Reinforcing affirmations with Trigger Words and Power Phrases

Trigger Words and Power Phrases


Trigger Words

A trigger word is a single word that one selects and repeats while visualizing. The objective is to associate the chosen word with the positive images and feelings that are generated during affirmation and visualization sessions. With time, the word can be used on its own to quickly activate all the positive feelings and emotions that it has come to represent.

Triggers words are a very useful device because they can be called upon to alter our attitudes and behaviors in the heat of the moment. Like counting to ten to quell anger, we can program our minds to respond appropriately to any situation simply by repeating our trigger word.

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), trigger words are combined with simple physical gestures (such as touching the middle finger to the thumb), to give the practitioner immediate access to improved states of thinking and being. Although the NLP process is much more complicated than this, the idea is a solid one and can easily be applied to affirming.

When saying or listening to positive affirmations, there will be times when the words will create a euphoric feeling of calm and well-being, or will empower you with great determination and purpose. This is the time to implant your trigger word, when your emotions are high.

When choosing your trigger words, try to find ones that best describe what you are affirming. Most of the words used in the Affirmation Directory headings would be suitable, but if you are affirming for something more specific, then choose one word that means the most to you.

Power Phrases

A power phrase is a short, often slogan-like phrase that you repeat throughout the day to keep you on track. Where trigger words are more mantric in nature, power phrases are usually pithy expressions that one might say aloud. The primary purpose of power phrases is to reassure or to motivate.

There are many examples of power phrases found in colloquialisms and advertising, but you can just as easily create your own to suit any purpose. The list below provides some common examples.

Anything’s possible.
Breath is life!
Carpe Diem.
Dare to be different!
Do it now!
Easy does it.
Easy peasy!
Expect the best!
Follow your bliss.
Go for it!
I can do magic!
I can do this!
I feel like a million!
I make it happen.
I’m a genius!
I’m in control.
I’m unstoppable!
It’s now or never.
Just watch me!
Let it go!
Life’s great!
Look out world!
Lookin’ good!
Make it so!
Nothing can stop me now!
Onward and upward.
Ready, set, go!
Seize the day!
Show time!
Stop stewing & start doing!
Take a chance.
Take it easy.
Take the first step.
The sky’s the limit!
Think big!
Think positive!
This too shall pass.
Today’s the day!
Way to go!
What if…
Work it!
Yes I can!
Zero risk!

While affirmations are the main tool for reprogramming the subconscious mind, trigger words and power phrases help to ensure that we exercise our new thinking throughout the day.


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