HEALING Affirmations

HEALING Affirmations

Affirmations similar to HEALING - HEALTHY BODY, HEALTH and WELL-BEING
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All accidental injuries to my body heal rapidly.

All bacteria I encounter are instantly nullified by my amazing immune system.

All physical discomfort is now leaving my body.

All the cells in my body are returning to their perfect original blueprint.

All viruses I encounter are instantly nullified by my amazing immune system.

An aura of perfect well-being surrounds and infuses my being.

As I relax, healing energies flow freely through my body.

As I take control of my mind, I also take control of my body.

As my positive belief grows, my health returns.

At night when I sleep, the healing powers of my body are magnified.

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Divine energy now heals my body.

Divine healing energy is flowing through my body.

Each day my eyesight improves.

Each day my health improves immensely.

Every breath I take brings me greater health and vitality.

Every cell in my body is moving towards radiant health.

Every day brings me improved health.

Every day brings me increased health and well-being.

Every day I am getting healthier and stronger.

Every day I feel my body becoming healthier and stronger.

Every day I visualize perfect health and well-being entering my body.

Every moment of every day I am becoming healthier and healthier.

Healing energy courses through my body.

Healing energy flows through every cell in my body.

Healing energy is flowing through all the cells of my body.

I accept pain as my body’s way of telling me that it is healing.

I accept that every cell in my body knows how to heal itself.

I accept that perfect health is natural.

I allow my body to manifest perfect health.

I allow my inner light to completely heal my body and mind.

I allow the healing energy of the universe to flow through my entire body.

I am a full receiver of the healing energy of the universe.

I am forever grateful for my body’s ability to heal itself.

I am free from all pain.

I am getting better and better every day.

I am grateful for the well being that flows through me every day.

I am immensely grateful for my healing.

I am in control of my health and wellness.

I am my own best doctor.

I am one with the healing forces of the universe.

I am the healing force in my life.

I am the main source of my healing.

I am the source of all my health and well-being.

I am whole and well.

I ask for, and receive, perfect physical health.

I choose to be healthy every day of my life.

I choose to live in perfect health.

I deeply respect my body’s natural healing ability.

I easily bounce back from minor illnesses.

I feel better and better every day.

I feel healthier and stronger each and every day.

I find the perfect medical treatment for my needs.

I follow my doctor’s instructions and believe in my healing.

I free myself from all attachments to allergies.

I give immense gratitude for my daily healing.

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I give myself all the healing thoughts I deserve.

I give myself permission to feel good right now.

I give myself the time and space to heal.

I grow stronger and healthier every day.

I have found the perfect doctor for me.

I have improved my eyesight through regular care and exercise.

I have instant access to the healing powers of the universe.

I have the power to improve my health.

I heal very rapidly.

I instruct my subconscious mind to create a healing dream every night.

I know all disease is curable through positive thought and belief.

I know good health is my natural state.

I know that if I ask the universe for well-being, it will be provided.

I know that my body wants health as much as I do.

I know that my thoughts determine my physical health.

I make my well-being my highest priority in life.

I no longer need prescription drugs to improve my health.

I now direct my subconscious mind to heal my body quickly.

I open myself to the healing powers of Higher Self.

I overcome illness rapidly.

I put total trust in the healing power of my positive thoughts.

I recover quickly from illness.

I send thoughts of healing and love to my body today.

I summon the healing powers of my body now.

I use my mind to return my body to perfect health.

I use the power of thought to direct my body to be perfect in every way.

I visualize myself healthy every day.

I walk in healing energy wherever I go.

I'm on the road to perfect health.

Infinite Intelligence is in every atom and cell of my body and it restores me to wholeness.

It is my divine right to be healthy and happy.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day in perfect health.

It is my right to be healthy and strong.

My (body organ) is in perfect working order.

My (body part) is flexible and strong.

My (body part) is strong and healthy.

My (body) system is working perfectly.

My (condition) improves daily.

My (condition) is fading away every day.

My blood pressure is healthy and normal.

My body absorbs healing energy from the universe.

My body and all its organs are quickly returning to perfect health and vitality.

My body contains every substance it requires for perfect health.

My body eliminates all toxins quickly and easily.

My body expels toxins with ease.

My body feels better and better every day.

My body guides me towards perfect health.

My body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself.

My body heals itself while I sleep.

My body heals quickly and easily.

My body is now restoring itself to health.

My body is permeated with the healing energy of the universe.

My body is recovering amazingly fast.

My body repairs and heals itself quickly.

My breathing improves every day.

My cholesterol level is healthy and normal.

My circulation improves every day.

My eyesight improves daily.

My health improves immensely every day.

My health, energy and vitality increases every day.

My immune system easily handles all foreign bodies that it encounters.

My mind focuses only on perfect health and well-being.

My natural healing ability grows stronger every day.

My new positive attitude brings me optimal health.

My stay in the hospital is brief and enjoyable.

Natural healing is an ongoing process in my body.

Peaceful meditation has a therapeutic effect on my healing.

Perfect faith brings me returning health.

Perfect healing energy flows through my entire body.

The power of my love and belief heals my body.

The Universal Force is in every cell of my body and easily restores me to wholeness.

Today I allow my body to move towards perfect health.

Today I bless my being with infinite health.

Today I release all notions of illness from my being.

Today I release the need to hold onto all illness.

Today I summon healing energy into my life.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more well-being into my life.

With every breath I take, I am getter healthier and stronger.

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