24 Ways to Affirm Your Life


According to our Affirmation Poll, most people affirm throughout the day, reading their affirmations silently from a list. I have used this method myself for many years and it works very well. But there is one important thing that I have learned after years of affirming:

The more varied the methods used,
the greater the chances that the affirmations will stick!

So read through the following suggestions and pick a few that appeal to you. And know that the more of them you use throughout your day, the faster your affirmations will work!

1.       Read Your Affirmations

The most commonly used method for affirming is reading. Most people read their affirmations silently, each one being contemplated before moving on to the next. If you sub-vocalize when you read (and most people do), try to get your mental voice to sound positive and animated.

Leave time between each affirmation you say, so that you can create the mental images that each affirmation inspires, and experience the positive emotions that these images generate. This is important, so don't rush things!

2.       Create an Affirmation Script

Compile all your affirmations that relate to a specific goal, and put them together to create a coherent script that you can read through when affirming.  Think of this script as an instruction manual for your subconscious mind - explaining in detail all the personal qualities, beliefs, habits, actions, skills, and resources which are needed to reach your goal. (Also see: How to Write an Affirmation Script)

3.       Use a Vision Journal

Create a special journal for your affirmations and goals. Embellish the pages with photos, magazine pictures and text clippings that best represent what you are affirming for. Add motivational quotes, power phrases, and trigger words. Use different colored pencils. Doodle, sketch or paint in the spaces. Get creative!

This exercise will not only give you a beautiful way to read your affirmations, it will also really impress upon your subconscious mind just how important your goals are.

4.       Use a Vision Board

Like a vision journal, the vision board is an excellent tool for reminding you of your goals. It is also an ideal place to post your affirmations. Although the vision board does not have the advantage of being portable, it does have the benefit of being larger. It works particularly well when placed somewhere you are most likely to spend a lot of time.

If you work from home, the ideal place is on a wall near your desk - preferably above your computer monitor so that it can be easily referred to. If you work in an office, and privacy is an issue, you can create a smaller version of a vision board using a flip-book or clipboard. This can easily and quickly be put out of sight if the need arises.

5.       Use Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards make it easy to affirm wherever you happen to be. You can use
3 x 5 index cards which can fit into your pocket or purse.  Or you can turn old business cards into affirmation cards that will easily fit into a smaller wallet or card holder.

The main advantage to using affirmation cards is their portability. Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam, waiting at the dentist's office, or simply riding the bus home from work, affirmation cards allow you to turn down-time into affirming time!

6.       Say Your Affirmation Out Loud

Some people feel funny saying their affirmations out load, and yet others swear by it. If you choose this method, make sure that the voice you use sounds as positive and enthusiastic as possible. Try smiling, as this will usually improve the tenor or your voice. Try to make your voice sound as expressive as possible.

After saying each affirmation, allow time to visualize and to experience the positive emotions this creates.

7.       The Mirror Technique

The Mirror Technique is a classic method of affirmation. It is not for everyone, but it is powerful. Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Repeat your affirmations with determination and enthusiasm. Put as much emotion and energy into them as you can muster, but at the same time, be sincere.

If you find it difficult to say your affirmations aloud, you can still reap some of the benefits of this powerful method by reading your affirmation first and then connecting with your own eyes as you repeat the affirmation silently. Above all else, this is an incredibly powerful way to influence your subconscious mind.

8.       Sing Your Affirmations

You can say your affirmations out loud, but for something different, why not try singing your dreams into existence. To turn your affirmations into songs, simply take a favorite tune and change the words, You can even try your hand and making them rhyme. Sing your affirmation in private if you prefer, but know that eventually just humming the tune on its own will be enough to impress your  subconscious mind ... which will have already put the words to memory.

An added bonus of singing your affirmations is that singing in itself actually elevates the levels of neurotransmitters which are associated with pleasure and well-being - which is also the perfect state of mind for affirming.

9.       Use Affirmation Mantras

An affirmation mantra is basically one affirmation that best summarizes what you want to achieve. Choose an affirmation from your list of favorites. Pick one that is powerful, but not too long, so it's easy to remember the words.

Now use this mantra throughout your day, repeating it either out loud or silently. The idea is to use it as often as possible. This will serve as a powerful reinforcement to your regular, daily affirmation sessions.

10.   Use Power Phrases

A power phrase is a catchy phrase or motto which is easy to remember and inspirational or motivational in meaning. Nike's "Just do it!" is a perfect example. Any two- to three-word quotes or slogans can serve as power phrases.

Power phrases should be use when affirming, and, by way of this association, can be called upon during the day to remind us of what we should be thinking or doing in support of our goals.

11.   Use Trigger Words

A Trigger Word is a single word - a qualitative noun (eg. Peace), an emotive adjective (eg. Unlimited!), or a directive verb (eg. Relax!) - which is used to represent the underlying message of your daily affirmations.

To create a trigger word, simply repeat your chosen word between each affirmation you use in regular sessions. This word can then be called upon at any time during the day, to arrest any negative thoughts or emotions that would otherwise undermine your efforts. (Also see: Reinforcing affirmations with Trigger Words and Power Phrases)

12.   Use NLP Power Moves

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the term anchoring refers to a specific trigger action which has been associated with a conditioned (or programmed) response. The most common example is to use a simple physical gesture - such as touching finger and thumb together, to evoke a desired positive mental state or behavior. This effect is called a Power Move.

This method can be easily be applied to affirming. By consciously associating a physical gesture with an affirmation and its associated behavior or response, you will eventually be able to use the gesture alone to trigger whatever thoughts, emotions and/or actions you desire in any given situation.

13.   Write Your Affirmations

Physically writing out your affirmations not only helps increase your focus, but also engages a larger area of the brain - further reinforcing what you are affirming for.  Writing has the added benefit of transforming your affirmations into something more tangible than just thoughts. It provides concrete proof to your subconscious mind that your affirmations are important. It also provides visible evidence that you are progressing towards your goal.

If you are using your own affirmations, please take the time to learn the rules that will ensure they will work for you: 9 Rules for Creating Perfect Affirmations

14.   Type Your Affirmations

Typing works well for those who are fairly competent typists. However, if you have to use the hunt and peck method of typing, then chances are that you will be focusing less on the message of the words, and more on where the keys are.

If you can touch type, then this method will work well. Just remember, think of the words as you are typing them. Visualizing is still important so take time between each affirmation to create the positive mental images each affirmation inspires.

15.   Doodle Affirmation Symbols

It is said that a goal gains power when you write it down. It is also said that the process of drawing activate a different part of the brain than is used during reading or speaking. So it follows that doodling would be an excellent way to reinforce your affirmations.

There are many suitable symbols you can use for your goals - hearts of love, dollar signs for money, smileys for happiness. Find one that works for you and doodle your way to your dreams!

16.   Affirm in Meditation

During normal waking hours, the conscious mind is not directly connected to the subconscious. This is why we should be repeating our affirmations throughout the day.  However, during meditation, our two minds are more closely connected, which makes this an excellent time to affirm!

If you want to remain in a meditative state while affirming, you will need to either memorize your affirmations, or prerecord them.

17.   Create Audio Affirmations

Probably the most powerful way to affirm is to record your affirmations, in your own voice, and listen to them throughout the day. You can play inspirational music in the background while recording them, making them even more powerful.

There are so many times during a typical day when you can privately listen to your affirmations and still continue with what you are doing: while shopping, doing housework, commuting, exercising, or even when you just sit down for a break.

If you already have your affirmations recorded, and are really serious about fast-tracking your affirmations, check out The Absolute Best Time to Affirm!

18.   View Your Affirmations as a Slideshow

If you work at a computer, you can create visual affirmations and watch them as a slideshow. Use a simple art program to combine motivational images (found online) with the text of your affirmation. Store these images in a separate folder on your desktop. These images can then be viewed as a slideshow with a free photo viewer (such as Google's Picasa)

Once you have created visual affirmations on your computer (either text alone or text with images) you can also load these onto a digital photo frame to play as a slideshow. If you work at a computer all day, the photo frame can be running next to your monitor, offering subliminal-like reinforcement for your affirmations.

In a similar way, you can load images onto most new televisions. Or save your visual affirmations to DVD, just as you would save family photos. If you have your affirmations on TV, consider taking the first ten minutes of your TV viewing time to review your affirmations. You may find when you are done that you're more motivated to work on your goals than watch TV!

19.   Use Affirmation Reminder Notes

If you are having trouble remembering to affirm throughout the day, you can leave yourself small affirmation notes in key locations around your home or office. You can use post-it notes or small cares. You can write on masking tape and stick it to gym equipment, a hair brush, a light switch, the fridge door ... anywhere that you are likely to see it throughout the day. Look around for things you look at or touch on a regular basis, and empower them with affirmation reminders!

20.   Use Affirmations Reminder Pictures

Like reminder notes, picture reminders are placed around your home or office to help you remember to affirm your goals during they day. They work like vision boards, but are specific to single goals, and as such can be located in areas that you might associate with your goal.

Any pictures will work as long as they remind you of your goal. You can also use affirmation cards. Write your affirmation on the back of each picture. That way you can read it whenever you like.

21.   Use Secret Reminders

If you would rather not have your affirmations on display for others to see, you can easily create secret reminders. Choose a common object that you have several of (paper clips, pennies, elastics, push pins, small stickers, etc.) and assign an affirmation goal to each object your use. You can use elastics for your fitness goals, push pins for business goals, the possibilities are endless.

Then simply place these objects in random places where you will see them regularly. You can usually get away with this method without anyone being the wiser!

22.   Use Symbol Reminders

Symbol reminders are like secret reminders, except that you use symbols instead of objects. You may have already associated a symbol with your affirmations, and are doodling your way to achieving your goals. But no harm in making these symbols permanent decor in your home or office.

Interesting aside: It is amazing how many people buy smiley face objects, but have never given a second thought to making them serve as a reminder to be happy!

23.   Use Tactile Reminders

Many people swear by the habit of carrying around a small object to remind them of their affirmations or goals. The most common home-made version consists of a small pebble with a word or symbol written on it. This is put in a pocket and acts as a trigger each time it is touched.

There are also a plethora of affirmation trinkets available on the internet - rings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, buttons, squeeze balls, you name it!

24.   Get the Affirm Your Life App

The Affirm Your Life iPhone App contains over 2300 screens of affirmations, inspiration and affirming tips and tricks. You can set any of the pages as repeating reminders, or schedule any page for a specific time of day (also repeating). You can watch your Favorites as a slideshow whenever you have a few spare minutes. From my own experience, there is no better way to practice affirmations!  Find out more here: Affirm Your Life App.



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