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In Émile Coué’s words, “It’s not the number of years that makes you old, but the idea that you are getting old.” Considering that most of us see aging as a negative thing, it is not surprising that turning back the clock has become an obsession. We don’t like the idea of getting old, so we anxiously search for elixirs and formulas that will combat what we believe is the inevitable.

The truth is that youthfulness is simply a state of mind. And that mind state actually affects our physiology and appearance. Basically we are as young as we think and feel. And how we think and feel about our age is a direct reflection of the beliefs we hold.

The real secret to youth lies in the memories of our youth. The innate characteristics that children possess are the very qualities we need to welcome back into our lives. Children experience the world differently. Do you remember?

The greatest stress we experienced as young children was not being able to live up to the expectations of the adults in our lives. But when left to our own devices, we lived each day with insatiable curiosity, exuberant enthusiasm, and unending optimism. We laughed and squealed, bounced and rebounded, and generally let our imaginations run wild.

The real secret to de-aging our lives is to stress less and enjoy more. Rekindle the spirit of your youth. Regain your sense of wonder in all things. Laugh, explore, and play every chance you get!

All the cells in my body are returning to their perfect original blueprint.

All the cells of my body grow younger every day.

Each day I grow younger and healthier.

Eternal youth courses through every cell in my body.

Every cell in my body is replenishing, repairing, and replacing according to the perfection of my original DNA blueprint.

Every cell in my body vibrates with eternal youth.

Every day I am growing younger and younger.

Every day I am more youthful and full of life than the day before.

Every day I look and feel younger than the day before.

Every day my body is filled with incredible youth and vitality.

Every morning I awake one day younger than the day before.

Every part of my body is growing younger and healthier.

Everything I do, I do with youthful enthusiasm.

I am ageless.

I am an ageless being.

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I am becoming more and more youthful every day.

I am de-aging my life by the positive actions I take.

I am forever ageless.

I am full of radiant health and youthful energy.

I am healthy, ageless and vibrant.

I am high on life and it shows.

I am increasingly youthful and alive.

I feel better today than I did when I was a teenager.

I feel healthier and younger than I ever have before.

I feel young and full of vitality.

I have 20/20 vision.

I have acute hearing.

I have perfect eyesight.

I have reversed the aging process through my positive beliefs and actions.

I have reversed the aging process through the deliberate intent of my thoughts.

I have reversed the aging process with my positive thoughts and actions.

I have significantly decreased my biological age by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I have significantly decreased my biological age by adopting a more positive outlook on life.

I have the energy and enthusiasm of a child.

I have the youthful exuberance of a child.

I intend to remain youthful and vibrant every day of my life.

I keep my mind youthful by making sure I take time each day to play.

I know that I am only as old as I think and feel.

I look 20 years younger than my age.

I look amazing for my years.

I look and feel 10 years younger than I am.

I look and feel forever young, ageless, and vibrant.

I look many years younger than I actually am.

I look younger and healthier every day.

I look, think, and feel youthful at all times.

I love looking 20 years younger than my age.

I maintain a youthful appearance by constantly seeking the joy in every new day.

I maintain a youthful appearance by constantly thinking positive thoughts.

I only think youthful thoughts.

I plan to live a long and vibrant life.

I plan to really enjoy my 100th birthday.

I radiate youth and vivacity in all that I do.

I see myself growing younger every day.

I visualize myself at my perfect age.

I wake up every morning one day younger than yesterday.

I welcome eternal youth into my life.

In spirit I have eternal youth, so I let my spirit shine through every day.

My belief in my soul’s eternity is reflected in how I look and feel.

My body de-ages while I sleep.

My body de-ages with every positive action I take.

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My body is de-aging every minute of every day.

My body looks and feels younger every day.

My body rejuvenates itself every minute of every day.

My healthy eating habits support my desire to remain young and vital.

My life is dynamic and fun.

My mirror only reflects the youthful vision I hold in my mind.

My positive mental attitude makes me look years younger than I am.

My skin glows with youthful radiance.

My skin is youthful and radiant.

My thoughts and beliefs keep me looking eternally young.

My youthful spirit is reflected in the mirror each day.

People constantly remark on how young I look.

The cells of my skin continue to regenerate and renew just as they did in my youth.

The fine lines on my face are getting fainter and fainter.

The secret to eternal youth is mine for the taking.

The secret to eternal youth lies within me.

The universe provides me with the secret to eternal youth.

Through the power of my thought and belief, I have reversed the aging process.

Today I bless my being with infinite youth.

With every breath I take, I am bringing greater and greater youth into my life.

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