SLEEP Affirmations

SLEEP Affirmations

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All the cells of my body are rejuvenated and restored while I sleep.

As I go to sleep, I give thanks for another fantastic day.

As I lay down to sleep, a beautiful sense of deep relaxation fills my body.

As I prepare to fall asleep, I know that my body is beginning a truly miraculous transformation.

As I prepare to fall asleep, I relax in knowing that my mind is at peace,

As I prepare to fall asleep, I willingly release all the stresses of the day.

As soon as my head finds the pillow, I am off into a restful sleep.

Every night I relax through meditation and fall deeply and soundly asleep.

Falling asleep is easy for me. I just turn out the light and drift away.

I always awaken rested and energized.

I always fall asleep quickly.

I always get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed every morning.

I always get the sleep I need.

I always sleep soundly.

I always sleep soundly, no matter where I am.

I always sleep well.

I always think happy thoughts as I am falling asleep.

I am able to fall asleep in minutes.

I am an early riser.

"Fatigue is the best pillow.” - Benjamin Franklin

I am a deep sleeper. Nothing disturbs my slumber.

I am letting the day’s excitement quietly drift away now.

I automatically fall asleep as I count my breaths backwards.

I awake each morning relaxed and refreshed.

I can easily sleep anywhere I am.

I drift off to peaceful sleep with great ease.

I drift off to sleep very quickly.

I fall asleep very fast.

I get up early and retire late.

I give my body all the rest it needs.

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I happily allow myself to fall into a deep and satisfying sleep.

I happily give my body all the rest it needs.

I know exactly how much sleep my body needs to perform perfectly.

I let my body rest whenever it needs it.

I look after myself so well that I require very little sleep.

I love the feeling of surrendering to my dreams.

I love waking up early every day.

I make sure that I get as much sleep as my body needs.

I need very little sleep because I look after myself when awake.

"Don't fight with the pillow, but lay down your head, and kick every worriment out of the bed.” - Edmund Vance Cooke

I never let the events of the day interfere with my sleep.

I only take as much sleep as my body requires to maintain itself.

I regularly have lucid dreams.

I sleep easily and peacefully every night.

I sleep in peace and awake invigorated.

I sleep in tranquility and awaken revived.

I sleep like a baby.

I sleep like a rock.

I sleep soundly and peacefully.

I wake up each morning refreshed and transformed.

I wake up early every day and feel refreshed and alive.

I wake up easily, without an alarm clock.

I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and renewed.

My bed is comfortable and my sleep is restoring.

My bedroom is a sanctuary for sleep.

My body re-energizes itself while I am asleep.

My dreams are always positive.

My dreams are always uplifting.

My dreams are intuitive and enlightening.

My sleep is always restful.

My sleep is filled with positive, inspiring dreams.

"Make rest a necessity, not an objective. Only rest long enough to gather strength.” – Jim Rohn

My sleep is restful and I awake feeling rejuvenated.

Simple relaxation is all I need to do to fall asleep easily.

Six hours sleep is all I need to feel refreshed and alert the next day.

Six hours sleep is all I need to maintain perfect health and focus.

The more I relax, the more sleepy I feel.

Through the night my body transforms me into the person I dream of becoming.

Through the night, my body rebuilds itself according to my original DNA blueprint.

Through the night, my body transforms me into a younger, healthier version of myself.

When I awake, I am filled with optimism and positive well-being.

When I awake, I am full of energy and enthusiasm.

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When I awake, I feel rejuvenated and invigorated.

When I go to bed, I allow my mind to release all negative emotions.

When I go to bed, I fall asleep easily.

When I go to bed, I let my mind and body become completely relaxed.

When I lay down to sleep, I give thanks for another amazing day.

When I lay down to sleep, I reflect on all the good things in my life.

When I lay down to sleep, I think of all the positive things I did today.

When I’m awake, I’m wide awake. When I sleep, I sleep deeply.

When I sleep, my body is healed, restored and filled with energy.

While I sleep, my body repairs and rebuilds itself.

While I sleep, my body rebuilds and regenerates itself with ease.

While I sleep, my body works diligently to remove all toxins from my body.

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