Rebounding for Life!


I don’t remember what triggered the idea to buy a rebounder. All I remember is that about six years ago I purchased one, and I would never be without it.

If you decide to give rebounding a try - and I highly recommend it - you need to know that rebounders (or mini trampolines) come in a variety of ‘qualities’. You will want to find one that has at least 6 legs, to ensure that it won’t tip over while being used. I bought mine back when I lived in the UK, for the bargain price of £19.95.

While searching the internet for exercise inspiration, I was amazed to find a plethora of health benefits associated with rebounding.

Benefits of Rebounding

• Zero impact fitness - no straining of joints or ligaments
• Improves balance and coordination
• Aerobic benefits to lungs and heart
• Improves lymph circulation and thus boosts immune system
• Boosts energy levels
• Improves muscle tone
• Enhances digestion and elimination
• Offers relief from stress-related tension
• Improves flexibility
• Improves blood flow
• Helps oxygen to reach body cells
• Helps to lower cholesterol levels
• Can be done while watching TV
• Combats fatigue and depression
• Stimulates metabolism
• Suitable for all ages

Used and recommended by NASA

N.A.S.A. has been using rebounding to train astronauts for over 20 years. That's because they found that rebounding is 68% more efficient than treadmills, running or other forms of exercise. N.A.S.A. also discovered that using a mini rebounder was extremely helpful in rebuilding the bone mass and muscle mass that astronauts lose in the weightlessness of space.

"Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man."

"...for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running”

NASA statement in a scientific study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5):881-887, 1980

Are you sold yet?

Of course the idea of rebounding is not to try and hit 8 Gs on each bounce. It’s really more like dancing on air. There are several rebounding videos on YouTube. But if you want an in-depth reference, I highly recommend Michele Wilburn’s rebounder DVD or book. In a flight of over-exuberance I ordered both, but only one is necessary. You can buy either on Michele’s site at:

The rebounder DVD is a good bet if you prefer to follow someone's lead. But the book shows all the moves in clear and easy-to-follow photographs. I found that after a few days of referring to the book, I was making up my own rebound steps and routines… just like dancing. One very important note: Don’t forget to stretch the muscles out after your rebounding workout – especially your calves!

Rebounding is 100% better when done to music. Anything with a bouncy beat will do. There is one instrumental track that I love to use. It’s called “What Can I Say”, by Outback. It has an aboriginal sound and beat. Listen to this song on the player below.

Watch Jason Vale's personal testimony to the benefits of rebounding.

Once you get into the habit of rebounding, you will truly not want to miss a day. It’s a welcome break from the pressures and stresses of life, and it’s guaranteed to improve your energy and your health. And if you find the right music, it will give you much more than a lymphatic lift :)

BTW – if you already enjoy the benefits of rebounding, I suggest you try the following – just to prove to yourself that Terra is undeniably Firma. Follow your regular rebounding session with a couple of minutes of the same moves on solid ground. Talk about heavy! Happy bouncing!



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