ATTITUDE Affirmations

ATTITUDE Affirmations

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Our beliefs create our life! Our beliefs are the cause of everything we think, say or do. I don’t mean religious beliefs, but those specific truths that we hold about the world, other people, and life in general, and especially those beliefs we hold about ourselves. All these beliefs combine to create our personal self image.

We have thousands of core beliefs that we have been assimilating since the day of our birth. Initially, these beliefs were collected unconsciously – that is, we acquired them from our immediate environment. Many of our beliefs were learned as children. Others have been accepted through personal experience. And some have been intentionally created through conscious, rational thought.

One of the main reasons for permanent self-improvement being so difficult is that people believe that it is their emotions or behaviours that need changing. They try diets, start exercising, take up meditation, write goals, make plans, and in spite of all this, they fall back to old patterns of thinking and doing.

What really needs to be changed is our self image. And the only way to change this is to change the core beliefs that create it.   Also see: Change Your Life… in one word! 

All days are great days in my life!

Each new day brings more joy into my life!

Every day I experience how magnificent life can be.

Every day in my life is better than the day before.

Every day is a perfect day for me.

Everything is super in my life.

I alone control my attitude.

I always see the bright side in life.

I am a high achiever with big dreams.

I am a manifestation of my beliefs about myself, therefore I believe that I am terrific!

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I am a mover and shaker.

I am a radiant being and enjoy life to its fullest.

I am a winner!

I am ambition personified.

I am excited to be here!

I am high on life!

I am impervious to negative attitudes.

I am in a fantastic mood today!

I am in complete control of my life.

I am in it to win it!

I am in my power place wherever I am.

I am irresistible!

I am large and in charge!

I am outstanding!

I am passionate about life!

I am remarkable!

I am responsible for how I react to life.

I am responsible for my own beliefs and attitudes.

I am the embodiment of perfection.

I am the king of my world!

I am the queen of my world!

I am unbeatable!

I am unstoppable!

I can take on anything!

I crackle with energy and magnetism.

I create only the most positive and supportive of experiences.

I do weather with grace, and with a great appreciation for nature’s ways.

I easily keep a positive attitude at all times.

I embrace life!

I endeavor to make each day the best day of my life.

I enjoy the 'doing' as much as the 'finishing'.

I feel absolutely marvelous today!

I feel sensational!

I feel tremendous!

I have a relaxed attitude towards life.

I have abundant charisma.

I have an easygoing attitude about life.

I have the power!

I improve the attitudes of others with my positive and upbeat attitude.

I keep my attitude focused on the beauty and wonder of life.

I keep my positive attitude by giving it to others.

I live life to its fullest!

I live my life with abundant passion.

I love life and it loves me.

I love life!

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I love living my life!

I love sharing my positive attitude with others.

I maintain a positive and healthy attitude at all times.

I maintain a positive attitude at all times.

I nourish my life with my continuing positive attitude.

I protect my positive attitude at all times.

I see all failure as a learning experience.

I see every day as a holiday, and celebrate it accordingly.

I see life as a glorious experience.

I see only the good in myself and others.

I see potential in every person, and opportunities in every situation.

I share my optimistic attitude with everyone I meet.

I take full responsibility for how I react to the circumstances in my life.

I used to be a turkey, but now I’m an eagle!

I’m on top of the world and the view is awesome!

I’m practically perfect in every way!

I’m starting an epidemic of optimism.

I’ve got what it takes!

In my world, everyone wins!

Life is a great adventure and I am enjoying every minute.

Life is an amazing experience!

Life is fantastic!

Life is wonderful!

Life provides me with everything I could ever want.

Look out world – here I come!

My attitude is as solid as a rock.

My favorite apparel is a positive attitude.

My life is dynamic and fun!

My life is excellent!

My life is one magical adventure after another!

My life is perfectly wonderful!

My life is picture perfect!

My life is wonderful!

My life just keeps getting better and better.

My life mirrors my positive attitude.

My new positive attitude allows me to realize all my desires.

My positive attitude brings me great success.

My positive attitude forever propels me towards my goals.

My positive attitude illuminates my being.

My positive attitude infuses everything I do.

My positive attitude infuses all that I do.

My positive attitude is impregnable - all negative energy just bounces off me.

My positive attitude is my favorite garment.

My positive attitude is reflected in my smile.

My positive attitude protects me from the negative words and attitudes of others.

My positive attitude provides all the energy I require.

My positive mind-set repels all things negative in my life.

Nothing can stop me now!

Only those things which I accept come into my life experience.

The only significances in my life are those I give significance to.

The whole world is on my side.

The world is my oyster!

This feels great!

This is going to be fun!

Today I feel absolutely wonderful!

Today I seize the day!

Today is a fantastic day to be alive!

Today is the best day of my life!

When people ask how things are going, I always say ‘Superbly!’

When people ask me how I am, I always say ‘Fantastic!’

When people ask me how I am, I always say ‘Terrific!’

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