How to Unlock Your Potential

How to Unlock Your Potential

by Dee Rimmer
ISBN: 0951866206

A practical workbook for personal development: 12 keys to unlock the wonderful creative power within you and transform your life!  There is a lot of gold nuggets in this book. And as it is now out of print, I have tried to provide as many as possible below.

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Your life is not lived by what happens around you and to you. It is lived from inside yourself, inside your own mind. It is what you think, what you say and what you do about what happens ‘out there’ that matters.

We live in a rich universe, an opulent universe, there is no shortage. It is our own belief in shortage which causes envy, jealousy and a coveting of someone else’s prosperity.

The law of life is the law of belief. The science of getting rich is based on the law of belief. It is your belief which makes the difference between wealth and poverty; between success and failure; between health and sickness.

You are not here just to earn a living. You are hear to express life and to give of your talents and abilities to the world through your mind, body and soul. Your desire for happiness, health, peace of mind, prosperity and true place in life is really the urging, prompting and the inclination of the living intelligence within you seeking expression through you. Your desire right now should be to make the most of yourself.

Prosperity Mindset
Use a five pound note as a bookmark and each time you handle it as you find your place, examine it lovingly and imagine your wallet or purse is full to over flowing with these notes. Make out a cheque to yourself for a large sum of money, the sum you can accept in your consciousness. Sign it, The Universal Banker. Use this as a bookmark or put it with your accounts etc. By working with these exercises you are making money conscious brain cell impressions. Like attracts like and your money thoughts will attract money to you.

The natural, normal state of every human being is perfect health. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans are decidedly unhealthy. Why? It is because they do not understand how human beings function. Man is not a body containing a mind, he is a mind operating a body. The body of itself is the result of the activity of Mind; it is molded by Mind and it is changed by Mind.


Every new cell created in the body is either a positive or a negative thought in form. The cell is the thought itself. Healthy thoughts mean healthy cells. Sick thoughts mean sick cells.

Constantly thinking and speaking about something, whether good or bad, gives the thing power. It then becomes so magnified in your mind it will manifest as a serious illness.

Positive thoughts and positive words become healthy cells in your body. So keep cheerful and smile when things seem to go wrong. Do not be tempted to give in to depressing, negative thoughts, as this will produce unhealthy and distorted cells in your own body. Learn not to react immediately to a negative situation, pause a little before replying. This will give you a chance to think in the right way.

Law of Attraction
Nothing happens by chance. We make things happen in our own lives. What we believe about anything will become a reality in our life.

Inner guidance is received in many ways. You could pick up a newspaper and read something, someone could say something, you could be guided to buy a book or magazine from which an idea will seem to stand out from the rest. You could overhear a conversation, or see something on TV.

Whatever you learn from this course MUST be put into practice. You have to DO IT!

If you start thinking of the desired result and wondering how, when and where it will come, you are not trusting. You will destroy what you desire most in your life.

The power to achieve is generated by DOING; You generate NO power by NOT DOING. As you do – you will receive. So do this, use your imagination to keep your mind filled with controlled mental pictures of whatever you want.

Your pictures must be as real as you can make them. You not only see them very clearly but you feel them also. Put enthusiasm into the pictures. Act as if you already have what it is you want. In fact, imagine you are an actor playing a role.

Use your imagination. Make a habit of going to sleep every night feeling successful. Believe you were born to succeed; YOU WERE!

Act as if you are already successful. See yourself as confidently doing the thing you really want to do.

Visionboard versus Vision Journal
Some prefer to make a scrap book instead of a wall chart. That’s fine, especially if you do not wish anyone else to see it. You must however make time each day to look through your scrap book and feel the reality of each picture. Believe in it!

Positive Talk
Students of the mind have always been taught the power of words. The spiritual leaders of China, Egypt, India, Persia and Tibet, taught their students to speak only when they had something constructive to say. Because they knew the danger of idle talk they set up a standard to determine whether it was wise to say a thing or not.
1. Is it true?
2. Is it kind?
3. Is it needful?

At this state it does not matter if you believe the affirmations or not, it is only necessary to DO them. At first you will have a great disbelief, but each day the disbelief will get smaller and smaller until at one point you will get a very small belief. Then, as you keep on saying the affirmations your belief will get bigger and bigger until, a short time later, you will actually BELIEVE your affirmations and you are then programmed positively!

All your goals must be written down as affirmations. Do not make the mistake of lumping all your goals together in an affirmation, such as “I am a rich, healthy, happy person.” This will simply not work. Make a separate, clear, concise, complete affirmation for each goal.

Negative Words
Spoken words are powerful, whether they are positive or negative. The sounds of the spoken word vibrates and causes things to happen. We must be selective in the words we use. Idle, thoughtless words, joking words, insincere words, angry cutting words, are just as potent as kind, loving, positive, constructive words. Thoughtless words cause our problems. Negative thoughts and words cause negative vibrations and these negative vibrations bring about negative happenings in our lives.

It takes time and patience to eradicate all the wrong and unhealthy thought patterns in your subconscious mind so slowly does it. This is not something that you can do overnight. It is rather like water ripping on a stone, it will eventually wear away the stone. Your mind was programmed in the same way, by constant dripping of negative words and actions from the time you were born. These cannot be erased in a flash. There must be a daily working on yourself with affirmations and visualizations and complete trust.

You have your own special talents and abilities which no one else shares. You are unique. You should never feel that you must go along with the crowd or do what some other person thinks you should do. You will be going against your own nature, you will be relinquishing your own power to others, you will be opting out of your responsibility for your own life.

Negative Thoughts
There are three enemies which you must clear out of your mind – indecision, doubt and fear. Your intuitive sense will not be able to function until you clear these three negatives out.

Fear of Poverty
Fear of poverty is a state of mind, nothing else. But it is enough to destroy your chance of achieving success. This fear paralyzes your faculties of reason and imagination; it undermines your enthusiasm; kills of self-reliance; discourages initiative; leads to uncertainly of purpose; encourages procrastination; and makes self-control impossible. It clouds the memory and invites failure in every conceivable form.

Fear is the misuse of your great imagination, it is distorted thought patterns that are firmly lodged in your own mind. You put them there. You gave them permission to haunt you.

Over 75% of all people who visit doctors are suffering from Hypochondria (imaginary illness). It has been proved that the fear of disease, even when there is not the slightest cause for fear, will produce the physical symptoms of the disease feared.

Negative thoughts and emotions dam up the creative life force within and this stops the body from renewing itself. As a result there is disease and discomfort in every aspect of life

Suppressed emotion is the cause of 70% of all disease. Regret, remorse, and sorrow tear down the body structure. Hateful thoughts generate a deadly mental poison which will eventually destroy the body if it is not neutralised by thoughts of love. In fact all disease comes from the violation of the law of love.

You grow old when you lose interest in life, when you stop dreaming, when you cease to hunger after new truths and new worlds to conquer. When you mind is open to new ideas and new interests, you will be young and vital.

Until we get to that perfect state when troubles do not occur we have to learn to accept them and not let them overwhelm us. It is our own fault if we allow troubles to overwhelm us. DO NOT EMOTIONALIZE TROUBLE.

We intensify trouble by complaining about it. People go about moaning and exaggerating small troubles, turning molehills into mountains. Every scratch on the hand is not a stab in the heart. Let’s not emotionalize our trouble. We have only scratched not stabbed. Our sensitive feelings have been hurt more than our person. Most people think that their unhappiness is caused by what happened to them. This is not correct. Unhappiness, resentment, fear, anxiety and other unpleasant emotional disturbances are caused by how you FEEL about what happens.

How you feel about whatever happens and how you react to those feelings, will be the direct and principal cause of your unhappiness, anxiety, etc.

The way to prevent over-reacting is to stop being over-sensitive. The way to stop being over-sensitive begins by accepting the fact that people, things, situations and events are NOT PERFECT. Nor are they provided for your personal approval or pleasure. Nor is it your responsibility to demand perfection or to personally attempt to make perfect an obviously imperfect world… filled with obviously imperfect people creating obviously imperfect situations. So, accept the imperfections of others as you obviously hope they will accept your own imperfections.

Reality is a world full of people who are busy looking out for themselves and, in the process, may unintentionally jostle you about a bit. Nothing personal. It is just that others are preoccupied with their own problems and purposes.

Being preoccupied with their problems, other people are not particularly concerned about your tender feelings (neither are you about theirs). That’s how it is – accept it! Every day you are going to meet people who talk too much, are selfish, ungrateful, egotistical. Do not be surprised or disturbed by this.

We have to get tough emotionally
1. Ignore it – never waste a minute thinking about people you don’t like. Ignore them.
2. Turn it off – Turn off your emotions
3. Change your attitude toward the cause

Universal Power Within
When you relax your mind and body and turn within yourself you tune in to the magnetic current of the universe. This magnetic or cosmic current of the universe pulsates through you and about you unceasingly as it does throughout the universe. There is no place where it is absent. You are not aware of this at all but when you relax and get still and turn within, you experience the stillness and peace of this tremendous vibratory energy.

There is no limit to what you can achieve when you relax and become attuned to this magnetic energy in you and around you. It is always there, just waiting for you to contact it.

Your Body is Sacred
Without your body you would be unable to function in this finite world. It is your vehicle… every part of your body is important and it should be treated as though it is… Love your body, every tiny bit of it. Know that you are wondrously made. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, is sacred… Once you know the reality of this you will treat your body with great respect.

Law of Attraction
One of the most difficult things to grasp by some people is that Universal Mind, with all the powers of the Infinite Thinker, is will to be the servant of man and flow in the direction that he chooses. If we can remember that this mighty, creative Power is not a person but a principle, the fundamental Principle of the universe, we can understand and use it without any feeling of awe or superstition.

It is a natural law. It is impersonal. It has no more self-consciousness than the law of electricity. It is entirely neutral. It is ready and waiting for man to use it. It never offers or forces its services, it just awaits recognition. We do not have to pray to it, plead with it, we just have to recognize that it is within us and that it obeys our every thought and feeling.

Negative vs. Positive Thoughts
We have freedom of choice, we are free to choose the kind of thoughts we wish. If our choice is negative and destructive then it is our own fault if the results are disastrous. No one can do our thinking for us; no one forces us to think and say anything; we make our own decisions.

Our misfortunes are caused by our own wrong thinking. Remember, if our thinking is resentful, critical and unloving, we feel the effect of that thinking in our own body and affairs. Mean thinking brings mean results. Good, positive thinking brings about good, positive things in our own mind, body and affairs. Wrong thinking cannot hurt the person we are resenting, it can only hurt us.

Ignoring Stress
Get this mental picture clearly in your mind for it can be quite helpful in overcoming the power of external stimuli to disturb you. See yourself sitting there quietly relaxed and letting the phone ring, ignoring its signal, unmoved by its command. Also get clearly in your mind that the outside signal in itself has no power over you. In the past you have obeyed it, responded to it, simply out of habit. You can, if you choose, form a new habit by not responding.

There are a great many bells or stimuli in our environment which we continue to respond to from habit…We can learn to ignore the “bell” as we did with the telephone and continue to sit quietly and lit it “ring”. A key thought to have in our minds to use whenever we are confronted by any disturbing stimulus is to say to ourselves. “The telephone is ringing but I do not have to answer it. I can just let it ring.” This thought will “key in” to your mental picture of yourself sitting quietly relaxed, unresponding, doing nothing, letting the phone ring unheeded, and will act as a trigger or cue to call up the same attitude that you had when letting the phone ring.

It is important to understand that failure feelings – fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, are attitudes of mind within you and are not caused by anything external. They simply mean that you are underestimating your abilities and overestimating and exaggerating the difficulty before you. You are reactivating memories of past failures instead of past successes.

Feelings cannot be directly controlled by willpower. They cannot be turned on and off like a tap. They can however be controlled indirectly. A bad feeling is not dispelled by conscious effort, but it can be dispelled by another feeling. It is the law of substitution.

The only cure for worry is to make a habit out of immediately substituting pleasant, wholesome mental images for unpleasant, worry images.

The choice is yours. You can keep on playing the “old tape” of the past; reliving past injustices; pitying yourself for past mistakes; all of which reactivates failure patterns and failure feelings which colour your present and your future. Or, if you choose, you can put on a ‘new tape’ and reactivate success patterns and “that winning feeling” which help you to do better now and promise a more enjoyable future.

When your cassette player is playing music you don’t like, you do not try to force it to do better. You do not use effort or willpower. You do not bang the player around. You do not try to change the music itself. You merely change the tape being played and the music takes care of itself. Use the same technique that comes out of your own internal machine. Change the tape. Change the mental imagery and the feelings take care of themselves.

Mental Spring Clean
Periodically we need an inner Spring clean. Our mind is full of old junk, garbage left there years ago. Unless we make an effort now to clean up our attic, our mind, we shall never be as healthy as we wish, as prosperous and fulfilled as we desire to be. We are severely handicapped by the junk of past fears and resentments, hates, worries and anxieties, which clog up the free-flowing energy within us. Anything that is of no use to us at the present moment should be rooted out and discarded ruthlessly otherwise a state of stagnation and inertia will result.

You can solve more problems through forgiveness than any other way. Whatever your problem is, health, financial, or personal relationships they will all quickly respond to forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves the emotional blocks and clears up the problem regardless of what other people are saying or doing. Forgiveness means to “give up” and it is very potent.

We need to forgive everyone who has caused us pain and suffering, whether in the past or at the present time. Our loved ones, business or work colleagues, friends, neighbours, anyone who has criticized us or made us feel uncomfortable in any way.

All grievances, hurts, and grudges must be forgiven. If you cannot do this immediately then set aside a short period of time in the evening just before you go to sleep, when you really get down to reviewing the day’s events, and forgive every person or situation which has irritated or annoyed you.

Old wounds really do need rooting out for they are poison. These grievances do not hurt the people who caused them… The thoughts you have about them can only hurt you as you are the only thinker in your world and as your thoughts fester away in the deeper parts of your mind over the years, these magnified hurts become malignant growths, ulcers, heart attacks and even early death.

As you forgive the irritations of people, also immediately forgive yourself for being irritated by them!

You will always know if you have really forgiven. Whenever a person or event is brought to mind and you no longer feel disturbed by it, or there are no feelings at all about it, then you have really let it go. If there is any slight feeling left then you haven’t quite forgiven, so keep on working at this until it goes right out of your mind.

Power of Love
Love has been called the physician of the universe, the medicine that heals all disease. Why? Love is more than an emotion or a spiritual power; it is also a mind power. Because it is a mind power it affects every aspect of your life.

Words of love have a balancing effect on the body. So if you are surrounded by criticism and ill will of any kind, you can retain your sanity and equilibrium by refusing to answer back or get involved in any way.

If you can hold the image in your mind that the tremendous power within you, the great creative, life force, is the “I AM” of your being, and the personal ego is the little, insignificant “I”, then you will understand that, loving yourself is not loving your ego, but the great “I AM” within you, the Source of all.

It is vitally important to your peace of mind, to your health, to your job or business, that you love yourself.

Love comes in many guises. A word of encouragement gives new hope. A smile means they are recognized as a fellow human being. The touch of a hand on a shoulder when words seem inadequate or inappropriate says, “you are not alone”. The swift hug or the holding of hands with a loved one brings comfort and confidence.

Every human being needs to feel loved, appreciated and important. That doesn’t mean just you! It means everyone you come into contact with also.

See the good in each person despite their actions, see the good in every situation despite the outer appearance. Nothing is ever what it seems to be. You can only judge by the outer appearance because you do not know the whole story.

Take action
You cannot just sit back and expect something to happen. You must make something happen, You cannot sit back and expect someone to do something for you. You have to do it. Everything so far that has happened in your life has happened because of what you did or didn’t do. You are responsible for your own life.

We all travel along individual paths and no person is more than another person, nor less than another. We are all necessary in the scheme of things. We each have our own path to travel, our own part to play and no one else can do this for us. We all contribute to the success of the whole process of life.

You might say, “Yes I want more money, but…” By using this one word, BUT, you are opting out of your responsibility to believe in yourself.

You are showing that you do not have faith in yourself or in a higher power than yourself. You are virtually saying that you have no power over your own thoughts, words and actions, that you are, in fact, a puppet who’s strings are continually pulled this way and that by everyone. You are saying that you have a very poor opinion of yourself and that you are not worthy of anything better.

Sitting still in the ‘silence’ can accomplish more in twenty minutes than eight or nine hours of frantically rushing around being busy. The ‘silence’ is to the soul what food is to the body.

Negative Thinking
It is very easy to give in to negative thoughts and feelings. It takes courage and determination to get out of the negative rut that constant dwelling on the negative brings about.

Thoughts of a kind have a natural affinity and negative thinking will draw back to us negative results. We have attracted them. We cannot blame others for our own thinking.

Negative thoughts are unhealthy and they pollute your body… Unhealthy thoughts fester away inside you and all your actions are governed by those unhealthy thoughts.

Positive Thinking
Our positive thoughts activate the world around us positively. We send out good vibes and good vibes attract good things to us. We must work and keep on working, think and keep on thinking, believe and keep on believing. We must never let up, never give in to negativity. Then we will attain our goals, our dreams will come true and seeming miracles will happen.

Inside you are tremendous talents that are longing to emerge. You have great qualities you can only dream of now. The only way you can realize these things is to relax, let go and let the powerhouse within you go to work.

Shorter Quotes worth noting:

You CAN do anything you THINK you can do! You CAN’T do anything you THINK you CAN’T!

Deep down within us all is an inner picture or blueprint of ourselves and this inner picture determines what we become in life.

Our development is our consciousness, our awareness, our beliefs at any given time and this constantly changes as we grow and develop.

It is essential to your happiness, success and fulfilment in life that you believe in YOU!

Do to others what you would like others to do to you, but you do it first.

The greatest tragedy of all is to see human beings live, and eventually die, without ever having released the imprisoned power of a creative imagination.

Remember, if you are clever enough to imagine a problem then you are clever enough to discover a solution.

Keep raising your goals until you have a failure! Only then will you know that you have reached your peak.

Prosperity is an attitude of mind, it is a way of living and thinking and it is not just money or things.

Most physical illness is psychosomatic, the outer manifestation of an inner disordered state of mind.

Nothing will happen until you make it happen. Wishing will get you nowhere, but putting your ideas into practice will.

You become whatever you repeatedly, intensely, mentally picture what you will be – for better or for worse.

Never underestimate the power of words. You make your world with your words.


Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things that you don’t want.

Fear is simply a shadow of the mind and shadows have no reality.

 A busy person does not think of dying. It is psychologically impossible to feel two directly opposite emotions at the same time.

Every thought you have, if it is held constantly and with feeling, becomes a habit and this habit is your belief.

We must accept responsibility for everything that upsets us, for we allow things to upset us!

We must be very clear in our mind about the fact that our disturbed feelings – our anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, insecurity are caused by OUR OWN RESPONSES – not by externals.

If you want to be happy make someone else happy.

Everything starts in the mind. If you want health, wealth, success, good relationships, perfect work or business, they you must think, speak and act as though you already heave it.

What you think about yourself colours your attitude to everything else.

Forgive yourself for all past mistakes, you are still enrolled in the SCHOOL of life, and you will remain there until the day you die.

You are a unique individual. So is everyone else! This uniqueness makes each human being very, very special.

If you are longing for love, then you must start by being loving towards yourself and others.

No matter what your dream may be you will need the power of love to make it come true. You have to love your dream.

You are never too old to do anything. You can learn anything if you desire it enough.

There is a very ancient formula for success: THINK, ACT, WAIT.

You have all the power you need within yourself, it does not matter what other people think or say about it.

* * *


  • You are a V.I.P.
  • What do you think?
  • What do you believe?
  • I am talented
  • Is it possible?
  • Is it Prosperity?
  • Is it health?
  • Is it people?
  • Circumstances?
  • Start the day right
  • Bad luck
  • I am!
  • Pictures are important!
  • Take down the duds
  • Make 'em real!
  • Cut it out!
  • What did I say?
  • Match words with pictures
  • Thinking = Being
  • Pow!
6.  I AM AFRAID...
  • What do I fear?
  • The greatest enemy
  • Ill health & lost love
  • Old age and death
  • A quiet mind
  • Trouble and strife
  • Easy does it!
  • Tune in!
  • It's everywhere
  • Law and order
  • Out of order!
  • Running smoothly
  • I can't turn back the clock!
  • Not guilty!
  • Errors
  • Let go
  • Spring cleaning
  • Release it!
  • Forgive us...
  • Happiness heals!
  • The greatest secret
  • I love me!
  • I love my neighbour
  • God it love
  • It's all up to you
  • My true guidance
  • Birds of a feather...
  • You can do it!


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