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And then find ways to make this true!


If you want to affirm positive new habits, use an action verb. Instead of affirming, "I am a successful writer", affirm: "Every day I faithfully write 2000 words." The first affirmation helps you visualize where you want to be, but the 2nd affirms the actions you need to take to get there. The 1st affirmation is important, but on its own, it will not help you to achieve your goal.

All goals require taking action, so it is extremely important to use affirmations that reinforce this. Once this is done, you can make them even more effective by adding positive emotion. And there really is no emotion more positive than LOVE.

Using our example above, an even better way to word the affirmation would be, "I love writing so much that I easily reach my daily goal of 2000 words."

I can hear some of you saying that this is not true; that right now you dread sitting down in front of a blank screen or notebook page. Love is a strong word, and probably not one you would normally associate with something that you've had difficultly doing in the past. But if you can find a way to love doing something, you will do it willingly.

The trick is to find (or create) reasons for loving your daily goal activities. There are always ways to make things more enjoyable, and if you are seriously committed to your goal, you will find them.

Start by asking yourself WHAT and HOW question...

What current thoughts and beliefs make me NOT love doing this?
      How can I eliminate these issues?

What current excuses do I use for not wanting to do this task daily?
      How can I eliminate these excuses, one by one?

What is it in my environment that makes this activity unenjoyable?
      How can I change my environment to be more inspiring?

What activities give me the most pleasure?
      How can I combine this with my goal activity?

What am I really good at?
      How can I use this with my new goal activity?

What are my motivational 'hot buttons'?
      How can I use these to make this activity more exciting?

What aspects of my life represent the biggest drain on my energy?
      How can I eliminate these so that I have more energy for working on my goal?

What attitudes and beliefs are currently interfering with my taking action?
      How can I turn these into positive affirmations?

What bad habits are interfering with my taking action on this goal?
      How can I reduce or eliminate them?

What benefits will achieving my goal bring?
      How can I reinforce these benefits while working on my goal?

What tools am I lacking that would make this task more enjoyable?
      How can I acquire these tools?

What would really make me love doing this activity every day?
      How can I make this a reality?

There are hundreds of questions you could ask yourself which could help you find ways to make your daily goal activities more enjoyable. Sometimes all that's needed is better tools or a more pleasant place to work.

Right now, I am sitting on the deck with a summer breeze blowing gently on my face. I have my iPad propped up on the table in front of me. I have a wifi keyboard on my lap, and a cup of green tea within reach. I used to find it difficult to write blog posts - especially at my desktop computer. Too many other distractions - HTML code to write, multiple social media accounts to stay on top of, emails to respond to. But now, I just come outside - the sounds of nature all around me - and fully immerse myself in putting thoughts to type. And I really LOVE doing it!

Affirm that you LOVE doing it. Then find ways to make this true. 
You may think it improbably, but it works!



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