Living With Passion

Living With Passion

by Peter Hirsch
MLM Publishing 1996
ISBN: 096342596X

Living With Passion is an extraordinary blueprint for living a life of purpose, success and fulfillment. In the tradition of Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandino and Stephen Covey, Passion is one of those rare books that can legitimately promise to change your life - and fulfill that promise.

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Challenge is the catalyst for success. Once you know this secret, it makes all the challenges you face in your life and work a joy to deal with. A routine of constant challenge builds strong beings, much as a good gym workout builds strong bodies.

Negative Thinking
All of the hurt, anger, disappointment, frustration, and other negative thoughts and feelings we blame on other people are completely not the truth. They all exist only in our own minds. We make them up.

Law of Attraction
Your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts create your feelings, and the emotional energy of feeling is a powerful ally for creating either success or failure.

Your beliefs shape your actions. Your actions create your results… This is one of the great creative secrets to success in any and every aspect of life and work. You make your beliefs. You decide.

One key to establishing new beliefs in yourself – and in others – is to ask questions that elicit possibility answers.

Your subconscious is like a set of balance scales. One side holds your positive memories, the other, your negative ones. The side that is weighted down represents what is true for you.

You have control over what you think. In fact, that, like the choice of what you believe, is one of the very few things over which you truly do have control.

Subconscious Mind
To the subconscious, it’s simply a numbers game. More bad news: limiting beliefs. More good news: empowering beliefs. And the best news of all is that we can each choose what input the subconscious gets as its news.

High-achievers ask themselves high-achieving questions, which can only be answered by high-achieving possibilities.

Your values are what makes you tick. Your values are the seat and source of your wants and desires.

Our values are the wellspring from which comes all that we want in life, everything we seek and search for. Values are intrinsic to who we are. It’s almost as if they are the values that have us. Values are that compelling.

Essential values are ones which have nothing else inside them – like prime numbers, which can’t be divided any further. They are really ‘the heart of the matter’.

Purpose is your vision; it calls forth your passion. Either you have a purpose that gets you out of bed in the morning, or you don’t. Purpose is the driving force in all accomplishments of greatness. You don’t have to be famous to live a heroic life. All that’s required is having a goal bigger than you are.

The key to conquering fear lies in mastering Belief. Like Belief, fear can be either empowering, or limiting. How it serves you or undermines your efforts is up to you. It’s just another choice.

All fears, including those most destructive fears of poverty and the fear of failure, are nothing more than states of mind.

Courage means ‘heart’ and ‘being on purpose’. All the changes we are talking about here require challenge. The true warrior is one who has the courage to do battle with the enemies within oneself.

If you want to walk around in a powerful state of mind that will have you on top of the world, bringing you great results you never dreamed were possible – gratitude is it.

The attitude you have while you’re with other people is the greatest influence on their thoughts and feelings. The most powerful success key of all is directing and managing your attitude. Every real leader I’ve ever met is a master of this skill.

Clearing the Slate
You actually can re-create your own past by redefining events that have already occurred, giving a new and more empowering meaning.

Live each day as if it were your last, with passion and with excellence. Yesterday is over and tomorrow may never happen. This is not a limiting belief, on the contrary, it is tremendously empowering.

Focus your thoughts and master your mind.
Focus your emotions and master your heart.
Focus your creative attention and master your imagination.

You and I have no hope of success unless we can honestly and truly focus our attention on the task at hand – whatever that task may be.

By making focusing a formal affair, you begin to retrain your consciousness, your imagination and creative intelligence to generate your goals and desires. Focus is simply a matter of practice.

Simply focus: focus on what you choose to think… feel… to say.. to do. That’s the key to shaping your own mind.

There is one elementary truth… the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. Nothing happens without commitment. Commitment is the secret ingredient in every recipe for success.

Commitment has nothing to do with how. Commitment is simply, powerfully and without question, what you say will happen – no matter what!

Commitment is as simple as giving and keeping your word. Doing your best. Commitment is doing what you said you would do – whether or not you feel like it.

Scratch just beneath the surface of any successful leader, from any walk of life, and you will find a common thread of commitment in all of them. That’s why they are leaders.

Leverage works. You can achieve 100 times more through a team or network of people than you can ever do all by yourself.

When you have mastered the skill of establishing rapport with unlimited numbers of people, you have created a literally infinite variety of avenues for the experience of joy, happiness, and success in your life and work.

Championing others is a powerful way to catapult your own success.

To be a leader, it is vitally important to let people feel they can open up to you – and the best way to do that is by asking questions.

Since the only way to fail is to give up, if you persist and do not give up, you will succeed. If you’ve ever experienced a failure in your life, take another look at it and ask yourself, “Did I quit too soon?

If you’re going to succeed at last you’ve really got to WANT to! Wanting to ‘want to’ is avoidance, holding back, fear of the unknown. It’s stating goals that sound good, but not really being committed to them. Genuine desire is powerful. Developing the ability to harness its strength for good is that challenge.

There are two keys to this: telling the truth about what you have now, and telling the truth about what you desire. Then, keep the creative tension alive, so that it’s natural power is working for you to accomplish achieving your desire.

Our communication is actually 93% non-verbal. Words themselves comprise only 7%... of our total communication.

People judge you and make decisions about how they think and feel about you based on your inflection and body language.

Goals give your imagination a laser-like one-pointedness and focus your entire arsenal of creative tools on the task of turning your dreams into reality.

Goals have power. They have a life of their own – and when you share them with the right people, those people tap into your goals and get their own creative energy from them.

Goal-setting Rules:
1. goals must be concrete and measurable
2. set the goals you really want
3. give your goals an ETA
4. state your goals as positive, present-time accomplishments, complete with feelings.

If your goal makes you sweat a bit, then chances are it’s a really good goal – one that will stretch you.

The bigger your goal, the more creative tension there is available to empower you to bring it into existence.

One-line quotes worth noting:

“Impossibility” might simply be defined as the absence of positive thinking.

The Chinese character that represents the concept ‘crisis’ is make up of the characters for ‘risk’ and ‘opportunity’.

Positive thoughts and feelings are not the result of positive results in your life. They are the cause.

If you keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them, you’re bound to end up with what you’ve already got.

If you are not living your passion, you are not living!

Until your goals are written down, they’re not really goals, they are dreams and wishes.

When we conquer our fears, the whole world opens up in front of us.

When you master the ability to focus on anything, you will master that thing itself.



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