Fit-Inspired Woman

Fitness Motivation for Women!

Fit-Inspired Woman is guaranteed to get you moving
and keep you motivated to create your dream body!

Over 1700 unique, full-color pages of fitness motivation and inspiration!

All your favorite sayings and quotations!

There's never been an easier,
more empowering way to get your fitness on!

Now available for iPhone!
iPad Retina version to follow shortly,
with an Android version available in a month or so.

Over 1200 motivational Fitness sayings and quotes!

Includes all 365 Reasons to Get Fit!

Plus more than 500 screens of tips, tricks and affirmations!

  • A huge selection of over 1700 unique, full-color motivational fitness screens!
  • Full-featured APP supporting Favorites, Slideshow, Alerts, Reminders and Sharing!
  • All images live on your device, no internet connection required!
  • Over 1200 motivational fitness sayings and quotations!
  • All of Affirm Your Life's "365 Reasons to Get Fit"
  • Over 240 inspiring affirmations, written by an affirmation expert.
  • Over 200 tips, tricks, and fitness alerts to help keep you on track with your fitness goals.
  • Also a 'Where to start' section, providing detailed information on setting goals and increasing motivation.
  • Easy navigation makes it simple to find the images you're looking for.
  • REMINDERS function provides you with fitness motivation at a regular frequency throughout the day.
  • ALERTS function allows you to set any screen for a specific time of day - a great way schedule short fitness breaks or diet reminders!
  • Many alert and reminder sounds to choose from.
  • SHARE pages with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and more!
  • SAVE pages to your Photo Library for use as wallpapers or to send by SMS.
  • SLIDESHOW function allows you to progress through content in order, or randomly, creating motivating, hands-free sessions while you work out!

Need more motivation?
PRINT your favorite screens to create a vision board or vision journal!

There's never been an easier, more motivating way
to get your fitness on!

Fit-Inspired Woman! 

"The best iOS purchase you could make
for 2018!"


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