The Affirm Your Life APP

Tap into the power of Positive

The Affirm Your Life APP offers more content and more inspiration than any other affirmation APP available today!

Over 2450 unique, full-color pages of affirmations, quotations, tips & tricks, and inspiration!

There's never been an easier,
more empowering way to Affirm Your Life.

Over 1950 unique affirmation screens!

More than 950 pages of tips, tricks and inspiration!

  • A huge selection of over 2450 unique, full-color affirmation and inspiration pages!
  • Full-featured APP supporting Favorites, Slideshow, Alerts, Reminders and Sharing!
  • All affirmations live on your device, no internet connection required!
  • Over 1950 inspiring affirmations, written by an affirmation expert.
  • Huge selection of affirmation subjects to choose from!
  • Comprehensive 'how-to' section provides detailed information on writing and using affirmations!
  • 100's of little-known TIPS and TRICKS to help make your affirmations even more powerful!
  • 100's of empowering questions and thought-provoking facts to help keep you on track.
  • Full of inspiring quotations to keep you motivated towards your goals! If you're looking for inspiration, the Affirm Your Life App has it in spades!
  • Lots of BONUS pages on related subjects, including: visualizing, using the Law of Attraction, setting goals, combating negative self-talk, and increasing motivation.
  • Easy navigation makes it simple to find the affirmations you're after.
  • REMINDERS function provides you with affirmations at a regular frequency throughout the day.
  • ALERTS function allows you to set any pages for a specific time of day ... a great way to have your affirmation goals appear when needed!
  • Many alert and reminder sounds to choose from.
  • SHARE pages with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and more!
  • SAVE pages to your Photo Library for use as wallpapers or to send by SMS.
  • PRINT pages for use as affirmation cards - a great way to create visual reminders around your home or workplace, to decorate your vision board or vision journal!
  • SLIDESHOW function allows you to progress through content in order or randomly, creating motivating, hands-free affirmation sessions!
  • More content and features on the way!

New to affirming? We have an in-depth How-To section which will make you a master in no time. Even if you've been affirming for years, you will appreciate the helpful tips and tricks, and motivational quotes... not to mention being able to print off any of the 2450+ screenshots to use as affirmation cards or as visual reminders around your house.

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And with the Affirm Your Life APP you will always remember to affirm what's most important to you. Set up your favorites as reminders throughout the day. or set any page as a specific time-based alert.

You can even play them as a slideshow! Sit your iPhone in a charging dock or stand next to your computer, and get the benefit of your affirmations even while you're hard at work!

There's never been an easier, more empowering way to Affirm Your Life! 

"The best $2.99 purchase you will ever make!"



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