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Because I communicate my needs, I get what I want out of life.

Every day I am more comfortable talking to others.

Every day I practice listening to others.

Every day I practice understanding another person's point of view.

I actively listen to what others say without interrupting them.

I allow others to freely express their viewpoints.

I always answer the telephone with a friendly, cheerful voice.

I always know the right thing to say in every situation.

I always let the other person have the last word.

I always listen and let people finish what they are saying.

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I always look into the eyes of the person I am talking to.

I always speak in terms of success and prosperity.

I always stay calm and collected when speaking to …

I always take part in class discussions.

I always voice my opinions in a calm and considerate way.

I am a confident speaker.

I am confident speaking in my area of expertise.

I am a deliberate listener, pausing to reflect before responding.

I am a good listener.

I am a great communicator.

I am clear and concise in my communications.

I am a great listener.

I am a motivating speaker.

I am a patient and attentive listener.

I am always present when I communicate with others.

I am an attentive listener.

I am an eloquent and moving speaker.

I am an engaging speaker.

I am an excellent speaker.

I am an interested listener at all times.

I am comfortable speaking to others.

I am completely at ease speaking to a large audience.

I am completely in control of the words I speak.

I am genuinely interested in others.

I am genuinely interested in what other people have to say.

I am honest and forthright in all business communications.

I am interested in learning more about the people I meet.

I am now comfortable speaking in front of a group of people.

I am sincere in my communication with others.

I am totally confident in my ability to deliver an inspiring speech.

I am totally relaxed and confident when speaking to a group.

I am totally relaxed when speaking to others.

I am very articulate, and have a lovely voice.

I am very comfortable in front of an audience.

I am very comfortable speaking to my superiors.

I am very interested in learning more about the people I meet.

I am well prepared when giving a presentation.

I answer questions easily and honestly.

I articulate my thoughts and feelings very well.

I chat easily to people I haven’t met before.

I convey important information when I speak.

I communicate freely and easily with my fellow co-workers.

I communicate pictures of wealth, health and abundant joy into the minds of others.

I discuss all issues openly and calmly.

I easily command my audience’s attention.

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I easily connect with my audience.

I easily engage in small talk as appropriate.

I easily introduce myself to strangers and enjoy initiating conversation.

I elevate every person with whom I interact.

I engage easily in small talk with other people.

I engage in conversations with great ease.

I engage with many different people when at parties.

I enjoying connecting with other people.

I enjoy mingling at parties.

I enjoy sharing my views, knowing that my words flow naturally and effortlessly.

I ensure that my body language reflects the words I am speaking.

I express myself clearly and easily.

I express myself openly and articulately.

I express myself well in writing.

I express myself with ease.

I feel relaxed and confident when talking to a group.

I find it easy to talk to strangers.

I find talking to people on the phone easy and enjoyable.

I freely express my emotions in a calm and thoughtful manner.

I give excellent presentations.

I give my full attention to what others are saying.

I have a good time at parties and participate in conversation and activities with ease.

I have a great sense of humor.

I have a rich vocabulary and add to it daily.

I have developed excellent communication skills.

I have excellent communication skills.

I have great rapport with everyone I meet.

I increase my vocabulary every day.

I interact well with others.

I keep in touch with relatives.

I know just what to say in every situation.

I listen first and talk later.

I listen intently when others are speaking.

I listen intently when people are speaking to me.

I listen more than I talk.

I listen patiently when my child speaks.

I listen respectfully, without judgment, to gain complete appreciation of the situation at hand.

I listen to my children when they speak and show genuine interest in what they are saying.

I listen to others attentively before I think about what I will say.

I listen to others, and only talk about myself when asked.

I listen with an open mind.

I love chatting to new people.

I love group discussions.

I love long, philosophical discussions.

I love talking to large groups.

I love talking to people.

I make eye contact with my audience.

I make eye contact with people easily.

I make eye contact with people when I speak.

I make people laugh with my great sense of humor.

I offer my opinions only when asked.

I only interrupt in cases of emergency.

I only take part in positive conversations.

I possess a rich vocabulary.

I really enjoy talking to women/men.

I regularly get in touch with friends and relatives.

I say what I mean in the most thoughtful way possible.

I show people respect by listening carefully to what they are saying.

I speak and act in a purposeful and considerate way.

I speak and listen with patience and love.

I speak confidently and clearly.

I speak confidently and eloquently.

I speak from my soul.

I speak in a relaxed and pleasant tone of voice.

I speak with a relaxed, clear voice.

I speak with confidence and clarity.

I start great conversations effortlessly.

I state my opinion with clarity and purpose.

I speak the truth with sincerity.

I take pleasure in listening attentively to the thoughts of others.

I talk less and listen more.

I talk only when others have finished speaking.

I talk openly with my mate about all things.

I talk to others openly and honestly.

I think before I speak.

I treasure my ability to communicate with others.

I turn pending arguments into enriching discussions.

I understand body language and use it to my advantage.

I use clear and expressive words to communicate my thoughts.

I value what other people have to say.

I write with confidence, clarity, and passion.

My ability to communicate effectively improves daily.

My audience finds me engaging.

My audience finds me entertaining, so I easily hold their attention.

My audience greatly appreciates what I have to say.

My audience is fascinated by what I have to say.

My presentations are clear and inspiring.

My body language is confident and relaxed.

My communication skills are continually improving.

My communication skills improve daily.

My intuition guides me by letting me know when to talk and when to stop and listen.

My listening skills improve every day.

My positive words and suggestions provide abundance for all.

My public speaking skills get better and better every day.

My quiet and clam manner makes communication more meaningful.

My spouse and I speak the same language.

My vocabulary improves daily.

My wit is razor sharp.

My words are positive and passionate.

My words illuminate my point of view.

My words make a profound difference in people’s lives.

People find me witty and charming.

People listen to me intently when I speak.

The words I speak empower other people’s lives.

There is a powerful flow of energy between myself and everyone with whom I come into contact.

When I speak my voice sounds clear and confident.

When I speak to others, I focus on their interests, not mine.

When others are talking, I give them my complete attention.

When others speak to me I give them my complete attention.

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