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IMAGE Affirmations

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All my habits support the image I am creating for myself.

As I improve my appearance, my performance improves as well.

Every day brings me closer to my perfect self-image.

Every day I feel better and better about how I look.

Every day I find new ways to improve my image.

Every day I look for positive ways to improve my image.

Every day I practice being the person I want to become.

Every day I take the time to look and dress for success.

Every day I visualize how I want to look and feel.

Everyone notices and appreciates the ‘new’ me.

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Everything I wear says beauty, freedom, health, prosperity, and happiness.

I act with assurance, confidence and grace.

I always ensure that I look my best.

I always give a fantastic first impression.

I always look and dress the part I wish to portray.

I always look smart and fashionable.

I always present myself in my best light.

I am a cultured and sophisticated.

I am a sharp dresser.

I am beauty and strength combined.

I am determined to look the very best that I can.

I am graceful and poised.

I am overjoyed with the way I see myself now.

I am pleased with how I look.

I am poetry in motion.

I am proud of how I look.

I am the architect of my own self image.

I am the image of success.

I am totally at ease with how I look and dress.

I am unique and have my own personal style.

I buy myself only the best of everything because I deserve the best.

I carry myself with great confidence and poise.

I carry myself with poise and grace.

I constantly work to elevate my self-image.

I dress appropriately for the day’s activities, and am often complimented on how great I look.

I dress attractively and appropriately for my life.

I dress for success.

I ensure that my inner self-image matches the physical image I desire.

I ensure that the image I portray matches the self-image I aspire to.

I feel like a million dollars.

I feel really good about the way I look.

I focus on the way I want to look.

I give myself the care and attention I need.

I have a beautiful luxurious wardrobe.

I have a comfortable and flattering wardrobe.

I have a fantastic sense of fashion.

I have a great sense of style.

I have a new look to match the new improved me.

I have a perfect posture.

I have a positive mental attitude and self-image.

I have a professional and stylish wardrobe.

I have an elegant but casual manner.

I have excellent posture.

I have great posture and carry myself well.

I have great posture and poise.

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I have great style and class.

I have impeccable manners.

I have lots of pretty clothes to wear.

I have now found the perfect wardrobe for my needs.

I know exactly who I want to be and dress the part every day.

I know what clothes look best on me and have a great wardrobe that reflects this.

I look and act like the successful entrepreneur that I am.

I look and dress immaculately.

I look and feel incredibly sexy.

I look and feel like a million dollars.

I look and feel terrific!

I look great and feel fantastic!

I look like a winner and act like a winner at all times.

I love looking professional and prosperous.

I love taking care of the way I look.

I love the new me I see in the mirror.

I love the way my body moves.

I love to spend money to improve my personal image.

I make a remarkable first impression with people.

I make every effort to improve my self-image.

I monitor my posture and re-align as required.

I move with confidence and poise.

I move with poise and grace.

I only buy quality clothes.

I only buy the very best… because I am worth it.

I pay close attention to the way I look and dress.

I radiate confidence and success wherever I go.

I radiate sophistication and grace.

I see myself as exactly the person I want to be.

I set my own fashion that reflects who I truly am.

I take full responsibility for the message my appearance sends to others.

I take good care my personal appearance.

I take the time to ensure that I look my best.

I walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I walk with my head up and shoulders back.

I walk, talk and move with confidence, poise and grace.

I willingly pay extra for quality.

My body is strong and graceful.

My body moves smoothly and easily.

My body moves with great ease and fluidity.

My clothes and accessories make me feel terrific.

My clothes are elegant and smart.

My clothes give me an immense feeling of confidence.

My clothes suit me perfectly and speak volumes about my confidence.

My every act, move, and look expresses the quiet assurance of my success and prosperity.

My favorite accessory is a relaxed, genuine smile.

My personal image speaks wealth and success..

My posture reflects the person I want to become.

My style is casual but sophisticated, and uniquely creative.

My wardrobe is beautiful and comfortable.

My wardrobe is classic and elegant.

My wardrobe matches my positive attitude perfectly.

My wardrobe reflects my values in every way.

My wardrobe reflects the person I aspire to be.

My wardrobe reflects who I am and how I feel.

People are impressed by the professional image I portray.

People constantly remark on how terrific I look.

The clothes I wear are a perfect compliment to my personality.

The clothes I wear help me to feel fantastic.

The way I dress attracts great success.

Today I see a perfect me in the mirror’s reflection.

When I look in the mirror, I am really proud of what I see.

When I walk into a room everyone notices.

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