Stop Stress Before it Starts!


When your stress levels begin to rise, what do you do?

Most stress is caused by our reactions to things that are happening around us. We think:  Not enough money!  Too much work!  Too little time!  No control!  And then we likely work harder or faster in hopes of easing some of the pressure.

The issues in our life may indeed exist, but it is our mental attitude towards them that actually causes our stress.
There’s no stress in the world, only people thinking stressful thoughts.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

To beat stress before it starts, we need to do our thinking from a place of power and choice. We need to consciously think and believe:  I have the power to change this problem, and I can start right now by ___________.

This one simple statement can change a stressful situation into an empowering goal. And in doing so, it alters our beliefs, emotions, and reactions so that they now come from a place of control and positive expectations.

No more stress. 
Just positive feelings of purpose, optimism, and eventual resolution.



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