PERSONALITY Affirmations

PERSONALITY Affirmations

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All of my relationships are fun, friendly and productive.

All my friends say that I am the life of the party.

Every day I embrace my wonderful uniqueness.

Everyone is precious and unique, myself included.

Freedom is mine when I express my individuality.

I allow my splendid uniqueness to shine in the world.

I am a unique expression of life.

I am a unique individual.

I am always myself no matter what company I keep.

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I am charisma made flesh.

I am charismatic and upbeat.

I am charismatic.

I am charming and appealing to others.

I am easy going and fun to be around.

I am forever charming and amiable.

I am great fun to be around.

I am great fun to be with.

I am inquisitive, fun-loving, and spontaneous.

I am my own person.

"Personality is to a man, what perfume is to a flower." - Charles Schwab

I am myself at all times.

I am proud to be different.

I am unique and have my own personal style.

I am very witty.

I connect with others easily.

I dare to be myself at all times.

I embrace my wonderful uniqueness.

I get along well with people.

I give myself enough space to develop my individuality.

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I have a charming personality.

I have a flexible personality.

I have a magnetic personality.

I have a pleasing personality.

I have special gifts and talents that make me unique.

I recognize and am grateful for my individuality.

I see myself as special and unique.

I’m one in a million.

My charming personality draws others to me.

My charming personality draws others towards me.

My charming personality puts everyone at ease.

"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it." - Bruce Lee

My magnetic personality draws others towards me.

My pleasant personality draws others towards me.

My uniqueness is appreciated.

People are naturally attracted to me.

People can tell from looking at me that I am fearlessly living my true potential.

People can tell just from looking at me that I am living the life of my dreams.

People find me enchanting.

People find me fascinating.

People find me fun to be with.

People find me interesting to talk to.

People like being around me.

People love spending time with me.

People see me as a positive personality and force.

Who I am is expressed through my unique personality.

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