PROBLEMS Affirmations

PROBLEMS Affirmations

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All difficulties I encounter are quickly broken down into simplicities.

All my problems are solved the minute I accept their solution.

All the answers I require are within my mind.

Answers and solutions are my faithful companions.

As I open my mind, I find the answers I seek.

As I work through a problem, I move closer to my goals.

Asking good questions leads me to good answers.

By focusing on the positive, I easily find the best solutions to problems.

Challenges excite and motivate me.

Challenges stimulate and inspire me.

Divine wisdom provides all the answers to my questions.

Every day brings me new challenges and opportunities.

Every mistake I make brings me greater understanding.

Focusing on positive outcomes helps me find solutions to problems.

I accept any mistakes I make while I am learning.

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I accept that most problems disappear when I stop thinking about them.

I admit my mistakes but then I release them.

I allow myself to make mistakes.

I allow myself to transcend all past errors.

I always find a way to overcome life’s obstacles.

I always look for the positive in any setbacks I encounter.

I always look for win-win solutions.

I am a solutions person.

I am always eager to find creative solutions to life’s problems.

I am always ready to find creative solutions.

I am an excellent problem-solver.

I am grateful for what life’s problems teach me.

I am more than a survivor; I shine when times are difficult.

I am open to looking at my problems from a new perspective.

I am purposefully dismantling all barriers to achieving my goals.

I am ready to confront whatever problems arise today.

I am smarter than any problem.

I am thankful for the many challenges that enable me to grow.

I am totally prepared for any obstacles which may arise.

I appreciate that problems show that I am making progress towards my goal.

I approach problems with a relaxed and open mind.

I ask great questions and get great answers as a result.

I ask questions and the universe provides the answers.

I believe that all challenges bring opportunities.

I believe that all problems are only as big as you imagine them to be.

I can solve anything with the aid of the Universal Force.

I confidently clear every obstacle in my path.

I confront all problems with great enthusiasm to conquer them.

I confront and conquer all obstacles in my way.

I count on my subconscious mind to help me solve any problems that arise.

I do my work confidently and find creative solutions to any problems that arise.

I easily circumvent every obstacle in my path.

I easily overcome any setback I encounter.

I eat problems and obstacles for breakfast!

I eliminate the problems in my life just as easily as I created them.

I enjoy finding the humor in my mistakes and appreciate the wisdom they provide.

I ensure that I am more interested in solutions than in problems.

I face all challenges head-on.

I face challenges with a sense of adventure.

I face problems with an eager and open mind.

I find good solutions because I am focused in the present at all times.

I find practical solutions to every problem I encounter.

I focus my attention on the answer, not on the problem.

I focus my mind only on those things I can do something about.

I grant myself complete independence from all past mistakes in my life.

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I greet problems with confidence and resolve.

I handle problems with confidence and resolve.

I have a contingency plan ready to deal with any obstacles that attempt to block my progress.

I have risen above all past faults and mistakes.

I have the perseverance necessary to see all problems through to solutions.

I immediately forgive myself whenever I make a mistake.

I keep my interest and focus on answers and solutions.

I know I can solve any problem that arises.

I know that answers come readily when my mind is calm.

I know that challenges are not only inevitable, but an important part of life.

I know that challenges help me to grow.

I know that every problem contains the seeds of its own solution.

I know that I control the life span of all problems in my life.

I know that most problems disappear when I slow down and relax.

I know that obstacles are essential for self-growth.

I know that perfection is a fallacy, and that making mistakes is how I learn.

I know that serene thought dissolves chaos and welcomes solutions.

I know that the answers to all my problems lie within me.

I know that when I ask great questions, I get great answers.

I know the difference between a problem and an inconvenience.

I laugh at my mistakes, take note of the lesson and cheerfully move on.

I laugh at myself when I stumble, and move forward with renewed energy.

I let go of the need to solve other people’s problems.

I let others work out their own problems.

I like the way I handle problems.

I love how confidently I deal with emergencies.

I love looking at problems from different angles.

I love making molehills out of mountains.

I love the challenge of having a good problem to solve.

I love thinking outside the box.

I love turning obstacles into building blocks.

I make the best of every situation.

I negotiate life's twists and turns with patience and poise.

I only put energy into solving the real problems in my life.

I overcome all barriers to achieving my goals with confidence and ease.

I overcome all crises quickly and confidently.

I overcome obstacles easily.

I present my problems to the universe, and watch attentively for the solutions.

I react to life’s problems with wisdom and insight.

I realize that most of my problems are not worth worrying about.

I remind myself daily that on a cosmic scale, my troubles are insignificant.

I remind myself that it is okay to make mistakes.

I see all setbacks as temporary.

I see beyond the obvious.

I see challenges as the perfect opportunity to become stronger.

I see challenging situations as perfect opportunities to excel.

I see every obstacle as a welcome adventure.

I see humor in my mistakes and cheerfully leave them behind.

I see the hidden lessons in all problems that arise in my life.

I shrink all obstacles to small, surmountable stones.

I solve all problems by listening to my inner voice.

I take mistakes lightly, learn from them, and then move on.

I ‘think different’ as often as possible.

I transform problems into unique opportunities for growth.

I trust that my mind holds all the solutions to my problems.

I trust the universe to put a silver lining in every challenge of my life.

I turn all barriers into bridges.

I turn all obstacles into opportunities.

I turn all problems into new possibilities.

I turn all stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

I turn setbacks into opportunities to revise my plan.

I use lateral thinking to come up with solutions that others miss.

I use my mistakes as great learning experiences.

I use obstacles as stepping stones to success.

I view my problems with a genuine desire to learn from them.

I work out all problems by relying on wisdom of my inner voice.

Letting go of a problem allows my creative mind to work towards a solution.

My job is to stay focused and be ever watchful for the wisdom the universe provides.

My mind is ingenious at finding creative solutions to problems.

My problem-solving abilities are first-rate.

Rather than look outward, I look within to find the answer to my problems.

Solutions come effortlessly and naturally to me.

Tackling problems enables me to expand my being.

Taking short breaks gives my subconscious mind the freedom to solve problems.

The less I struggle against problems, the more energy I have to solve them.

The more I listen, the sooner I discover solutions.

The more questions I ask, the faster the answer appears.

The Universal Force delivers brilliant ideas and solutions whenever I require them.

The universe provides all the solutions to my problems.

There is no problem in my life that it cannot be solved with a fresh perspective.

Today I bless my being with limitless ingenuity.

When I am unsure what to do, I do nothing and the solution comes.

When I focus on solutions, the problems take care of themselves.

When I laugh at my mistakes, I allow myself to learn and move on.

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