my life improves daily.

Being positive is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

By focusing on the positive in all situations, I make my life more empowered.

By focusing on the positive, my life becomes problem-free.

Each and every day, I reprogram my mind to focus on the positive in everything.

Each positive thought I have takes me one step closer to my dream.

Every day I do my utmost to keep my thoughts positive.

Every day I fill my mind with empowering, positive thoughts.

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Every day I fill my mind with positive, new beliefs.

Every day I modify my thinking so I only practice those thoughts which are positive.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more positive.

Every positive thought I have comes back to me multifold.

Every positive thought I have is an investment in my future’s good fortune.

Every positive thought I think is changing my life for the better.

Everything that happens is working for the good in my life.

For each situation I encounter in life, I choose only to see its most positive side.

Good things happen to me every day.

Good things keep on happening to me.

I accept only positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

I always choose thoughts which benefit my life.

I always choose to think positively.

I always ensure that my self-talk is supportive and inspiring.

I always find a reason to smile, no matter what's happening around me.

I always focus on the present positive wherever I am.

"A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes." – Mahatma Gandhi

I always provide a positive example for others.

I am a positive person, and boy, does it feel great!

I am an empowered human being!

I am becoming more and more positive every day.

I am continually practicing new, positive thoughts in every aspect of my life.

I am creating habitual thought patterns of empowered thinking.

I am creating habitual thought patterns of happiness and abundance.

I am creating habitual thought patterns of positive living.

I am forever positive.

I am happy, successful, and fulfilled.

I am healthy, prosperous and happy.

I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I am immensely positive in everything I think, do, and say.

I am impervious to negative attitudes.

I am in complete control of my the thoughts I choose to think.

I am in control of my thoughts.

I am in tune with the good in everything, and this good moves constantly towards me.

I am living the life that my positive thinking creates.

I am mastering the power of positive thinking.

I am positive and cheerful at all times.

I am reprogramming my mind to think only positive thoughts.

I am so happy to be teaching my children the power of positive thinking.

I am the master of my mind and thoughts.

I am too busy thinking positive thoughts to have time to be stressed.

I am totally impervious to the negative attitudes of others.

I am totally in charge of my life.

I approach every task with a smile.

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results." - Willie Nelson

I approach obstacles with a thoughtful, positive mind.

I attract great abundance into my life with my positive thoughts and feelings.

I attract positive and empowering circumstances into my life.

I automatically focus on the positive in all situations.

I become what I think about, therefore I only think the best.

I choose positive thoughts and follow those which generate positive feelings.

I choose to be affected only by positive things.

I choose to experience life in a positive way.

I choose to feel good, no matter what the circumstances.

I choose to focus my mind on energizing, uplifting thoughts.

I choose to spend my mental energy only on thoughts which empower my being.

I choose to think, feel and act in a positive way.

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I choose to think, feel and be positive.

I choose to think only those thoughts which empower my life.

I compliment others at every opportunity.

I confine my thinking to the positive.

I consciously choose to nourish my mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.

I continue to hold positive thoughts and beliefs about the future.

I control my life by thinking positive thoughts and making positive choices.

I control the pictures, beliefs and feelings that I create in my mind.

I direct my thoughts and feelings towards the outcomes I desire.

I dismiss unwanted thoughts with ease.

"Eliminate the negative. Accentuate the positive." – Unknown

I easily dismiss the negative attitudes of others.

I easily refuse to think any thoughts that do not benefit my being.

I easily release all negative thoughts and feelings.

I easily see the sun behind every dark cloud.

I ensure that all my words are positive and encouraging.

I ensure that I make positive choices every day.

I ensure that I only project positive vibrations to others.

I feel myself becoming more and more positive every day.

I fill my mind with thoughts of abundance, prosperity and gratitude.

I fill my mind with positive, peaceful thoughts.

I find the positive in every situation I encounter.

I fix my attention only on the best life has to offer.

I focus my attention on the positive in myself and others.

I focus my thoughts on the good things in my life.

I focus my thoughts on the greatest good for all concerned.

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I focus my thoughts on the positive in others.

I focus on the most constructive thought possible at any given moment.

I focus on the positive in every situation.

I greet each and every day with positive expectancy.

I have the ability to think the way I choose to think.

I have the power to keep myself in a proper frame of mind.

I immediately replace any negative thoughts that enter my mind with positive thinking.

I keep my mind focused on constructive, positive thoughts.

I keep my thoughts and expectancy always on abundance.

I keep my thoughts and expectancy always on empowering beliefs.

I keep my thoughts and expectancy always on good-fortune.

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." – Zig Ziglar

I keep my thoughts only on the positive things I wish to experience.

I keep my thoughts positive, and life brings me positive experiences.

I know all thoughts are affirmations, so I ensure that all mine are positive.

I know that I am always in control of what I choose to think.

I know that I can when I think I can.

I know that keeping a positive attitude is absolutely vital to my success.

I know that negative emotions are like coffin nails… and discard them as they arise.

I know that positive thinking increases my joy and energy.

I let negative people be negative, and focus on my own positive thoughts instead.

I listen to the words I use throughout the day, and vigilantly edit those which are negative.

I live every day with a positive outlook and a light heart.

I look for the good in every situation.

I maintain a positive frame of mind in all that I do.

I make sure that all my thinking is in alignment with my desires.

I make things happen with my positive thoughts.

I mentally choose and accept those things I wish to believe as true.

I now look at everything in my life in a positive way.

I only accept those thoughts make me feel good.

I only accept those thoughts which empower my being.

I only allow empowering thoughts to reside in my mind.

I only allow positive thoughts to remain in my consciousness.

I only concern my mind with those things that support my life’s purpose.

I only develop friendships with positive, uplifting people.

I only engage in constructive thinking.

I only entertain thoughts that empower my being.

I only feed my mind premium fuel.

I only give thought to those things I want to happen in my life.

"Pay as much attention to the things that are working positively in your life as you do to those things that are giving you trouble." - H. Jackson Brown

I only fill my mind with positive thoughts of health, wealth and happiness.

I only hold my thoughts and beliefs on what empowers my life.

I only hold my thoughts and beliefs on what is good and true.

I only see life in a positive light.

I only share positive thoughts and feelings with my friends and loved ones.

I practice positive thinking every minute of every day.

I prefer to find the good in people.

I prefer to see the positive in the world around me.

I program my subconscious mind with positive thoughts and empowering directives.

I put all my energy into creating positive thoughts and beliefs.

I really love thinking and feeling positive.

I remember always to keep my thoughts positive and cheerful.

I remember the past with fondness and joy.

I replace all negative thoughts that arise with positive ones.

I replace self-defeating thoughts with self-empowering ones.

I rewrite my past by changing my memories to positive ones.

I see the silver lining of every cloud I encounter.

I see the value in everything I experience.

I seek out positive people and positive experiences.

I share only positive news with others.

I speak positively at all times.

I spend my mental energy on positive thoughts and ideas.

"Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious." – Bill Meyer

I spend my mind’s energy wisely, confining it to positive thinking at all times.

I strive to find the positive in difficult situations.

I strive to monitor my thoughts and weed out all those which are negative.

I support my positive thinking with positive feelings and actions.

I surround myself with an aura of positive, loving energy.

I surround myself with an impenetrable shield of positive energy.

I surround myself with positive people.

I take command of my life by controlling my thoughts.

I take each day in stride and maintain a positive outlook.

I think and talk positively at all times.

I think my dream into being by thinking positive thoughts.

I think positive thoughts, say positive words, and take positive actions.

I think positive, enriching thoughts at all times.

I think, talk and act positively at all times.

I think uplifting thoughts at all times.

I use every opportunity to offer positive thoughts and encouragement.

I use my positive thoughts and beliefs to create my life.

I use my thinking to create my perfect day.

I welcome the empowerment that positive thinking brings me.

I welcome the positive and dismiss the negative.

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unwavering optimism.

My dominant thoughts for health, wealth and happiness are being created right now.

My life reflects the positive thoughts I nurture every day.

My mind holds only positive thoughts and memories.

My natural patterns of thought are positive and loving.

My positive thinking creates my positive experiences in life.

My positive thinking empowers my life.

My positive thinking ensures positive action.

My positive thoughts and emotions are creating my perfect future.

My positive thoughts are the blueprint for my success.

My positive thoughts ensure that only positive experiences come into my life.

My positive thoughts support and uplift my spirit.

My subconscious mind only listens to my most positive thoughts.

My thought habits are improving every day.

My thoughts resonate with positive energy.

Nothing can occur in my life experience without the invitation of it through my thoughts.

Positive emotions grace my life with every positive thought I choose.

Positive thinking is a habit that I nurture every day.

The more I monitor my thoughts, the more positive they become.

The negative attitudes of others are invisible to me.

The only meaning something has is the meaning I give it.

The positive energy I create with my thoughts comes back in kind.

"No life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it." – Ellen Glasgow

The power of positive thinking is evident in my accomplishments.

The quality of my life improves with every positive thought I entertain.

There is nothing in the world that I cannot imagine myself doing successfully.

Thinking positive, empowering thoughts makes me feel fantastic.

Through my positive thoughts, I easily attract all the help I require to reach my goals.

Through positive thinking, I create the positive future I desire.

Today I accept each and every experience as a gateway to something even better.

Today I celebrate life because...

Whatever I put my mind to, I achieve.

When I think I can, I can!

Whenever I hear negatives, I think and speak positives.

With the power of my positive thoughts. I create the abundance I desire in my life.

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