LIFE Affirmations

LIFE Affirmations

Affirmations similar to LIFE- PURPOSE

Day by day I am learning to trust the flow of life.

Everyone deserves to live a good life... including me.

I always see the amusing side of life's dramas.

I am creating my perfect life, one thought at a time.

I am exactly where I want to be in life.

I am excited and passionate about life.

I am forever grateful for my wonderful life.

I am forever learning and love being a student of life.

I am immensely thankful for all the lessons life has taught me.

I am in control of my life.

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I am motivated to live my life to the fullest.

I am so incredibly grateful to be alive!

I am the artist of my life.

I am where I want to be in life.

I celebrate my life today and every day.

I choose to welcome all the good things that life has to offer.

I have great passion for life.

I live an active and fulfilling life.

I live for the moment!

I live for the moments that cannot be put into words.

I look for and welcome the small pleasures of life.

I love being a student of life.

I love being alive!

I love life and I live it with great optimism and enthusiasm.

I move forward in my life with confidence and ease.

I only acknowledge the best in life.

I treasure my life as it is now, and this brings more treasures into my life.

I trust in the process of life.

I trust that my life unfolds in nurturing, empowering ways.

If I'm going to live anyway, why not do it with passion!

It feels so exhilarating to be alive!

Life supports me in every possible way.

Life is a wondrous adventure and I'm loving the ride!

Magical experiences continually bless my life.

My heart is now open to receive all the joy that life has to offer.

My life is a voyage of endless discovery.

My life is abundant and blessed.

My life is immensely rich.

My life is improving in countless wonderful ways.

My life is one perfect moment after another.

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My life is perfect, and I am perfect.

My life is whole and complete.

My life just keeps getting better and better.

My life unfolds at perfect speed.

My love of life is contagious.

My new life starts right now!

My passion for life inspires others.

Peace and happiness bless my life every day.

The more I love life, the more life I have to love.

Today I choose to be aware of the beauty of life.

Today I choose to embrace the simple truths of life.

Today I welcome the simple pleasures of life.

Today life gives me 100 reasons to smile.

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