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For most of us, life is a very busy thing. Time seems to speed by as we move from one activity to another, from work to family, from obligation to fleeting moments of leisure. Without any thought at all, a whole week can pass by. And any thought of our goals can just as easily be lost in the blur.

By their very nature, goals represent change. Goals are something we want to achieve, but they require dedicated focus and effort to bring into reality. They require us to stretch our comfort zones and do things that we're not used to doing. They require thought and planning, and this requires time.

But in the rush of a typical day, will all the myriad of things that demand our attention, our goals can easily be forgotten. Not completely forgotten, however. We sporadically remember that we want to work on them, but life just keeps getting in the way. Goals aren't part of our regular day. They require planning and often a major reshuffling of our usual routines. Goals can even be a bit scary, which is another reason that we might find ourselves accidentally forgetting them.

In order to make working on our goals an everyday habit, we firstly need to get ourselves really excited about them. We need to really WANT to achieve them.

If you think that you have this passion, then you're half way there! Now all you need to do is remember to work on them. You have to make them a priority and schedule time for them. But first, you have to REMEMBER. No matter how busy your days are, no matter how many things beg your attention, you have to remember that your goals are a priority.
The main thing is to keep the Main Thing the main thing.

Stephen Covey

How to give your goals POWER

  1. Create a vision board. Put a bulletin board on the wall opposite your desk, and cover it with images of your goal, so that every time you look up you will remember your focus. Add bold, colorful words to your board that represent what you want to achieve.

  2.  Create a vision journal. A vision journal is like a vision board in that it has the same images and words as your vision board. But it is a whole lot more. This small book also contains your written goal, mission statement, and action plan. It can also reinforce your daily process goals. On top of that, you can fill the pages in between with motivating quotes and empowering affirmations. But the real beauty of a vision journal is its portability. Just get into the habit of carrying it with you at all times, and you can affirm, visualize, plan, and revise your goals whenever you want.

  3. Use visual triggers anywhere you can. Using small cards (3"x5" index cards, or old business cards) create visual triggers for any aspect of your goal that you want to reinforce. Put these cards in auspicious places around your home or office, such as:
  • where you might typically be tempted by a distraction (on the TV remote, for example)
  • near something you could combine with reviewing your action plan (coffee pot)
  • where you can see them while having to wait (car dash)
  • in your jacket pocket or purse - to be found each time you reach for your wallet or keys.

Bombard your mind with visual images of your goal. Do everything you can think of to stay motivated, excited and passionate. Don't let the busyness of living get in the way of your dreams. Keep your goal in front of you at all times!

Make your dream your most habitual thought!



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