Cosmic Ordering Service

Cosmic Ordering Service

by Barbel Mohr
Hampton Roads Publ 2001
ISBN: 0340933321

I found this book to be a bit simplified (a very quick read). Although written in a light-hearted way, it is more about the author's successful use of the Law of Attraction than it is a 'How To' guide. But the tone is light, and it would make a good first introduction to the concept of Manifesting.

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On Manifesting

"Be aware of what you wish for and order; it could come true at once! Otherwise, you may get so wrapped up in placing orders that you lose track of whether the things you ordered are really good for you. It is better to pause for a moment and get in touch with your inner self before placing an order."

"You do not need to apply a special breathing technique or get into a trance to program your subconscious. You also do not need to read the order to yourself while in a headstand under hypnosis. You only need to simply say, think, and feel, as guileless as a child, what you would like to have, and it will come."

"Everything that you do not want and have as an image in your mind, as a minimum, blocks the true wish."

"First you have to believe, then trust, and soon the proof from the universe will come. It manifests through your belief. This is the spiritual law of the universe."

"There is only one real difficulty: To comprehend with body and soul how simple the process is. There is often a programmed voice inside of us that repeatedly tells us that life is difficult. Comprehend that it is simple and it will immediately become easy!"

On Attraction

"According to the law of resonance, you can only attract the kind of people and situations from outside of yourself that mirror your inner self. If you can see the beauty in the other person, then you have just discovered the beauty of your inner self. If everybody is giving you a hard time, then in fact you are, really, giving yourself a hard time."

On Matter

"It isn't matter that is at the core of reality, it is the vibration of matter that forms our reality. This view is supported by recent findings in physics, especially quantum physics. If, after all, the core of an atom were the size of a pea, the electrons would circle that core at a distance of approximately 500 feet, and the remaining would be made up of no-thing-ness and energy. And even the atomic core and electrons are, in the end, nothing but tiny light particles, which essentially are just pure vibrations. In other words, you can search as much as you want, but there is no such thing as solid matter anywhere."

Subconscious versus Conscious Mind

"With our left, logical side of the brain, we can take in approximately seven impressions per second (light, sounds, smells, etc.). With the right, creative side of the brain we can process up to 10,000 impressions per second. In other words: the ratio of things we can consciously see and understand, to things our inner voice, our subconscious, knows, is approximately 7:10,000. In this sense, we know at least one thousand times as much as we know that we know."

On Intuition

"As in real life, the Universal Parcel Service will try to deliver the order again and again; they want to get rid of these parcels, too, you know. The more open you are, the more you trust, and the more you are who you are, the easier it will be for you to access and listen to your inner voice and to disregard what others may think of you… With this in mind, you will become more sensitive, and when you get a call from the “cosmic ordering service” to your gut, you’ll follow it."

On Negative Thinking

"It is impossible to have negative thoughts when in a relaxed. That means your natural state is happiness. In order to be unhappy, you have to be tense and uptight. If you make a stronger commitment to yourself, you also make it clear that you will use all the courage it takes to live your truth. You make it clear that you want to live in unity and in love and in the joy that naturally follow all these things."

"Every time you think about your difficulty, your automatic habit, you are strengthening it because you are focusing upon it. Every time you try to analyze it, you are strengthening it."

"The more you loosen up and the more often you feel relaxed, the more you will return to your natural, stress-free state. In this relaxed state you are unable to have negative thoughts; this will make it easier for you to draw things towards you that you really want, and you will be able to order from the universe with the relaxed assurance."

On Releasing

"The laws of the universe work a little differently: Your order manifests through your belief, your trust, your lack of doubts, and through the process of mentally letting go and forgetting your order. The act of forgetting the order and letting go of your attachment to the outcome of the order is the safest bet for ‘beginners’, since, based on lack of experience, they haven't yet developed the level of trust that is necessary for a successful ordering practice. The act of forgetting the order has the advantage that you, consequently, don't even think about having doubts or worries about the outcome."

"Strong attachment to the outcome of an order, and high expectations, block the flow of the energy. The cosmic ordering service does not deliver via UPS, but rather through inspiration."

On Acknowledgement

"Acknowledge when an order is filled successfully. In this way, you raise your level of faith in your ordering capabilities. If you are not sure whether the granting of your wish was just a coincidence or not, at least acknowledge that the outcome might possibly have been a successful cosmic ordering attempt."

One-line quotes worth including:

"The world is what you believe it is... if you think in the back of your mind, "I don't deserve this", then it won't work."

"If people do something really stupid, they do it because they presently cannot think of anything better to do."

"If you think you need a complicated ritual to call up the universe, then by definition, you do; otherwise, you don't!"


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