How to Create an Affirmation Script


What is an Affirmation Script?

An affirmation script is a set of affirmation statements which are read or spoken, one after the other, in one affirming session. They work best when they all related to one specific goal. An affirmation script is a very useful tool, because it can help guide your subconscious mind, in a logical fashion, from intention to attainment.

Think of an affirmation script as an instruction manual for your subconscious mind - explaining in detail all the personal qualities, beliefs, habits, actions, skills, and resources which you will need in order to reach your goal. Affirming all aspects of a particular goal is much more effective than simply affirming the goal itself.

Whatever you are affirming for, an affirmation script will allow you to:

  1. Include the details that will help your mind clearly visualize your goal
  1. Include all the new beliefs and attitudes you will need to reach your goal
  1. Mix affirmations with varying levels of believability (making your subconscious mind more likely to accept all the affirmations in your script)
  1. Affirm the benefits (giving your subconscious mind concrete reasons to assist you)
  1. Include words that generate the positive emotions that will make your affirmations more powerful
  1. Reinforce the necessary actions you need to take every day
  1. Work up from simple statements of intent to empowering affirmations of attainment

1.  Affirm the details

Include affirmation statements in your script that describe your goal in detail. The more information you can provide, the more effective your affirmations will be. By including specific details, you make it much easier for your mind to visualize the results you want.  Imagine you are giving your subconscious mind a detailed instruction manual. You are saying, "This is exactly what I want you to help me create."
e.g.   My new office is ultra-modern and has a spectacular view, overlooking the harbor.

2.  Affirm new beliefs and attitudes

In order to reach your goal, it is likely that you will need to change some of your beliefs or attitudes about yourself and your capabilities. Within your affirmation script, you should include statements that support these changes.
e.g.   Every day I am learning to be more patient with myself and others.

3.  Increase the believability of your affirmations

You can trick your mind into believing that your goal is achievable by including several affirmations in your script which are 100% acceptable to your subconscious mind. Then simply follow these 'truths' with affirmations that have lower credibility. Your mind will be more open to accepting the latter if you scatter truths among them.
e.g.   The more I exercise my willpower, the stronger it becomes.

4.  Affirm the benefits

By affirming all the benefits that achieving your goal will bring, you are giving your subconscious mind unarguable reasons for assisting you. After all, it's pretty hard to argue with benefits! Affirming the benefits also supports visualization by making it easier for your mind to create clear mental images of just what your goal means to you. And including the benefits will also help to generate positive emotions!  Read more on how to Affirm the Benefits.
e.g.   Meditation helps me approach life with more energy and peace.

5.  Generate positive emotions

Use emotive words in your affirmations. The more positive your affirmations make you feel, the better they will work!   Check out our list of Empowering Words and find some that inspire and motivate you. Then find ways to include them in your affirmation script.
e.g.   It feels so fantastic to finally be debt-free!

6.  Affirm the actions you need to take

You may need to develop new habits in order to reach your goals. Why not support these habits with specific affirmations of 'doing'. What daily activities would help you get from where you are to where you want to be? Make a list, and add them to your affirmation script.
e.g.   Every morning at 6am, I go for a 30-minute jog with my best friend, Max!

7.  Make your script a progression

  • Start off simple. The first line of your affirmation script should state your goal in such a way that it is 100% believable to you. If you find this difficult, try starting with "I believe that I can..."
  • Gradually build up from this with the specific details of your goal. Be specific. Describe exactly what reaching your goal means to you.
  • Emphasize the benefits that achieving your goal will bring. Think beyond the goal itself. Think of all the bonuses you will experience by reaching your goal.
  • Affirm all the new beliefs, attitudes and habits you will need in order to reach your goal.
  • Scattered amongst the above, affirm any positive beliefs, attributes and/or abilities that you already possess, that will help you reach your goal.
  • Read through the script and add words that generate positive emotions.
  • And lastly, end your affirmation script with a powerful proclamation of achievement. Affirm that you now OWN this goal. Make the words you use paint a positive, triumphant picture of success.

Try it just once. You will be amazed at how empowering an affirmation script can be!


Example Affirmation Script for Health and Fitness

I am committed to creating a healthy, fit body!  (INTENTION STATEMENT)

I can easily picture myself at my ideal weight of ___ pounds.  (DETAILS)

My waist measurement is a fantastic ____ inches.  (DETAILS)

Daily fitness has taken years off how I look and feel.  (POSITIVE EMOTIONS)

I am now totally committed to exercise, and the results it brings.  (NEW BELIEFS / ATTITUDES)

Every time I exercise I build more muscle and burn more fat.  (CREDIBILITY)

I feel incredibly powerful and alive when I exercise.  (POSITIVE EMOTIONS)

Every time I work out, my body releases endorphins, which makes me a happier person.  (BENEFITS)
All I need to do to reach my goal is exercise daily and watch what I eat.  (CREDIBILITY)

I love eating foods that are good for my body.  (NEW BELIEFS / ATTITUDES)

I ensure that my calorie intake does not surpass my calorie expenditure.  (ACTIONS)

I keep my meal portions small and nutritious.  (ACTIONS)

Every physical activity I take part in, helps me to reach my ideal weight.  (CREDIBILITY)

I have an exercise schedule that I stick to like glue.  (NEW BELIEFS / ATTITUDES)

Because I work out every day, my energy levels increase rapidly.  (BENEFITS)

I choose walking over driving whenever possible.  (ACTIONS)

Every 30 minutes I spend brisk walking, I burn 130 calories.  (CREDIBILITY)

Every day I get maximum results by increasing the intensity of my workouts.  (NEW BELIEFS / ATTITUDES)

My stamina and strength increase with every step I take.  (CREDIBILITY)

I love the way my new body looks and feels!  (POSITIVE EMOTIONS)

I have a beautiful new wardrobe that flatters my new, attractive figure.  (DETAILS)

My new body looks absolutely fabulous, and I feel fantastic!  (EMPOWERING END)



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