How To Be Happy in 4 Simple Steps


Four Simple Steps to Happiness?

Let me clarify ...

The reason I call them simple steps is that they all boil down to the one word... ACCEPTANCE. This makes it simple to remember and thus simple to practice. Master acceptance and happiness follows naturally.

Although the actual steps are simple, incorporating them into our lives can be hard.  Acceptance may require discarding ingrained beliefs - some of which may be difficult to release. But surely with HAPPINESS as the prize, it's worth the effort!

1.  Accept others

Begin by accepting this fact: We do not live in a perfect world.  People, things, situations and events are NOT perfect. Nor do these imperfections exist for our disapproval or displeasure. They simply exist. Demanding perfection from an imperfect world only creates unhappiness. Allow the world to exist as it is, without labeling things as right or wrong - good or bad - acceptable or unacceptable.

Everyone is different. And no one is perfect. When we can acknowledge this, we open ourselves to accepting others on equal terms.  Everyone's path is unique. And everyone's path is equally valid and true.
Allow the world to live as it chooses, and allow yourself to live as you choose.
- Richard Bach 

2.  Accept yourself

Start where you are right now and accept yourself, totally and unequivocally. Accept your weaknesses and your strengths. Accept your faults and your fortes. Start today by saying. “ I accept myself 100%.” Say it until you believe it.

Now go beyond acceptance, and learn to love yourself. Right now - just as you are! Love yourself unconditionally. Because until you do, you will never let yourself find true happiness.
When we really love ourselves, everything
in our life works.
- Louise Hay

3.  Accept responsibility

As you accept yourself, also accept your current situation. You are where you are right now because you brought yourself here. Acknowledge this - without searching for reasons, creating excuses, or laying blame. Because it is only when you accept responsibility that you open the door for positive change.

In order to find happiness, in order to realize your dreams, you need to accept that the only thing holding you back is you. Once you recognize this, you are free to become anything you want. You can move beyond your past, beyond your comfort zones, and reinvent your life.
The past explains how you got here, but where you go from here is your responsibility.
- Unknown

4.  Accept unlimited potential

All people have the ability to change the direction of their lives. But it is an ability that many forfeit by believing that life is the result of circumstances beyond their control. The truth is, we are all in control. We just lose sight of this truth by holding on to limiting beliefs. Once we accept that there are no limits, we are finally free to follow our own true path to happiness.
Don't put a ceiling on yourself.
- Oprah Winfrey

Accept others without judgement.  Accept yourself as you are.  Accept responsibility for your life.  Accept unlimited potential.

Do these things and happiness will be yours!




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