OPPORTUNITY Affirmations

OPPORTUNITY Affirmations

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Each day I open my mind to the endless opportunities that surround me.

Each day is a new opportunity to achieve greatness.

Each decision I make presents wondrous new possibilities.

Each mindful action I take creates new positive opportunities in my life.

Every day brings me greater opportunities to express my true talents.

Every day I attract new opportunities to express my unique talents.

Every opportunity I pursue expands into even greater possibilities.

Every opportunity I pursue multiplies into greater opportunities.

Every positive action I take creates fantastic new opportunities for me.

Exciting new opportunities appear before me every day.

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Fantastic opportunities fall into my lap today.

Fantastic possibilities appear in my life today.

Great opportunities follow wherever I go.

I accept obstacles as opportunities.

I act on all possibilities as they present themselves.

I act on every opportunity that comes my way.

I always look for new opportunities to be of service to others.

I am now surrounded with an abundance of opportunities.

I am open to every opportunity the universe puts in my path.

I am prepared to take advantage of all opportunities I encounter.

I boldly act on all opportunities as and when I encounter them.

I create new opportunities by expanding my horizons.

I create new opportunities for myself.

I draw opportunities towards me.

I easily recognize beneficial opportunities when they appear.

I embrace new opportunities.

I excel at creating positive opportunities in my life.

I expand my awareness to find the hidden potential in every experience I encounter.

I expect fantastic opportunities to appear in my life every day.

I expect great things to happen in every situation I experience.

I expect inspiring ideas and fantastic opportunities to appear in my life everyday.

I expect wonderful things to happen in my life.

I explore all new and interesting options in my life.

I explore all positive opportunities that enter my life.

I explore all the doors the universe opens for me.

I focus in the moment, so that I can hear when opportunity knocks.

I give every opportunity my absolute best shot.

I grasp opportunities as soon as they are presented.

I investigate every new idea that comes to me.

I know that each decision I make creates new opportunities.

I investigate every opportunity that I encounter.

I know that the world is full of opportunities ripe for the picking.

I look for the opportunities that all problems present.

I make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

I now see an abundance of opportunities all around me.

I search for improved ways of doing things.

I see endless opportunities before me.

I see every challenge as an opportunity for success.

I see new opportunities before me every day.

I see new opportunities everywhere I go.

I see the hidden potential in every experience I have.

I seize all opportunities that come into my life.

I seize all opportunities with bold determination.

I seize all prospects immediately.

I seize every opportunity that comes my way.

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I seize the moment when it arrives.

I take advantage of every opportunity that comes into my life.

I take immediate action when opportunity knocks.

I turn every situation into an opportunity.

I turn problems into opportunities for growth.

I welcome any opportunity to experience new things.

I welcome endless possibilities into my life.

I welcome every opportunity to stretch and exercise mind.

I welcome with open arms the opportunities that each new day brings.

My amazing intuition leads me to incredible opportunities.

My big break is just around the corner.

My curiosity expands and empowers my life.

My curiosity leads me to new and interesting opportunities.

My life is full of unlimited possibilities.

My life is more interesting because I take chances.

My world is filled with endless opportunities for expansion.

New and exciting opportunities appear in my life daily.

New opportunities appear wherever I look.

New opportunities appear in my life every day.

New opportunities are showing up in my life every day.

New opportunities to be, to do , and to have are showing up in my life every day.

New prospects and opportunities constantly appear in my life.

Opportunities constantly appear before me.

Opportunities for creating wealth are forever present in my life.

Opportunities greet me at every turn.

Prosperous opportunities present themselves to me every day.

Terrific opportunities come to me every day.

There are infinite opportunities for everyone who applies the natural laws of wealth and abundance.

Today I bless my being with limitless opportunities.

Today I open my eyes to the endless opportunities that surround me.

Today I open my mind to the boundless opportunities that life has to offer.

Today I open all the doors that opportunity reveals.

Today I see each moment as a new opportunity to express my potential.

Today is filled with hidden possibilities just waiting to be found.

Unending opportunities present themselves to me.

When opportunities appear, I move quickly and confidently.

When opportunity knocks, I open the door.

When the impulse or opportunity is there, I act.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more opportunities into my life.

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