PROACTIVE Affirmations

PROACTIVE Affirmations

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Because I have a plan, I am able to manage all situations to my best advantage.

Every day I take positive action towards my goals.

Every night I take time to plan the next day.

Every positive action I take leads to greater and greater success.

Every week I review my goals and adjust my action plan accordingly.

Everything I do has a positive influence on my future.

I act on all inspirations as they are received.

I act purposefully and make things happen.

I act right now like the person I dream of becoming.

I adjust and improve my action plan at every opportunity.

I always act with the assurance that I am prepared for anything.

I always know what all my options are.

I always know what needs to be done, and get to it right away.

I always take action when needed.

I aim my sights high and follow through with immediate action.

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I am all set to go!

I am always motivated to take positive action.

I am always prepared.

I am always prepared for every contingency.

I am always prepared for the unexpected.

I am always prepared for whatever lies ahead.

I am always ready to jump into action.

I am inspired to take action every day.

I am making the most pro-active use of my time right now.

I am prepared and ready to get to work.

I am prepared for any and all difficulties that arise today.

I am prepared for any obstacles which attempt to block my progress.

I am prepared for any problems which may arise.

I am productive at all times.

I am ready for anything life dishes out.

I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my dream a reality.

I am ready to tackle any issue that arises today.

I am ready to take on all challenges today.

I am ready to take on any obstacles that arise.

I am successful because I get things done.

I begin every task by thinking of new and better ways to accomplish it.

I constantly do those things that improve my odds of winning.

I constantly make wise decisions and choices.

I continually look for ways to accomplish more each day.

I control my future by the positive choices I make today.

I dictate my future by the positive actions I take today.

I don’t wait for things to happen - I make them happen!

I eagerly anticipate the outcomes of my positive actions.

I easily avoid stressful situations because I take the time to plan things out.

I employ all situations to the advantage of my goals.

I enjoy doing things now.

I ensure that I take daily action towards my goals.

I focus on the best, strive for the best, and expect the best.

I get things done.

I have a contingency plan ready to deal with all obstacles that attempt to block my progress.

I have a detailed action plan and follow it daily.

I have more time in my life because I control my schedule.

I have planned for all contingencies.

I have the power to choose how I respond to everything that comes into my life.

I have the power to take action towards my goals.

I intend to live my life by choice, not chance.

I know that being prepared saves me immense time and energy.

I know that doors only open when I step up to them and knock.

I know that it takes action to change one’s life.

I know that results are but a positive action away.

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I know that taking purposeful action is the only way to move forward.

I know that the only time for action is the present.

I know that there are always actions I can take to make things better.

I love finding more efficient ways to do things.

I make constructive decisions because I always know where I am going.

I make things happen.

I make wise decisions whenever required.

I may not know what is right for me yet, but I am starting now by eliminating what's wrong.

I plan and prepare for all possibilities.

I plan for the unexpected.

I plan my actions now so that I am fully ready to seize the day.

I prepare for the worst-case scenario but always expect the best.

I prepare myself now so that I am fully ready to meet every challenge that arises.

I react to life’s issues with wisdom and insight.

I review and revise my action plan as needed.

I schedule empty spaces in my day so that I can be spontaneous and enjoy life.

I take action towards my goals daily.

I take decisive action because I am focused in the present at all time.

I take positive action every day towards the fulfillment of my dreams.

I take positive actions every day to move closer to my dream.

I take the initiative in difficult business situations.

I talk less and do more.

I think less and take action more.

I transform my thoughts into reality by taking positive action.

I use aromatherapy oils to enhance whatever mindset I require.

My daily positive actions move me closer and closer to my dream.

My positive thoughts fill my life with positive action.

Right now I am doing exactly what needs to be done.

Through daily planning, I move unerringly towards my goals.

Through intelligent action, I now create the circumstances I desire.

Today I am ready for whatever happens.

Today I bless my being with perfect foresight.

When something needs to be done, I do it.

When the impulse is there, I act!

When things need doing, I get down to business.

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