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HABIT Affirmations

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It is relatively easy to create new positive habits. All that is required is to practice the desired action daily, until, through repetition, it becomes hard-wired into the subconscious mind. Some say this process takes 21 days; others say 30. From experience I have found that it takes as long as it takes… depending on how much reprogramming is involved and how often one practices.

Getting rid of an old, unwanted habit is not quite so easy. It all depends on how long it has been a part of your life. The most effective way to eliminate an old habit is to find a new empowering one to replace it with. For example, if you want to quit biting your fingernails, a positive replacement habit might be to give yourself a daily manicure. A few minutes every morning to file and buff (and polish, if you are a woman) and a few minutes at night to clean and condition would be an excellent start.

With a little creative thought, one can easily find a suitable new habit to displace the old one. But don’t forget you need to repeat the new habit every day. And of course, when using affirmations please ensure that you confine your ‘affirming’ to the new behaviour and all of the positive results it will bring.

All habits in my life are health-giving.

All my habits are positive and beneficial.

All my habits support me in positive ways.

Changing my behavior is as easy as changing my thoughts.

Day by day, I am gaining more control over my past habits.

Each time a challenge a past habit, I feel a greater sense of control and self-esteem.

Every day I am developing new and positive habits.

I always do what is best for my body.

I always exercise discretion in all that I do.

I am always adding positive new rituals to my daily routine.

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I am calmly and confidently letting go of…

I am changing my habits by changing my thoughts.

I am changing my life for the better.

I am cleansing myself from all past habits.

I am completely committed to living a life free from…

I am finally free!

I am forever grateful to finally be free from…

I am free from the control of addictions.

I am in charge of my behaviors and actions.

I am in complete control of all the habits in my life.

I am in control of every aspect of my life.

I am in control of my life.

I am incredibly proud of myself for finally giving up…

I am the master of my habits.

I control all my impulses.

I am learning to override past habitual behaviors.

I am learning to take control of my habits.

I am now free from all obsessions.

I am now free from…

I am strong enough to overcome any habit.

I am stronger than any addiction.

I am stronger than any habit.

I am the master of my mind and body.

I am very proud of my healthy lifestyle.

I break bad habits by making them less enjoyable to do.

I choose to let go of my attachment to past habits.

I choose to live a healthy life.

I conquer bad habits by learning their purpose and creating new habits that address this even better.

I consciously interrupt and reprogram all habitual behaviors.

I constantly examine my habits, and change those that no longer serve me.

I control my habitual actions by eliminating habitual thoughts.

I control habitual reactions by exercising conscious thinking.

I create new positive habits by practicing them every day without fail.

I create new self-empowering habits every day.

I do things differently at every opportunity.

I easily ignore habitual cravings.

I easily let go of old routines so that I can embrace more empowering ones.

I easily move away from negative habits.

I easily overcome negative habits.

I easily relieve stress and tension without the need for habitual crutches.

I easily resist the temptation to return to old habits.

I eliminate disempowering habits quickly and easily.

I ensure that all my habits are positive and empowering.

I feel great about my healthy new habits.

I form new, positive habits every day.

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I gratefully let go of old, limiting behaviors.

I have all the resolve I need to make positive changes in my life.

I have complete control over my actions.

I have complete control over my impulses.

I have identified all my bad habits and am taking daily steps to curtail them.

I have incredible self control.

I have now conquered the habit of…

I have now gained control over my past need to…

I have the willpower to live a healthy life.

I hold the power of change in my mind.

I honor my body in every way.

I know all urges and impulses will pass with time.

I know that change is never a loss… it is only change.

I let all urges pass by accepting them for what they are and watching them fade away.

I love creating positive new ways of being.

I maintain healthy, life-empowering habits every day.

I only engage in habits that support my well-being.

I only get hooked on empowering habits.

I only spend my money on positive, life-sustaining habits.

I only use food to satisfy legitimate hunger.

I prefer vitamins over alcohol.

I release all habits that are disempowering.

I replace all limiting habits with healthy, empowering ones.

I resist all temptations and stick to my new way of being.

I step out of my established comfort zone at every opportunity.

It feels amazing to finally be free from the need to…

It feels good to be taking control of my life and health.

It feels great to finally be taking control of my life.

My determination is stronger than any habit.

My willpower is stronger than any habit.

Today I cultivate new, health-sustaining habits.

Today I find a better way of being.

Today I let go of negative habits.

Today I take back control of my life.

Week by week I am changing my habits for the better.

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