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Affirmations and meditation just seem to go together.

For basic breath meditations, it’s best to keep the affirmations short. This way they will be easy to remember and you won’t run out of breath while repeating them. Be sure to keep the words positive and in the present tense. Say the affirmation silently to yourself with each intake of breath. And with each exhalation, feel the increasing serenity that your chosen affirmation brings.

Simple and effective meditations can be created using affirmations of release and acceptance.

I release tension … and accept tranquility.
I let go of all anger … and welcome complete serenity.
I give away sadness … and receive bliss.
I exhale worry … and inhale peace.
I breathe out hate … and breath in love.

You can also choose a few simple words to use as a mantra while meditating. My personal favourites are: “Return to source.” and “Energize me.”

As I relax in my mind, I relax in my body.

As I relax in silent meditation all the muscles of my body let go.

As I relax, my body and mind begin to merge as one.

By being still and quiet, I discover my inner wisdom.

By quieting my mind, I allow answers to arise from within.

Every day I spend time in quiet meditation to rejuvenate my entire being.

Every day I take time to listen to the quiet voice within me.

Every moment I spend in quiet contemplation brings welcomed balance into my life.

I allow myself special time for contemplation.

I allow myself to rest whenever my body expresses the need.

I am able to relax my body at any time.

I am connected to a higher intelligence that speaks to me when I meditate.

I am willing to spend time each day being quiet and still.

I bring forth the quality of calm and well-being my nurturing my inner being.

I cherish every opportunity to enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation.

I communicate with the Universal Force daily.

I connect with my inner wisdom daily by taking the time to quiet my mind.

I contemplate the wonders of life daily.

I create time and space to meditate every day.

I easily achieve a state of absolute relaxation.

I easily let go of tension and tightness in my body.

I easily let go of tension and tightness in my body.

I emerge from meditation with renewed energy and inspiration.

I enjoy spending time in quietude.

I feed my soul daily by through the practice of quiet meditation.

I feel empowered and refreshed after meditation.

I find time each day to simply be.

I find time to meditate every day.

I have the ability to quiet my thinking mind.

I know that meditation is a retreat into reality.

I look forward to my daily meditation.

I love spending quiet time in my inner sanctuary.

I make inner quietude a daily habit.

I make time every day for quiet meditation.

I meditate daily to reacquaint myself with my true being.

I meditate every morning before I start my day.

I play many roles in life, but the most important one is when I play none.

I practice quiet meditation to recharge my mind and my life.

I receive perfect guidance through daily meditation.

I regularly find time for solitude and stillness.

I rejuvenate my being in the peacefulness of my inner sanctuary.

I rise early so that I can enjoy the silent sanctuary of meditation.

I sit in silent meditation as a gesture of respect to my inner being.

I spend time each day reflecting on things.

I spend time on my birthday to reflect on my life with immense gratitude.

I take time every day to commune with my inner being.

I take time to be alone, reflect, and enjoy the quiet.

I take time to rejuvenate myself in silence.

I use meditation to connect with the eternal wisdom within my being.

I use meditation to discover my true self within.

I use repetitive tasks to focus my being inwards.

I visit my quiet inner sanctuary ever day.

In quietude, I converse with the gods.

In the stillness of thought, I hear the wisdom of my heart.

Meditating energizes my whole being.

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Meditating rejuvenates my mind.

Meditation allows me to tap into the unlimited potential of the universe.

Meditation brings me closer to my creative self.

Meditation gives me renewed energy and insight.

Meditation helps me approach life with more energy and peace.

Meditation helps me clear my mind of negative chatter and fill it with thoughts of love and abundance.

Meditation helps me develop lightness of being and a harmonious life.

Meditation helps me to get in touch with my rich inner resources.

Meditation lets me approach my life with a lighter, calmer heart.

Meditation lets me know the invisible me.

My breathing is relaxed and easy.

My day runs more smoothly when I take the time for quiet contemplation.

My inner sanctuary is always there when I need it.

My inner space is my power space.

My quiet mind is a peaceful sanctuary that I can visit any time.

My quiet mind is as important as my thinking mind.

Practicing quiet contemplation helps me align with my true purpose.

Practicing quiet meditation helps me meet challenges with a more relaxed mind.

Quiet meditation brings harmony to my work and my home.

Quiet meditation enriches my life in ways that no material objects can.

Quiet meditation revitalizes my body and refreshes my spirit.

Quiet stillness fills my being now.

Quietude is a gift I give my being each day.

Silent meditation allows me to reunite with my soul.

Taking time to be quiet and stop my thinking is one of the best gifts I give myself.

The silence of meditation helps me to reconnect with my soul.

Through daily meditation I discover my true self within.

Through meditation, I peacefully rejoin my true inner being.

Through meditation, I hear the whispers of my soul.

Through meditation, I open myself to inner joy and knowledge.

Through quiet contemplation I…

Through quiet meditation I allow my being to return to source.

Through quiet meditation, I discover my strengths and talents.

Through quiet meditation, I discover my true purpose in life.

Through quiet meditation, I discover my body's innate ability to be whole and well.

Through silent meditation I…

Today I am allowing time for the healing power of meditation in my life.

Today I ignore the ego's mental chatter and instead focus on my quiet voice within.

When I quiet my mind, I easily hear the wisdom of my inner voice.

When my mind and body are still, my spirit reunites with the universal force that is all things.

With every breath I take, I allow my being to return to source.

With every breath I take, I return to my infinite center of being.

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