CALM and RELAXED Affirmations

CALM and RELAXED Affirmations

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A quiet mind oversees everything I do.

All my muscles are becoming more and more relaxed.

All negativity is evaporating from my body and my mind.

All the muscles in my body are releasing and relaxing.

All the muscles in my body relax and let go.

As I relax my body immediately feels better.

Being calm and centered is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Being calm and relaxed energizes my whole being.

Calmness washes over me with every deep breath I take.

Every breath I take fills me with harmony and peace.

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Every day I allow myself a few moments just to be.

Every day I am more and more at ease.

Every day I set aside a little time to do absolutely nothing.

Every fiber of my being is relaxed.

Every moment of every day I am becoming calmer and calmer.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more centered.

Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more relaxed.

I accept all things with a peaceful spirit.

I allow all negative emotions to quickly and quietly evaporate.

I allow myself to feel complete peace right now.

I allow peace and joy to exist in all areas of my life.

I allow time for leisure and renewal.

I am able to relax deeply whenever I wish.

I am at peace with all people in my life.

I am at peace with everyone in my life.

I am at peace with my past.

I am at peace with myself and my life.

I am at peace with the world around me.

I am at peace with the universe.

I am calm and composed at all times.

I am calm and relaxed in all situations.

I am cool, calm and in control.

I am calm, relaxed, and in control.

I am content with every aspect of my life.

I am cool, calm and collected.

I am feeling more peaceful every day.

I am immune to stress.

I am in total control in stressful situations.

I am in total harmony with my surroundings.

I am organized, relaxed, and in control of my life.

I am peaceful, calm, and happy.

I am peaceful, relaxed, and centered.

I am perfectly content with my life.

I am relaxed and energized at all time.

I am taking a calmer and more relaxed approach to life.

I am totally serene in all situations.

I am truly at peace with myself.

I begin each day with renewed peace of mind.

I believe that all people deserve a peaceful and loving life.

I breathe out all stress and apprehension, and breathe in complete peace and well-being.

I call forth peace and tranquility whenever needed.

I can feel the tranquility in every moment.

I can quiet my mind at will.

I cherish my private time alone.

I choose to experience life calmly and peacefully.

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I commit myself to developing the highest level of peace in my life.

I dissolve all tensions and worries while I relax.

I easily avoid all impending conflicts.

I easily connect with my inner peace whenever I desire.

I easily let go of all problems and worries.

I easily lower my stress levels by listening to the sounds of nature.

I easily neutralize potential conflicts.

I easily relax at the end of a busy day.

I easily relax my body by letting go of all negative thoughts and emotions.

I easily release any negative tensions from my body.

I eliminate all stress from my life because my health and well-being is far more important.

I enjoy a peaceful and harmonious environment.

I ensure that my muscles are relaxed as often as possible.

I feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day.

I feel completely calm and peaceful today.

I feel incredibly calm and relaxed.

I feel more and more relaxed every second.

I feel more contented every day.

I feel relaxed and at peace within myself.

I feel totally relaxed and calm about the way my life is unfolding.

I give my stress wings and let it fly away.

I handle all situations in a calm and relaxed manner.

I handle all situations with patience and composure.

I handle conflicts calmly and peacefully.

I handle every conflict with grace and composure.

I handle life’s issues with a relaxed mind and body.

I have great peace of mind.

I have my own private sanctuary which I visit regularly.

I have my own private sanctuary where I can unwind and relax.

I have profound inner peace and serenity.

I go with the flow.

I keep calm through all that life presents to me.

I keep calm, cool and composed under pressure.

I keep peace in my heart, no matter what happens around me.

I know how to calm by mind and my body.

I know when to speed up and when to slow down.

I know when to take time out to unwind.

I leave for work early enough to arrive calm and composed.

I let all tensions drift far away.

I let my muscles completely relax.

I live a peaceful life.

I maintain a calm, peaceful center at all times.

I maintain my calm with inner peace and strength.

I maintain my inner calm in the midst of chaos.

I make people feel at ease, because I am always at ease.

I now let peace surround and protect me.

I now release all feelings of stress.

I protect my body from stress by thinking calm, peaceful thoughts.

I quickly release all anxiety as and when it arises.

I radiate great composure and serenity in every situation.

I regularly take time out to relax.

I relax and fully experience life.

I relax with ease whenever the need arises.

I relax, release all my worries, and return to this moment revitalized.

I remain calm and composed - regardless of the situation.

I remain calm and centered when drama surrounds me.

I remain calm and positive in difficult situations.

I remain cool, calm and in control at all times.

I remain relaxed when drama surrounds me.

I respond to stressful situations with cool composure.

I soothe my nerves by releasing all mental tensions.

I spend time in nature to calm and refresh my soul.

I stay calm and centered no matter what happens.

I stay calm under pressure.

I stay in control, regardless of the circumstances.

I stay relaxed and composed in the face of conflict.

I take short restful breaks whenever I feel fatigued.

I take the time to chill out every day.

I take time out to relax each day.

I throw my cares to the wind.

I unwind easily at the end of a busy day.

I unwind in a warm, peaceful bath.

I visualize peaceful experiences in my life.

I willingly release all tension in my body.

Inner peace allows me to accept whatever life throws my way.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day in perfect serenity.

Let others sweat the small stuff... I am calm, cool and collected.

My body is completely at ease.

My calmness instills peacefulness in others.

My deep sense of calm comforts everyone I meet.

My inner peace allows me to handle any stressful situations that arise.

My inner peace and sanctity are unshakable.

My life is blessed with infinite moments of peace and harmony.

My life is peaceful and orderly.

My mind I always clear and relaxed.

My mind is at peace.

My mind is filled with peaceful thoughts.

My mind is my sanctuary.

My mind is peaceful throughout the day.

My mind is relaxed and centered.

My mind is calm and quiet.

My peacefulness protects me from external pressures.

My vacations are always rejuvenating.

My world is a relaxing and peaceful place.

No matter what is happening in my life, peace is always within me.

No matter what life throws at me, I remain calm and composed.

Peace surrounds me at all times.

Peaceful thoughts dominate my consciousness.

Perfect relaxation flows through my entire being.

Serenity fills my entire being.

The more I relax, the more contented I feel.

The pressures of the day dissolve when I arrive home.

There is a peace within me that permeates every part of my body.

Throughout the day, I relax any muscular tension in my body.

To others, I appear to have all the time in the world.

Today I bless my being with total serenity.

Today I do whatever is necessary to bring harmony into my life.

Total calm and contentment fill every cell of my being.

Whenever I am stressed, I stop and release any corresponding tension in my body.

Whenever I visualize tranquility, my body automatically relaxes.

With each deep breath I take, I am becoming more and more relaxed.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more peace into my life.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more serenity into my life.

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