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What we think automatically affects how we feel. When we dwell on those things in life that drain us - negative people, boring work, mounting bills - we not only spend an immense amount of mental energy, we also feel it physically. We drain our bodies.

Negative thoughts are depleting and disempowering. Positive thoughts are just the opposite. So why not choose to spend our mental energy on thoughts that empower our bodies as well?

Whenever you are feeling drained, ask yourself this question - "What am I thinking right now?" Chances are it will be something negative. The good news is, you can change your thoughts whenever you want. It really is that simple.

And no, changing your thoughts from negative to positive is not ignoring the original problem. It's putting you in a place of control, where you can rationally decide whether it's better to deal with the problem positively, or just let it go. Shifting to a positive viewpoint actually empowers you!

Try it now! Focus your attention on something positive - something that you really enjoy. Visualize being there. Feel the positive emotions that this generates. Stay there for a moment. Now check your energy level. Better?
Nothing erases unpleasant more effectively than conscious concentration on pleasant ones.

Hans Selye

You can test this in reverse.

Focus on something that always brings you down. Imagine being there right now. Can't you just feel the energy being drained from your body?

The secret to having endless energy is simply this: Focus your mind on positive, energizing thoughts, and revive your body's energy through regular exercise. Put the two together on a daily basis, and you can power up your energy levels anytime you like. Just switch your focus to something positive!


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