BALANCE Affirmations

BALANCE Affirmations

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All areas of my life are harmonious and balanced.

All aspects of my life are in perfect alignment.

All my life goals are in perfect balance.

Every area of my life is in perfect balance.

Every day I achieve greater balance between my thoughts and my actions.

Every day I make the time to work on all of my goals equally.

I always honor my values and this keeps my life in balance.

I always make time in the day for family and friends.

I always make time just to relax.

I always take time for me.

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I am creating a harmonious life.

I am productive in all areas of my life.

I am the perfect balance of femininity and intelligence.

I balance my intellect with my heart, and receive peace, strength, and wisdom in return.

I balance my many roles in life with perfect poise.

I balance my work with my leisure time perfectly.

I commit myself to developing the highest level of balance in my life.

I create harmony in my life by maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I deserve to relax at the end of a busy day.

I easily balance all aspects of my life.

I easily maintain order and harmony in my life.

I effortlessly balance my work and home life.

I enjoy a well balanced lifestyle.

I ensure that I have quality time for family every day.

I ensure that I make quality time just for me.

I ensure that the vibration of my desire is identical to the vibration of my belief in achieving that desire.

I ensure that there is balance in every area of my life.

I fill my leisure time with healthy, enjoyable activities.

I find it easy to say ‘no’ in order to maintain my life balance.

I find the time to honor all areas of my life.

I give all areas in my life equal attention.

I give all aspects of my life equal focus.

I give all parts of my life equal attention.

I have regular breaks, and take evenings and weekends off.

I keep my work at work.

I know that living a balanced life includes taking time to do nothing at all.

I know what my priorities are, and ensure that I give these my daily attention.

I lead a very balanced life.

I live in harmony with all life.

I live in the balance between peace and ambition.

I love living a balanced, harmonious life.

I maintain perfect balance in my life.

I make sure that I get quality ‘me’ time every day.

I make time today to honor all areas of my life.

I regularly review the flow of my life, and make adjustments as required.

I regularly take time off from my business.

I regularly take time off from work.

I rest my mind and body by changing activities throughout the day.

I take regular breaks throughout my day.

I take time out whenever needed.

I take time to play.

It feels fantastic to have all aspects of my life in perfect equilibrium.

It feels great to be creating a more balanced life.

It feels great to have all aspects of my life under control.

Making a living is only one part of my life.

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My day is a perfect equilibrium of reflection, recreation, and resolute purpose.

My immense power and quiet calm support each other perfectly.

My life is a perfect balance of activity and tranquility.

My life is a perfect equilibrium of work, play and rest.

My life is in perfect balance.

My life is most fulfilling when I live its parts in balance.

My life is perfectly balanced because I have a detailed plan which I follow every day.

My mind and my heart are in perfect alignment.

My mind and my heart are in perfect harmony.

My mind is fully alert and my body if fully relaxed.

My physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are all in perfect alignment.

My steadfast values lead me to live a life of harmony and balance.

My vision keeps me focused and ensure equilibrium in my life.

My work and home life are in perfect harmony.

There is balance and order in my life at all times.

There is perfect balance in all areas of my life.

There is perfect equilibrium in my life.

With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater balance into my life.

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