GOALS Affirmations

GOALS Affirmations

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All I do supports the larger vision I have for my life.

All my goals are in perfect harmony.

All my goals have action plans.

All of my goals are clearly defined and designed.

All of my goals are definite and specific.

All of my goals are definite and specific. I know exactly what I want in every detail.

All my goals are written down and I review them daily.

All my goals have specific, attainable deadlines.

All of my thoughts and actions are consistent and congruent with the attainment of my goals.

As I move boldly in the direction of my goals, unseen forces come to my aid.

As I realize my current dream, I immediately start work on the next one.

As long as I stay focused on my goals, I am never bored - for my goals inspire and motivate me.

Because I believe in my goals, I achieve my goals.

Because I know where I am going, taking positive action is a simple task.

Defining my goals helps me to achieve my life's purpose.

Each and every day I do at least one thing towards my goals.

Every action I take moves me towards my dreams.

Every day brings me closer to my dream.

Every day I advance towards my goals.

Every day I am getting closer and closer to achieving my goal.

Every day I follow the steps towards my goals.

Every day I keep keen sight on my goals.

Every day I make amazing progress towards achieving my goals.

"Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals." – Aristotle

Every day I move closer to my goals.

Every day I take decisive action towards my goals.

Every day I take steps to reach my goals.

Every day my goals appear larger on the horizon.

Every goal I make is broken down in perfect, manageable steps.

Every task I perform brings me closer to my goal.

Everything I do takes me closer to my goals.

Everything in my life is going according to plan.

Goal setting is a habit I practice every day.

Having exciting goals energizes me.

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Goal setting is easy and fun.

Goal setting is the best way I know to ensure success.

Having goals ensures that I am always headed in the right direction.

I achieve my goals by writing each one down and planning the steps needed to reach them.

I achieve whatever I set my mind to.

I always carry my goals with me and review them often.

I always keep my goals at the front of my mind.

I always take action towards my goals.

I always work with my goals in mind.

I am 100% determined to achieve my goals.

"The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach." - Benjamin Mays

I am a goal-orientated person.

My goals and I are one and the same.

I am absolutely clear about the specific goals I want to achieve in every area of my life.

I am committed to doing whatever it takes to reach my goals.

I am committed to setting goals and achieving them.

I am easily motivated because I am working towards my goals at all times.

I am firmly committed to manifesting my desires.

I am focused on my goals at all times.

I am happiest when I am working towards my goals.

I am making my dreams a physical reality.

I am making steady progress towards my goals.

I am now making amazing progress towards all of my goals.

I am on target and making great progress.

I am passionate about the goals I have chosen to pursue.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to reach my goal!

I am totally committed to achieving my goals in life.

I am totally committed to realizing my dreams.

I begin each day with a detailed to-do list, to ensure I keep on track towards my goals.

I can see and feel myself achieving my goals, even in this moment.

I can see and feel the completion of my goals with perfect clarity.

I clarify my goals by being as specific as possible.

I commit all my goals to writing.

I constantly ask myself, “What can I do now that will take me closer to my goals.

I constantly direct my energy towards working on my goals.

I continually achieve the goals I set for myself.

I continuously set challenging goals for myself.

"If you are bored with life, if you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enough goals." - Lou Holtz

I do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

I easily achieve any goal I set for myself.

I easily reach my goals within the timeframe I set.

I easily progress towards my goal by breaking it down into smaller achievable steps.

I enjoy planning my future by setting specific, meaningful goals.

I enjoy the challenge of working towards my goals.

I ensure that I am always on track towards my goals.

I ensure that I set challenging and worthwhile goals for myself.

I establish clear goals in my life, and work towards each one every day.

I get closer to reaching my goals every day.

I give 100% commitment to my goals.

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I habitually commit all my goals to writing.

I have a life plan that is inspiring and energizing.

I have all the personal qualities required to achieve my goal.

I have all the resources and energy I need to accomplish my goals.

I have an action plan which supports my goals.

I have created challenging, meaningful goals for all areas of my life.

I have the power to achieve any goal I can imagine.

I know exactly what I want in my life and have committed this desire in writing.

I know that a goal without a plan is no more than a daydream.

I love the feeling of being focused on my goals.

I love setting challenging and worthwhile goals.

I love the challenge of a meaningful, worthwhile goal!

I love the challenge of having meaningful, inspiring goals.

"When you’re not goal-striving, not looking forward, you’re not really ‘living’." - Maxwell Maltz

I meditate on my goals daily.

I meet my objectives daily.

I practice long-term thinking and planning.

I reach my goals by being more purposeful in the present.

I reach my goal by taking small deliberate steps each and every day.

I reflect on my goals throughout the day.

I regularly evaluate the progress I am making towards my goals.

I regularly review the progress I am making towards my goals.

I reinforce my goals with regular affirming and visualizing.

I replace my wishful thinking with specific, detailed goals and a workable action plan.

I replace undefined, vague goals with specific, detailed objectives and action plans.

I replace vague wishes and desires with specific, detailed goals.

I review and modify my goals regularly.

I review my goals daily and modify them as required.

I review my goals each and every day.

I review my short-term goals every day.

I set detailed goals and see them through to completion.

I set goals that challenge and stretch my potential.

I set inspiring but realistic goals.

I set inspiring goals for every area of my life.

I set my goals in writing, and act towards their attainment every day.

I set specific time periods for achieving my goals.

I take dynamic action towards my goal every day.

I think big and achieve big.

I turn wishes into goals.

My actions are always aligned with my goals.

My confidence in achieving my goals increases daily.

My daily routine totally supports my goals.

My dedication to goal-setting improves every aspect of my life.

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it up into small jobs." - Henry Ford

My desire to reach my goal grows stronger and stronger each day.

My goals are all specific, dated and prioritized.

My goal is always clearly focused in my mind and is reflected in all that I do.

My goals are committed to memory.

My goals compliment all areas of my life.

My goals are fulfilling and fruitful.

My goals are positive and inspiring.

My goals are written down and I review them regularly.

My goals excite and energize me.

My goals fill me with excitement and motivation.

My goals fuel my determination.

My life goals are in perfect alignment.

My life goals are very important to me, and I take daily actions towards accomplishing them.

My life unfolds according to the goals I set.

My thoughts and actions are always on my goals.

My thoughts and actions are always on my goals.

My To Do list is complete daily.

The actions I take sustain my goals 100%.

The decisions I make in my life support my goals 100%.

The more I think about achieving my goals, the firmer they become.

Through daily planning I move unerringly towards my goals.

Today I am one day closer to my dream.

Today I am pursuing my childhood dreams.

Today I take major steps towards...

Today I take major steps towards my goal.

Whenever I set a definite goal, I take immediate action towards its attainment.

With energy and focus, I achieve every goal I set for myself.

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