MONEY Affirmations

MONEY Affirmations

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All money I spend returns to me tenfold.

All my investments are profitable and secure.

All of the money I need is coming into my life now.

All the capital I require is flowing toward me.

All the money I could possibly want to flowing towards me right now.

All the money I desire is flowing into my life.

All the money I need and desire is flowing into my life right now.

An abundance of money is flowing swiftly towards me.

Because I love what I do, I have become a money magnet.

Because of my great appreciation for money, success follows me wherever I go.

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Being financially successful is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Each month my earnings double.

Even when I am not working, I am making a fantastic income.

Every day I am adding to my financial nest egg.

Every day in every way my finances are getting better and better.

Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

Every dollar I spend enriches the economy of the world.

Every month, without fail, I put money into savings.

Everything I touch turns to gold.

I accomplish my financial goals with ease.

I always have extra money in my savings account.

I always have more than enough money.

I always have more than enough money for all that I want or need.

I always have surplus amounts of money.

I always keep my finances in order.

I always manage my money wisely.

I always pay my bills on time.

I always save 10% of my income.

I am a good money manager.

I am a money magnet.

I am an excellent money manager.

I am an investment wizard.

I am completely debt free.

I am debt-free.

I am earning large sums of money for what I love doing.

I am financially self-sufficient.

I am grateful for the opportunity to draw money into my life.

I am now accumulating large sums of money.

I am totally in charge of my financial situation.

I am very excited about earning more money.

I am very generous with my money.

I am very responsible with money.

I appreciate money for the quality of life it offers.

I appreciate the luxuries of life and easily afford them.

I ask for a raise and receive it.

I believe that money enriches lives and makes wonderful things happen.

I believe that money is a positive force in the world.

I believe that money is positive resource.

I can easily afford to buy anything I desire.

I can now buy whatever I need or want.

I can purchase anything I desire without hesitation.

I consider all alternatives before spending money.

I deserve to live a debt-free life.

I earn an excellent salary.

I earn great money doing what I enjoy.

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I easily accomplish all my financial goals.

I easily afford all that I want and need.

I easily and enjoyably earn an annual salary of…

I easily attract all the money I want and need.

I enjoy giving and receiving money.

I faithfully put a portion of the money I earn each month into savings.

I give and receive money with joy.

I give money freely.

I give thanks for all the money in my life.

I greatly appreciate the choices that money gives me.

I happily pay all my bills on time.

I have a detailed financial plan for the future.

I have a loving relationship with money.

I have a positive relationship with money.

I have a very healthy bank account balance.

I have a very high credit rating.

I have absolute confidence in my ability to generate all the money that I require.

I have absolute faith in my ability to generate any amount of income I choose.

I have all the money I need to bring everything I desire into my life.

I have complete control over my finances.

I have enough money to buy whatever I desire.

I have enough money to travel whenever I want.

I have fun making money.

I have millions of dollars in assets and available cash.

I have more money coming in than going out.

I have more than enough money for all that I want and need.

I have paid off all my credit cards, and now only use my debit card for purchases.

I have paid off all my debts.

I have the greatest respect for money.

I have the highest regard for money.

I have the Midas touch.

I have the power to transform my money-thoughts into prosperity.

I have total control over my finances.

I improve my life and the life of others by having lots of money to spend.

I invest my money wisely.

I keep to my budget.

I know how to use money for the greatest good.

I know that money is best spent buying experiences.

I know that my potential income is unlimited.

I know that there is enough money in the world for everyone to be wealthy, myself included.

I live within my means without compromising my goals.

I love and appreciate money and what it can do for myself and others.

I love spending money on improving my life.

I make an excellent living at what I do.

I make money easily.

I make more and more money each year.

I make more money than I require to accomplish my dreams.

I make tons of money doing what I enjoy most.

I make tons of money doing what I love.

I make wise investments that earn great dividends.

I never give spending money a second thought.

I only spend money on those things that truly benefit my life.

I own my home free and clear.

I pay my bills promptly and gratefully.

I pay my credit cards in full each month.

I receive automatic deposits into my bank account regularly.

I receive deposits to my bank account on a regular basis.

I regularly put some of my earnings into savings.

I respect money and spend it wisely.

I respect the power of money and spend it wisely.

I spend less time buying and more time being.

I spend my money on things that inspire and empower me.

I spend my money wisely.

I take full responsibility for my financial future.

I use money to purchase all I need in order to achieve my goals and reach my full potential.

It gives me great satisfaction and pride to pays my bills.

Making money energizes me.

Making money is easy for me because I am doing what I love to do.

Money allows me to help others who are less fortunate.

Money and I are now the best of friends.

Money comes to me abundantly, rapidly and with great ease.

Money comes to me from multiple sources.

Money comes to me quickly and effortlessly.

Money constantly flows to me through multiple channels.

Money flows easily into my life.

Money flows freely in my life.

Money flows into my life, even when I am sleeping.

Money flows into my life from a multitude of sources.

Money flows into my life from expected and unexpected sources.

Money flows into my life from many sources.

Money is always circulating freely in my life.

Money is coming to me every day.

Money is abundant and flows spontaneously into my life.

Money is constantly circulating in my life.

Money is forever available in my life.

Money is my devoted servant.

Money is my friend and it serves me very well.

Money is naturally attracted to me.

More money comes into my life than I can spend.

My annual income is in the millions.

My annual income is…

My assets are increasing every day.

My bank account grows daily.

My bank account is in the black.

My bills are all easily paid, with money to spare.

My bills are paid and up to date.

My constant thoughts of wealth provide a constant supply of money.

My earnings increase with amazing speed.

My income continues to rise every day.

My income far surpasses my spending.

My income is constantly expanding.

My income is constantly incoming!

My income is constantly increasing.

My increasing prosperity reflects my increasing positive attitudes about money.

My investments are always increasing.

My investments bring great returns.

My investments pay high returns.

My life is financially secure.

My money consciousness constantly expands.

My money instincts are remarkable.

My monthly income is…

My monthly salary is…

My paycheck grows each and every month.

My savings account balance increases daily.

My savings account increases rapidly.

My weekly salary is…

New income opportunities appear in my life on a regular basis.

Paying bills is just another way that I support myself and the economy.

Saving money comes easily to me.

So much money is coming into my life that I happily give to those less fortunate.

Starting today, I take full responsibility for my financial future.

The money I invest returns to me multiplied.

The more money I give, the more money I receive.

The more money I have to spend, the more people benefit.

The more money I have, the more money I have to give.

The more money I possess, the more I am able to give to others.

The more money I spend, the more people benefit.

The world is full of money-making ideas just waiting to be discovered.

There is always a surplus of money in my life.

Today I bless my being with limitless appreciation for money.

Unexpected money comes to me frequently.

Unlimited income flows in my life every day.

Whenever I need money, it comes into my life.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more money into my life.

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