Don't Treat Yourself Like Scrap Metal!

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Make your life a priority


"On my street every Sunday morning I see all these people washing their cars. They spend up to an hour doing it. I feel like saying to them, "Didn't you ever hear about having a sense of priority?" The cars look great. Their owners look, flabby, miserable, tired, red-eyed and hung over. The same people who take care to put the right oil and petrol into a vehicle and have it serviced regularly, treat themselves like scrap metal. They eat junk food, they don't exercise and their idea of fun is watching rubbish on TV. Why treat your car better than you treat yourself."   - Pete Cohen

I have witnessed this myself. My brother is a perfect example. His vehicles get way more attention than he gives himself. He lives on Coke, thinks playing golf twice a month is exercise, and eats red meat as often as he can. The only thing that gets more attention than his car are his children. And they get only the best of everything. Sad but true.
My husband loves to cycle. So he does get his exercise, no question. But he definitely spends more time playing with his bike than he does worrying about his diet. He eats what I cook, of course, and that's healthy food. But if I try to explain to him why this food is good for you and another is not, he's just not interested. When it comes to breakfast and lunch (which he prepares himself) he eats what he likes best. Catching the latest soccer match is much more important than worrying about whether his lunch is healthy.
Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.


I think that it is a shame that so many people spend more time and money on the newest technology, the latest fashions, their vehicles - even their pets - than they do on themselves. Some use the excuse that eating healthy costs money. But add up the beer, wine, junk food, cigarettes (not to mention the mobile phone contracts, cable TV, and restaurant tabs) and this hardly holds water.

It's all about priorities. What's more important: your health or keeping up with the Jones', Your physical well-being or your mental entertainment. It's your life of course, and you are free to live it as you please. But never use the excuse that you don't have the time or money to improve your health. If you are unfit, you have chosen to be that way.

Do yourself and your loved ones a huge favor. Choose life, not lifestyle.



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