10 Simple Tips for Successful Affirming


Ten easy ways to make your affirmations work better and faster

Actually these should probably be called RULES, because if they aren't applied, your affirmations might not work at all! 

1.       Smile!

Feel-good neurotransmitters are released into the body within seconds of smiling. These same chemicals are responsible for feelings of well-being, energy, alertness, and motivation. They also help improve our memory and our mood.

All of the above helps to create the perfect mindset for affirming, because when you feel good, your subconscious mind pays closer attention!

So make sure you SMILE when you affirm :)

2.       Visualize the outcome!

The subconscious mind thinks in pictures. When you talk to it in words, it tries to create a mental representation of those words. So help it out by consciously visualizing exactly what you want. Look at pictures if it helps.

Think of the words you use as the command for your subconscious mind to act. And think of visualizing as visual verification of exactly what you are directing it to do. Be specific. Visualize all the details!

3.       Feel the joy!

When you affirm, imagine in detail the best possible outcome you can. Experience the positive feelings that this generates. Feel the elation that accomplishing your goals will bring.

Back all these wonderful feelings with positive expectancy and gratitude, and your subconscious mind has no choice but to comply.

4.       One goal per session!

While it's good to use a number of different affirmations per session, it is best that they all relate to one chosen goal. You can affirm for more confidence, focus, motivation, etc... as long as long as they all relate to one of your goals.

Of course, you may have as many different daily sessions as you want, each focusing on a different goal :)

5.       Be persistent!

You need to create new thought patterns, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, if you want to override your old mental programs.  The surest way to accomplish this is through constant repetition. Positive thoughts create positive actions, which in turn, create positive new habits. But the process takes time.

Be persistent! Undoing a lifetime of habitual thinking won't happen overnight.

6.       Pay attention to your feelings

Notice how you feel when you are  using your affirmations. If at any time they cause you to feel negative, know that you are undermining your efforts.

If this happens, take a good look at the wording and try rewriting them so they make you feel better.

Affirmations are meant to inspire and motivate. Always be aware that if they don't make you feel good, they will not work for you.

7.       Take a break!

It's important to stop doing your affirmations when you are feeling tired, uninspired, or generally down. Don't associate your positive affirmations with negative thoughts and feelings.

Take a break and return to them when you are feeling more energized and positive.

8.       Avoid mindless affirming

If you find yourself mindlessly repeating the words of an affirmation, without visualizing, or experiencing positive emotions as a result, then it's time to reword or rethink.

Have the words become too familiar? - Try rewording them.
Are the words unbelievable? - Then adjust your goal slightly.
Are you committed to your goal? - If not, look for a new goal to affirm.

9.       Pump yourself up!

Looking at images of what you want right before you start your session will help get your positive emotions fired up - intensifying the effectiveness of your affirmations.

You can also boost your dopamine levels right before affirming by exercising or listening to music. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for heightened interest, motivation and drive.

10.   Try everything!

Affirmations need to be practiced in as many ways as possible. The more ways you use, the faster they will work. Read them. Write them. Say them out loud. Stick them wherever you will see them on a regular basis. Record them and listen to them whenever you can.

And make sure you edit them regularly so your subconscious mind never gets bored :)

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