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AFFIRMING Affirmations

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I am a great fan of affirmations. I have tried many methods, but the best by far is audio. I have created a wide variety of affirmation scripts which I have put to motivational music and stored as MP3 play lists. There is nothing more empowering than listening to positive affirmations spoken in your own voice and backed by inspiring instrumental music.

I don’t always consciously hear the words being spoken, but I know that they are working because of the positive changes I see in my life. After months of use, the tracks have become a sort of feel-good ‘white noise’ that subliminally inspires, motivates and encourages me as I work.

Affirmations need not be limited to changing your inner beliefs. You can use them to reinforce your goals, review your action plan, emphasize your priorities, remind you of your values, achievements and purpose, and improve your time management skills. I have even created meditation and visualization scripts using audio affirmations.

I will write more about creating audio affirmations, but if you are anxious to give them a try, the best software currently available is Audacity. This sound editor works on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and GNU/Linex. And it’s totally free! Download AUDACITY here.

Affirmations are a regular and continuing part of my life.

Affirmations are a very important part of my new life.

Affirmations are a very important part of my transformational process.

Affirmations are fantastic!

Affirmations are fun to make and they make me feel great!

Affirmations work miracles!

As I affirm my life, I feel more positive and empowered.

Commuting to and from work gives me quality time to affirm my goals.

Daily affirmations help me create the life I desire.

Daily affirmations help me to achieve my goals.

Just one screenshot from over 2450 pages in the Affirm Your Life App!

Doing daily affirmations is the most positive habit I have.

Doing my affirmations daily puts me on top of my world.

Doing repetitive tasks frees my mind to strengthen my positive affirmations.

Every day I practice positive self-talk.

Every morning I repeat my affirmations out loud in front of the bathroom mirror.

Every part of my being is experiencing the benefits of my positive affirmations.

Every single thought I have is an affirmation.

Every word I speak is an affirmation.

Everything I say out loud to others about myself is part of my self-talk.

Everything I think and say is an affirmation.

I affirm my desires with crystal clear intent.

I affirm my desires with resolute determination.

I affirm my desires with unquestioned expectancy.

I affirm my desires with unwavering faith.

I affirm my goals by taking continuous action towards them.

I affirm my life every day, in order to create the future I desire.

I always affirm the positive, rather than negate the negative.

I always talk positively to myself.

I am developing the powers of my mind through meditation and positive affirmations.

I am in total control of what I think and say about myself.

I am passionate about practicing my affirmations every day.

I am proficient in the use of positive affirmations.

I arrest negative thoughts and transform them into positive affirmations.

I believe in my affirmations 100%.

I constantly receive new power and purpose as I continue to affirm my life

I constantly send positive affirmations to my subconscious mind.

I constantly set new goals and empower them with daily affirmations.

I continuously create new affirmations to help me become the person I want to be.

I create powerful positive affirmations that I use every day.

I easily lift my emotions by listening to inspiring affirmations.

I empower my desires with positive words and feelings.

I empower my life by repeating positive affirmations each and every day.

I empower myself daily with positive words and phrases.

I enjoy creating new empowering affirmations.

I enjoy doing my affirmations faithfully every day.

I ensure that my affirmations are worded in such a way that they reflect my desires.

I ensure that my affirmations are worded in the correct manner.

I enthusiastically review my affirmations several times a day.

I keep my mental self-talk positive and empowering.

I know affirmations work because I receive the benefits of practicing them every day.

I know beyond all doubt that what I affirm eventually comes true.

I know that the only way to change is to replace my existing self-talk with positive alternatives.

I know that there is no such thing as doing too many affirmations.

I laugh at my critical 'ego' voice and drown it out with positive affirmations.

I listen to affirmation recordings whenever I can.

Just one screenshot from over 1700 pages in the Fit-Inspired Woman App!

I love affirming my life.

I love how empowered I feel when I am affirming.

I love listening to my affirmations throughout the day.

I love motivating myself with empowering self-talk statements.

I love reading my affirmations every day.

I love reviewing my affirmations every morning and night.

I love using affirmations to create and maintain my perfect world.

I love using affirmations, and because I love them they work for me.

I know that affirmations take time and repetition to work; that is why I practice faithfully every day.

I make affirmations an everyday habit.

I make fun of my negative self-talk at every opportunity.

I monitor my self-talk at all times and ensure that it is always positive.

I only use empowering words to talk about myself and others.

I overcome my shortcomings by rewriting them as positive affirmations.

I practice positive self-talk throughout my day.

I put my affirmations to music and dance my way to my heart’s desire.

I put my affirmations to music and sing my way to my heart’s desire.

I put my complete faith in the power of positive affirmations.

I reach my goals quickly by affirming them every day.

I refine my mental blueprint daily.

I remember to use my affirmations each and every day.

I repeat life-empowering affirmations throughout my day.

I repeat my affirmations both morning and night.

I repeat my positive affirmations regularly throughout the day.

I revise my affirmations until they feel perfect to me.

I teach my children the values of daily affirmations.

I teach my children to use affirmations every day.

I thank myself for making and using affirmations every day.

I turn negative emotions into positive affirmations.

I use affirmations every day to reprogram my subconscious mind.

I use affirmations so my mind will welcome what I truly want in life.

I use affirmations to give my subconscious mind powerful positive directions.

I use conscious affirmations to reprogram my subconscious mind.

I use motivational affirmations to spur me onwards towards my goals.

I use my favorite power words whenever I need a boost.

I use positive affirmations every day.

I write out my affirmations first thing every morning and last thing every night.

Listening to my affirmations gives me abundant confidence and encouragement.

Listening to positive self-talk statements is an empowering experience.

My affirmations are always aligned to my higher purpose.

My affirmations are amazing!

My affirmations support me in everything I do.

My continuous repetition of positive affirmations supports all the desires in my life.

My continuous use of positive affirmations is transforming my life daily.

My dreams are clear in my mind, and supported by regular planning and affirming.

My home is decorated with positive affirmations.

Positive changes happen in my life as I continue to affirm my desires.

Positive self-talk is a fundamental part of my life.

Positive self-talk is really improving my life.

Positive self-talk is the most efficient way to change my life.

The more often I do my affirmations, the more profoundly they affect my life.

Today I counter all negative self-talk with positive thoughts and actions.

When say my affirmations, I see and feel them as being true right now.

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