Is Your Self-Talk Making You Sick?

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Negative thoughts are unhealthy thoughts


Every thought and emotion you experience causes a chemical reaction in your bloodstream, immune system, organs... basically in your entire body.

Every stressful situation which you willingly allow to affect your thinking, immediately starts to undermine your health. Every negative thought, belief, or emotion you entertain is capable of creating disease in your body - right down to the cellular level.

Every single cell in your body is affected by every single though that you have.

Jack Canfield

I know many people believe that stress comes from outside circumstances. And it is true that the initial trigger for stress may indeed start this way. But it is ALWAYS our reaction to this trigger that causes our stress. Our thoughts and beliefs create our emotional reactions. And our emotional reactions negatively affect our body, creating a vicious feedback loop that will not stop until we stop giving it our attention.

There’s no stress in the world, only people thinking stressful thoughts.

Dr Wayne Dyer

Negative thoughts, negative self-talk, negative beliefs... these are all things within our control to change. Do you really want to think yourself sick?

"If we were to tell you to deliberately spend ten minutes every day envisaging yourself being very ill, you'd quite rightly refuse to do it. Most people know that's a bad idea; yet those same people may spend time every day worrying about their health."
- Pete Cohen

For for sake of your health, be vigilant about the thoughts you choose to entertain. Do your body a favor and THINK POSITIVE!

For ways to combat negative thinking, see: Turn Your Negative Thinking Around and Turn Your Negatives into Neutrals



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