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I came to the sad realization yesterday that many people still hold the belief that being wealthy or prosperous is a negative thing. I searched for over an hour on the internet, trying to find 'positive' quotations for this section and, instead, found an abundance of negative aphorisms and warnings. Prosperity is, apparently, only lauded by self-improvement fans.

This is, in my thinking, a dangerous attitude. In modern society, the ability to make money - to earn an income in exchange for some personal labour - ultimately affects an individual's self worth. Perhaps to counteract this problem, negative beliefs about acquiring money were created to allow people to feel more comfortable with financial lack.

The only way to create wealth is to think, feel, and act wealthy. One must have a healthy wealth consciousness before wealth can be created. No one can be financially prosperous if they believe that it is somehow more admirable to be poor.

A calm, secure feeling of prosperity fills my mind.

All my investments are enormously successful.

As I associate with wealth-minded people, my own prosperity increases.

As I develop a wealth consciousness, my prosperity increases accordingly.

As I follow my bliss, wealth and prosperity follow me.

As I practice prosperity thinking, my finances improve rapidly.

As my service to others increases, so does my wealth.

Being prosperous gives me the ability to support causes that I care about.

Being prosperous is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Being wealthy gives me unlimited options in my life.

Being wealthy is my birthright, and I claim that right now.

Being wealthy is my inherent right and I claim that right today.

By being wealth-minded, true abundance blesses my life.

Creating wealth is now an natural part of my being.

Every action I take moves me towards greater financial freedom.

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Every day brings me increased wealth.

Every day brings more opportunities for wealth and abundance.

Every day I am creating more wealth in my life.

Every day I am gaining greater financial independence.

Every day I attract more wealth-creating opportunities.

Every day I discover new ways to bring more wealth in my life.

Every day I exercise an attitude of prosperity.

Every day I exercise thoughts of prosperity and abundance.

Every day I give thanks for all the wealth in my life.

Every day I practice feeling wealthy.

Every day I practice the feeling of financial freedom.

Every day I take positive action towards the creation of wealth.

Every day I visualize myself creating more and more wealth.

Every day in every way I am getting wealthier and wealthier.

Every day, the work I do creates more and more wealth for myself and others.

Every day I practice the feeling of being a millionaire.

Every moment of every day I am becoming wealthier and wealthier.

Every new project I develop creates more prosperity for myself and for others.

Every positive thought I have adds to my prosperity consciousness.

Everyone I meet prospers with me.

Everything I do attracts more prosperity in to my life.

Everything I do returns to me as prosperity.

Everything I touch turns to gold.

Financial abundance is now mine.

Financial freedom is mine for the asking.

Financial growth is a natural part of my life.

I accept total financial freedom for myself and my family.

I allow financial abundance to flow freely in my life.

I always project a prosperous self image.

I always travel first class.

I am a channel for the infinite abundance in the universe.

I am a multi-millionaire.

I am a powerful prosperity magnet.

I am a self-made millionaire.

I am a wealth magnet.

I am an incredibly capable person with all the ability I need to create great wealth in my life.

I am as worthy of financial wealth as anyone else.

I am constantly thinking of new ways to create wealth.

I am creating new venues to wealth for myself and others every day.

I am dedicated to creating wealth in my life.

I am exceedingly wealthy and happy.

I am financially independent.

I am financially self-sufficient.

I am financially well off, and love sharing this wealth with others.

I am increasing my financial independence every day.

I am living my dream of being a millionaire right now.

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I am now open to ever-increasing prosperity.

I am now open to receive the financial abundance I desire.

I am open to receiving prosperity now.

I am passionate about building a life of financial freedom.

I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I am so happy and grateful for the financial freedom I now have.

I am surrounded by an ocean of wealth and I draw from this ocean all that I need.

I am totally confident in my ability to create financial prosperity.

I am traveling the road to riches.

I am very comfortable earning large sums of money.

I am wealthier and wealthier every day.

I am wealth-minded and only entertain prosperous thoughts.

I attract prosperity into my life with every positive thought and action.

I choose to be financially abundant.

I choose to live my life feeling wealthy and prosperous.

I constantly think of new possibilities for building wealth.

I combine intelligent thought with personal action to create new wealth and success in my life.

I create abundant wealth in honor of the Universal Force that is within me.

I create wealth for everyone in my life.

I deserve and willingly accept the abundant wealth of the universe.

I deserve to be wealthy and prosperous.

I easily afford everything I desire and need.

I easily afford the luxuries of life.

I easily and naturally attract all the wealth I desire.

I easily recognize viable wealth building opportunities.

I easily recognize wealth building opportunities as they appear.

I expect and accept abundant wealth in my life.

I feel like a million dollars.

I feel positively prosperous today.

I focus my mind on prosperity, and prosperity appears in my life.

I go first class all the way.

I gratefully accept prosperity and abundance into my life.

I have a natural ability to attract great wealth into my life.

I have all the resources I need right now to become a millionaire.

I have the ability to create all the wealth that I want to create.

I have the ability to create wealth right here, right now.

I help other people increase their wealth, and this increases mine as well.

I increase my wealth by improving the lives of others.

I know exactly what it feels like to be wealthy, because I am wealthy every day.

I know that great wealth and abundance is coming to me now.

I know that my desire for wealth is in perfect accordance with the universe’s expectations of me.

I know that there are infinite opportunities for creating wealth in my life.

I know that there is more than enough wealth for everyone to enjoy.

I live in a universe of overflowing and infinite abundance for all who desire it.

I look forward to receiving my share of wealth today.

I look, act and feel wealthy at all times.

I love being rich!

I love sharing my abundant wealth.

I love the freedom that being wealthy brings, and live this feeling every day.

I make prosperity a constant state of mind.

I make wise financial decisions.

I now create wealth quickly and effortlessly.

I now draw upon nature’s inexhaustible storehouse of riches.

I now see a clearly defined mental picture of the wealth I desire.

I now take immediate action to consistently increase my wealth.

I practice being rich all day, every day.

I practice the feeling of prosperity every day.

I practice the feeling of wealth and prosperity throughout my day.

I radiate wealth and prosperity.

I recognize viable wealth-building opportunities as they appear.

I rejoice in the knowledge that my financial freedom is but a thought away.

I see limitless opportunities for increasing my wealth.

I see wealth-creating opportunities wherever I go.

I set and achieve my financial goals with ease.

I share my wealth freely with those around me.

I think like a millionaire, and consistently produce results.

I think wealthy thoughts at all times.

I think, feel, and act wealthy at all times.

I use my imagination to create new wealth in my life.

I use my wealth and prosperity wisely.

I welcome the wealth that is my birthright.

I willingly and eagerly release all limiting beliefs I have about wealth.

I willingly release all barriers to financial freedom.

Incredible wealth and power are available to me at all times.

It feels marvelous to be financially independent.

It is my birthright to bring wealth and prosperity into my life.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited prosperity.

It is such an amazing feeling to be financially independent.

It is the universal right of everyone to be wealthy.

It is the universe’s desire that I know financial freedom.

Large sums of money come to me on a regular basis.

It is universe’s desire that I be prosperous.

My ceaseless passion is now creating new wealth for me and others around me.

My constant thoughts of abundance create great wealth in my life.

My financial standing is rising exponentially.

My financial success is guaranteed because I only think and act with wealth in mind.

My million-dollar idea is on its way.

My mind embraces financial prosperity.

My outstanding energy and passion creates new wealth in my life every day.

My prosperity consciousness is limitless.

My wealth consciousness expands every day.

My wealth consciousness is my blueprint for prosperity.

My wealth contributes to the prosperity of others.

My wealth increases daily.

My wealth increases exponentially every day.

New channels for making wealth are presented to me daily.

New channels for wealth open to me daily.

New prosperity channels come into my life regularly.

New wealth is constantly flowing into my life.

New wealth is flowing into my life every day.

Opportunities for prosperity flow into my life every day.

Prosperity flows freely to me because I am doing what I love.

Prosperity flows to me and through me every day.

Prosperous opportunities come to me daily.

Riches flow into my life every day.

The more wealth I receive, the more I have to share with others.

The riches of the universe come easily to me.

The universe is prosperous and abundant, and so am I.

There is more than enough wealth in this universe for anyone who truly desires it.

There is no limit to the amount of prosperity in can realize in my life.

Through my thoughts, I now produce tangible avenues of wealth for myself.

Through the power of intention, I effortlessly attract all the wealth I desire.

Today I accept the possibility of experiencing total financial freedom.

Unlimited opportunities to create wealth present themselves to me daily.

Wealth and prosperity continuously flow into my life.

Wealth circulates freely in my life.

Wealth is my birthright, and I claim it now.

With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater wealth into my life.

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