Affirm the Benefits!

Are your affirmations moving you towards your goal?


"I have now achieved my ideal weight of ___ pounds" is a well-written affirmation, but is it enough to help your reach your goal?  It is very easy to lose sight of all the reasons why we originally set a goal... especially if we keep our focus solely on the end result. Yet it is all the reasons WHY we set this goal that have the power to keep us motivated and on track.

By focusing on all the BENEFITS your goal will bring, 
you give your goal more potency ... and more credibility!

Affirming the benefits gives your goal more potency because in doing so you help your mind create a more complete mental picture of what you want to achieve. Affirming the benefits helps you to more clearly and easily visualize the end result.

Also, by affirming a list of multiple benefits that relate to your specific goal, you are giving your subconscious mind indisputable reasons for assisting you. After all, it's pretty hard to argue with benefits!

Here are some examples of how to construct affirmations that emphasize the benefits:

1.  ACTION is taken >  because > BENEFIT
     will be realized

This is a good format to use when you need reassurance that your daily actions are really worth the effort.
I review my goals daily because this helps me stay motivated and on track.

I laugh often because I know that laughter releases all tension and stress.

I love exercising because it provides me with incredible energy throughout the day.

2.  Because of ACTION taken > BENEFIT is realized

This format will help you appreciate that your actions are moving you forward.

            Because I have an action plan, I make steady progress towards my goal.
            Because I love myself, I naturally attract positive relationships into my life.
            Because my life is clutter-free, my mind is clear and focused.

3.  BENEFIT is realized > because of or by > ACTION taken

This format serves as a reminder of the actions you want to take daily.

            My online business is successful because I offer my expertise freely.
            I am always healthy because I only entertain healthy thoughts.
            I am an A+ student because I work hard and pay attention in class.
            I have more time in my life because I control my schedule.

So get out pen and paper, and start writing down all the benefits that reaching your goal will bring. Think of as many as you can. Because once your start affirming the benefits, you will...
            - find it much easier to visualize the details
            - give your subconscious mind concrete reasons to help make it happen
            - have built-in reminders for all the actions you need to take
            - dramatically increase your willpower to succeed
            - and finally, reinforce your belief that you can do it!

And just in case you didn't know
the benefits of using affirmations,
here are a few that may motivate
you to affirm more often!



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