MOTIVATION Affirmations

MOTIVATION Affirmations

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There are many different definitions of the word, but to most people ‘motivation’ can simply be defined as that special something which propels us to take continued action towards a specific goal.

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All my actions support my dreams.

Every action I take increases my motivation.

Every action I take motivates me more.

Every day I am more and more motivated to work on creating my dreams.

Every day I am motivated to take one more step towards my goal.

Every day I work at creating my dreams.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more motivated.

Every positive action I take accelerates my progress.

Every positive action I take leads to greater and greater accomplishments.

Every task I do is a step closer to my dream.

Everything I do brings my goals nearer my grasp.

Focusing on my goals helps to supercharge my motivation to succeed.

Having an action plan helps keep me motivated and on track.

I accept that I do not need to know everything to get started.

I act purposefully and make things happen.

I always do everything I need to do, as and when it needs doing.

I always know what needs to be done, and get to doing it right away.

I always reward myself for a job well done.

I always take action when needed.

I am always moving towards my goals.

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there." – Will Rogers

I am aware of and use all of my motivational buttons.

I am constantly motivated to work on my goals.

I am energized and empowered to move towards my goals.

I am more motivated than ever to succeed.

I am motivated and empowered by the success of others.

I am motivated and inspired by the tasks I accomplish.

I am motivated at all times.

I am motivated by every action I take towards my goals.

I am motivated by every task put before me.

I am naturally motivated and have all the energy I need to maintain momentum.

I am now taking positive action towards the results I want.

I am self-motivated and know exactly what I want to achieve.

I am self-motivated in all that I do.

I am successful because I get things done.

I am totally motivated to…

I commit myself to developing the highest level of motivation in my life.

I constantly do those things that improve my odds of winning.

I control my life by the positive choices I make.

I do every task as it arises.

I do jobs as they need to be done.

I do the tough jobs first, and this motivates me for the rest of the day.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." – Wayne Gretzky

I do what needs to be done exactly when it needs doing.

I easily motivate myself and impart that motivation to others.

I easily motivate myself to keep on track.

I easily stay motivated and energized when working towards my goals.

I empower my desires with motivating thoughts.

I empower myself to action by displaying visual images that support my goals.

I encourage my friends to follow their dreams.

I encourage myself at every opportunity.

I enjoy getting things done!

I ensure that I am always moving towards my dream.

I fuel my motivation by disclosing my goals to family and friends.

I gain immense satisfaction from working towards my goals.

I fuel my motivation by visualizing the thrill that realizing my goals will bring.

I get unpleasant tasks out of the way, so I can get to doing the tasks that I really enjoy.

I have unlimited energy and motivation.

I imagine success results for every task I undertake.

I improve my motivation by fueling my energy with regular exercise.

I improve my motivation by seeing distractions for what they really are.

I intensify my motivation by regularly visualizing all the things I want in my life.

I keep my goals at the forefront of my mind and this gives me all the motivation I need.

I keep my motivation strong by reading inspiring and empowering words.

I know how to motivate myself and apply this knowledge to all that I do.

"Motivation is something you talk yourself into." - Steve Chandler

I know that getting started is the first step to increasing my motivation.

I know that I can easily empower myself with my thoughts.

I know that it takes action to change one’s life.

I know that many small successes can be incredibly motivating.

I know that motivation requires doing.

I know that results are but a positive action away.

I know that the only time for action is the present.

I know that the sooner I get started, the sooner I will see results.

I know that the sooner I start a task, the sooner it will be completed.

I know what gets me excited and this excitement keeps me motivated.

I know what I want and take specific actions to make it happen.

I know what I want to create, and work towards this dream every day.

I know what my motivational hot buttons are and use them regularly.

I listen to inspiring, motivational music throughout my day.

I listen to motivating music at every opportunity.

I love feeling completely motivated toward my goal.

I love getting things done!

I love listening to music that is inspiring and motivating.

I love the feeling of a job well done.

I love the feeling of completing another task.

I love the feeling of crossing another job off my To-Do list.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar

I maintain my motivation by constantly reviewing my goals and aspirations.

I motivate myself by continually affirming my desires.

I motivate myself in all that I do.

I motivate myself to do housework by inviting a friend over for dinner.

I motivate others to achieve their dreams.

I set deadlines for my work, and easily meet them.

I shoot for my targets with speed and accuracy.

I speak words of encouragement to everyone, myself included.

I speak words that motivate and empower others.

I take charge of my life.

I take decisive action in every task I do.

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I talk less and work more.

I think less and act more.

I think of the worst case scenario, and this always motivates me to get to work.

I understand what motivates me and use this knowledge daily.

I use the power of music to motivate me in all that I do.

I wake up motivated and eager to greet the day.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited motivation.

Knowing what I need to do right now is enough to keep me motivated.

My dreams are the fuel that power my life.

My goals are so clear in my mind that I am empowered to work on them every day.

Knowing what I need to do right now is enough to keep me motivated.

My goals are so clear that I am empowered to work on them every day.

My mentor inspires and motivates me in my work.

"It’s not what a vision is, it’s what a vision does." - Robert Fritz

My motivation is fired by the clarity of my goals.

My positive thoughts and actions create all the motivation I need.

My positive thoughts fill my life with the desire to take positive action.

My success is guaranteed because I get things done.

My vision is so clear that it keeps me motivated and inspired.

My vision is so strong that it motivates all others with whom I work.

Staying motivated is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

The benefits of realizing my goal is all the motivation I need to keep me going.

The clarity of my vision motivates me in all that I do.

The more I learn about my goal, the more motivated I am.

The more I practice, the more motivated I become.

The more steps I take, the more motivated I am.

Today I break out of my procrastination box!

Today I motivate myself to...

Visualizing the accomplishment of my goal is all the motivation I need to take action.

When something needs to be done, I act immediately.

When something needs to be done, I do it.

When the impulse is there, I act!

When things need doing, I get down to business.

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