A Simple Way to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

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Nothing erases unpleasant thoughts more effectively than conscious concentration on pleasant ones.

Hans Selyne

This quote goes without saying, but how many people 'choose' to dwell on the unpleasant thoughts?

Unfortunately, focusing on uncomfortable, negative thoughts and emotions only increases negativity and discomfort. Until we consciously decide to change our focus to pleasant thoughts, the unpleasant ones will remain. And they will affect our beliefs, attitudes, reactions and behaviors to everything we think and do.

Negative thoughts are just thoughts!

Changing your perspective from negative to positive REALLY IS as simple as changing your thoughts. And changing your thoughts is about the easiest thing you can do. It requires no physical effort. It doesn't even require that you expend great mental energy, because positive thoughts can be as easy as recalling a happy memory from your past. Or you can simply imagine something wonderful that hasn't happened yet.

Granted, switching thoughts from negative to positive will not immediately solve the negative issue. But then, neither will thinking negatively about it. In fact, it isn't until we can step away from a negative perspective that we can objectively look for solutions. And this can only be done from a neutral or positive position.

Nine times out of ten, negative thoughts will spawn negative solutions... which generally makes things ever worse. To solve the problem, change your thoughts to something positive, something unrelated, and then go back to the problem with a fresh perspective. You may even find that the original problem was not even worth thinking about, or that it actually only existed in your mind. Worry is a perfect example of this.

Make yourself a Happy Book

If you find it difficult to switch from negative to positive thinking, consider making yourself a "Happy Book". Using a small notebook that will fit into your purse or briefcase (or even your pocket), fill the pages with images and words that make you happy. Fill it with thoughts that make you smile. And whenever you find yourself entertaining negative thoughts, pull it out and focus on a happy thought. Put yourself into the picture. Experience all the good emotions that this brings. Stay with it until the negative thinking that was previously preoccupying your mind have diminished and/or disappeared.

True happiness really is only a thought away :)

Affirmation: I choose to focus my mind on energizing, uplifting thoughts.




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